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If you're in search of a perfect Australian destination that won't break the bank, Mackay could be just the place for you. It's a city situated in the Queensland region, offering all sorts of activities and attractions that are definitely worth your time and money. And with the availability of cheap flights, traveling there has become even more convenient.

So, what's in Mackay that makes it a must-visit destination for people of all ages and preferences? For one, it boasts a stunning coastline that runs for more than 30 kilometers. You can enjoy beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters, such as Harbour Beach, Eimeo Beach, and Sarina Beach, all of which are perfect for swimming, surfing, and enjoying the sun.

Another great reason to go to Mackay is its picturesque national parks, such as Cape Hillsborough National Park, Eungella National Park, and Pioneer Valley. Here, you can experience the unspoiled beauty of nature and hike through rainforests, spot native wildlife, and even go camping. There are also plenty of activities for thrill-seekers, like skydiving, jet-skiing, and windsurfing.

As well as the natural beauty, there are also cultural experiences to be found in Mackay. The town boasts some impressive heritage buildings, museums, and galleries, like the Artspace Mackay, which houses exciting exhibitions from both local and international artists. You can also visit the Mackay Botanic Gardens, which display a wide range of flora and fauna.

Lastly, foodies will love the dining options in Mackay. You'll find diverse cuisines, ranging from street food to fine dining, with dishes using fresh local ingredients, so you can taste the flavors of Queensland.

All in all, Mackay offers an unforgettable experience for travelers, regardless of their interests or budget. Its pristine beaches, wild national parks, rich history and culture, and diverse dining options make it a perfect destination for your next holiday. Don't miss out on the chance to discover the wonders of Mackay, and book your cheap flights now!

Airlines flying to Mackay

If you're looking for cheap flights to Mackay, there are several airlines that fly to this tropical city. Mackay is located in Queensland, Australia, and it's known for its beautiful beaches, natural wonders, and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the airlines that offer cheap flights to Mackay is Jetstar. This budget airline operates several flights per week, and you can often find great deals if you book in advance. Jetstar flights usually depart from Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and the flight time is around 2-3 hours.

Another airline that flies to Mackay is Virgin Australia. This airline operates daily flights to Mackay from Brisbane, and the flight time is just over an hour. Virgin Australia also offers flights from other major cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne, but these flights are less frequent.

Qantas is another option if you're looking for flights to Mackay. This airline operates flights from Brisbane and Sydney, and you can often find good deals if you book in advance or during a sale. The flight time is around 2-3 hours, depending on the departure city.

Lastly, there's Regional Express (Rex), which operates flights between Mackay and Townsville. This airline is known for its affordable fares and comfortable flights, and it's a good option if you're traveling from Northern Queensland.

There are plenty of airlines flying to Mackay, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a budget airline or a full-service carrier, you can find a flight that fits your schedule and budget.

Getting to and from the airport

To get to and from Mackay, Australia, the main airport code is MKY. Luckily, there are a few airlines that offer cheap flights to Mackay, making it easier on your wallet. Some airlines to check out include Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and Qantas.

Once you land at the airport, there are a few options for getting to your destination. If you're staying in Mackay, there are several shuttle bus services that will take you straight to your hotel or hostel. Some hotels even offer free airport transfers, so be sure to check with your accommodation before booking any transportation.

If you're planning on exploring the surrounding areas, renting a car may be the best option. Car rental companies are located in the arrivals hall of the airport, so you can easily pick up your car and hit the road. Another option for getting around is by taxi, but this can be a bit more expensive.

Getting to and from Mackay is fairly easy and affordable. Just make sure to do your research on flights and transportation options before you go to ensure a smooth journey.

What to do in Mackay

If you’re looking for a tropical escape, but don’t want to break the bank, Mackay in Australia might be just what you need. With cheap flights available, you won’t have to worry about overspending before you even arrive. Here are some of the best things to do in this laid-back city.

Take a Dip in Mackay’s Lagoon

Mackay’s Bluewater Lagoon is a free, family-friendly attraction that’s perfect for cooling off on a hot day. The lagoon features three different pools, including a shallow pool for little ones and a large pool that’s perfect for swimming laps. You’ll also find plenty of shade in the surrounding park, as well as BBQ facilities and picnic tables.

Explore the Mackay Regional Botanical Gardens

Australia is home to some of the most diverse plant life in the world, and you can see a lot of it in the Mackay Regional Botanical Gardens. There are 18 different themed gardens to explore, including the Japanese Gardens, Wetland Garden, and Butterfly Garden. This is another free attraction, making it an easy choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Go Whale Watching

If you’re visiting Mackay from June to September, you might be lucky enough to spot a humpback whale or two. Humpback whales migrate along the coast during this time, and there are plenty of whale watching tours that will take you out to see them. You might also spot other marine life, such as dolphins and turtles, during your excursion.

Visit the Sugar Cane Fields

Sugar cane is a big part of Mackay’s history, and you can learn all about it by taking a tour of a local sugar cane farm. You’ll get a close-up look at the fields and machinery, and you might even get to taste some fresh sugar cane juice. This is a unique and memorable way to experience the local culture.

Hit the Beach

Of course, no trip to a tropical destination would be complete without a day at the beach. Mackay has several beautiful beaches to choose from, including Harbour Beach and Lamberts Beach. These beaches are usually tranquil and quiet, making them the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.


