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At the heart of Europe, nestled in central Germany, lives the economic capital city of Frankfurt. Known for the soaring central business district, the hum of business drives everyday life, as travellers flock daily to be a part of this financial powerhouse. If you are lucky enough to attend a symposium, trade show or conference somewhere in the city, do not pass up the opportunity, as you will be in for an intellectual, cerebral extravaganza.  

Frankfurt isn’t just for business; while the allure of a professional occasion will initially attract you to the city, the rich history, and feudal influence will hook you, and you will find yourself lost in the cultural surrounds instantly. Between the skyscrapers, through the hustle and bustle of passing suits, you will find museums filled with Germany’s rich and diverse past, gardens worth spending a lifetime in, and the places of worship almost as grand as the commercial buildings surrounding them. If the place itself isn’t enough, the taste of Germany is at every doorstep, with the city’s namesake, frankfurts, a delicacy you must try.  

Airlines flying to Frankfurt

Travelling to Frankfurt city won’t break the bank; there is such an assorted range of carriers that travel directly into the centre of Frankfurt, offering affordable, cheap airfares all year round. Though some countries don’t offer direct flights into Frankfurt, there are many accessible places you can easily fly to, so you can effortlessly switch carriers. Here are the airlines who offer affordable and easy flights into Frankfurt. -

  • Air Canada     
  • South African Airways
  • Emirates         
  • Air China        
  • China Southern
  • Lufthansa       
  • China Eastern
  • LATAM Airlines Group
  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways           
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Thai Airways   
  • China Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Etihad Airways           
  • Japan Airlines
  • Delta
  • Cathay Pacific
  • ANA (All Nippon Airways)     
  • Asiana Airlines
  • United
  • Air India         

Getting to and from the airport

When arriving in Frankfurt, you will fly directly into Frankfurt airport, which is located just 12km from the centre of town, making it one of the most easily reachable airports in the world. The airport is filled with everything to make your journey smooth and stress-free, including banking facilities and ATMs to withdraw cash before you leave, restaurants and kiosks for a quick bite, and Wi-Fi access scattered across the terminal.

Getting into the centre of town is very easy from the airport. Taxi is one of the most convenient options, however, with cost upwards of thirty euros, it is considered quite costly for such a short distance. There are convenient, cheaper alternatives such as shuttles to your hotel, the rail line from the Frankfurt Airport station, and the city’s bus network.

Getting to Frankfurt

The city is extremely easy to navigate and make your way around, especially with the abundance of travel options at your doorstep. One of the most popular ways is by the underground Metro, called the U-Bahn, and runs from 4 am to 2 am daily across seven different lines. Equally as popular is Frankfurt’s 42 bus line, running until 1 am every day, with night buses taking over until 5 am.

If these forms of public transport aren’t enough, you can always hop on one of Frankfurt’s eight tram lines, or grab a taxi by pre-booking at your accommodation, or hailing from one from the many ranks. However, taxis are considered expensive and unnecessary by most who visit Frankfurt, as everything is so easily accessible on foot, by bike, or by one of the methods we just described.

What to do in Frankfurt

There's diverse, intellectual electricity surging through Frankfurt, and visiting one of the city’s many museums should be at the top of any traveller’s list of things to do. One of the most significant is the Goethe Museum, which tributes the century’s old literary scene within the city. Named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose family lived in the home before it was converted into the museum, this homage honours artists from all over Germany, from the Classicism era, Romanticism era and beyond.

Exploring Frankfurt’s Old Town, or Altstadt as the locals call it, you will stumble upon one of the city’s mysteriously idyllic locations, the Romerberg, one of many squares where locals gather for markets, fairs and festivals. At the centre of the square is what makes this one the most famous; honoured in bronze is the statue of Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice, surrounded by an equally breathtaking water fountain. The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen, which translates to Fountain of Justice, was created in 1543 and sets the intellectual scene for both locals and travellers.

What to eat in Frankfurt

If you have never experienced authentic, succulent German cuisine, the Kleinmarkthalle is your market of choice. While you can’t buy a hot meal or sit a beautifully laid table, inside you will find everything you need to sample the best of Frankfurt, including smoked handmade sausages, golden pretzels, creamy cheeses, and local German wines.  

However, if you want to experience a traditional and truly decadent German dining experience, get yourself a table at the 12 Apostles, whose seductive cellar dining rooms provide the perfect romantic setting for any traveller. Feast on Frankfurt’s delicacies such as pork knuckle, herring, schnitzel, and Käsespätzle, a dish where onions are delicately tossed through handmade noodles.