Overall, Mackay offers an excellent mix of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and budget-friendly attractions. Whether you’re traveling with kids or on your own, you’ll find plenty to see and do in this lovely city. With cheap flights available, it’s easier than ever to plan a trip to Mackay, so why not start booking your next vacation today?

When is best to visit Mackay

Mackay is a beautiful city located in Queensland, Australia. It has countless attractions and activities that lure tourists from all over the world. If you're planning to visit Mackay, you might be wondering when the best time to do so is.

Well, generally, the best time to visit Mackay is during the dry season, which runs from June to November. During this time, the weather is dry and pleasant, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and exploring nature. Plus, since it's the off-season for tourists, you'll be able to find cheaper flights and accommodation.

On the other hand, if you're a fan of the rainforest and love the lush green landscape, the wet season (December to May) might just be perfect for you. Sure, it may rain more often, but it's a great opportunity to explore the wonders of the rainforest and enjoy the refreshing waterfalls and pools.

It's essential to note that the weather in Mackay is generally mild throughout the year, so you don't have to worry about extreme temperatures. Plus, since it's a coastal city, you'll always be able to enjoy a refreshing sea breeze.

In summary, the best time to visit Mackay depends on what you're looking for. If you want to enjoy cheaper flights, avoid crowded tourist attractions and have pleasant weather, the dry season is your best bet. However, if you love rainforest exploration, the wet season is an excellent time to visit. Regardless of when you plan your trip, Mackay is a beautiful city that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

What to eat in Mackay

If you're planning a trip to Mackay, Australia, you might be wondering what the local cuisine is like. Luckily, Mackay has plenty of tasty dishes to offer visitors. Here are some must-try foods in the area.


Mackay is situated on the coast, which means that fresh seafood is abundant. Look out for prawns, barramundi, and mud crabs when you're at a local market or restaurant. If you're feeling adventurous, be sure to try some oysters too!

Tropical Fruits

Many tropical fruits are grown in the Mackay region, including pineapples, mangoes, and papayas. Be sure to try them in various forms - fresh, juiced, and in desserts.


Australia is notorious for producing high-quality beef, and Mackay is no exception. You'll find plenty of steakhouses in town that serve up delicious cuts of meat.

Aussie Classics

If you're looking to indulge in some authentic Australian cuisine, Mackay has got you covered. Try meat pies, sausage rolls, and fish and chips. You won't regret it!

Asian Fusion

Mackay has a diverse population, which translates into a great variety of cuisine in the area. Be sure to check out some Asian fusion restaurants in town for some delicious noodles and dumplings.

No matter what your food preferences are, Mackay has something delicious to offer. Don't forget to keep an eye on cheap flights so that you can visit this food haven without breaking the bank.

Top 5 attractions in Mackay

If you're looking for a destination in Australia that boasts both natural beauty and attractions, look no further than Mackay. Located in Queensland, Mackay is a charming town with plenty to offer visitors. And with cheap flights available, it's a perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers. Here are the top 5 attractions in Mackay.

  1. Bluewater Lagoon. This free attraction is perfect for families. The Bluewater Lagoon is a giant swimming pool complex with a wave pool, water slides, and a children's play area. There's even a shaded area for parents to relax in.
  2. Artspace Mackay. Located in the heart of town, Artspace Mackay is a modern art gallery with rotating exhibitions and a collection of over 1,000 artworks. Admission is free, making it a great stop for art enthusiasts and families on a budget.
  3. Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. Spread across 50 hectares, the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens are home to a variety of ecosystems, including wetlands, woodlands, and rainforests. Visitors can explore the walking trails, picnic areas, and the on-site cafe.
  4. Eungella National Park. A short drive from Mackay, Eungella National Park is home to the Platypus Walk, where visitors can spot the elusive platypus in its natural habitat. The park also offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning views of the Pioneer Valley.
  5. Sarina Sugar Shed. For a taste of Mackay's agricultural heritage, be sure to visit the Sarina Sugar Shed. The attraction offers tours of a working sugar mill, tastings of local sugar products, and an on-site gift shop.

Overall, Mackay is a must-visit for travelers seeking a mix of outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, and family-friendly attractions. Plus, with cheap flights to the area, it's an affordable destination for all.

Places like Mackay worth visiting

Are you in the mood for an adventure? Then pack your bags and grab some cheap flights to Mackay, Australia! Here are the top 5 places to visit.

  1. Bluewater Lagoon Cool off and splash around in this free public swimming pool. It has three tiers of pools, including a children's area and a 50-meter lap pool.
  2. Eungella National Park Just an hour's drive from Mackay, this park is a nature lover's paradise. It's home to diverse flora and fauna, including the elusive platypus.
  3. Cape Hillsborough National Park Witness a magical experience at sunrise as the wallabies and kangaroos come down to the beach. This national park also boasts stunning trails and lookout points.
  4. Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens Take a stroll through 18 hectares of beautiful gardens with hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The best part? Entry is free!
  5. Artspace Mackay This contemporary art museum features exhibitions from local and international artists. It's a great spot to learn about the creative scene in Queensland's Mackay region.

Mackay is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. So what are you waiting for? Book those flights and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!