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Are you tired of the same old vacation spots? Why not spice things up and head to Rurrenabaque, Americas? This hidden gem is located in the northern region of Bolivia and offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

One of the biggest draws to Rurrenabaque is the abundance of wildlife. With the town being situated near the Amazon rainforest, visitors have the opportunity to see a wide variety of animals such as monkeys, jaguars, and even pink river dolphins. The town also offers tours and treks to see these animals and explore the pristine rainforest.

Another reason to visit Rurrenabaque is for the cheap flights. Due to the town being relatively remote, flights to Rurrenabaque are often less expensive than other popular vacation destinations. This allows travelers to save money on transportation and spend more on experiences and activities.

For the adventurous traveler, Rurrenabaque offers activities such as rafting, kayaking, and zip-lining. The Yacuma River, located near the town, provides the perfect opportunity for a day of white-water rafting or kayaking. And for the adrenaline junkies, the zip-lining tours allow you to see the rainforest from a completely different perspective while getting your heart racing.

But Rurrenabaque isn't just for the adventurous. The town is also home to a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can experience the local culture and cuisine, and even take a cooking class to learn how to make traditional Bolivian dishes.

Rurrenabaque is a unique and affordable travel destination that offers a little bit of something for everyone. From the breathtaking rainforest to the thrilling activities to the welcoming locals and culture, Rurrenabaque should be on every traveler's bucket list. So why not book your next vacation to Rurrenabaque and experience all the wonders this hidden gem has to offer?

Airlines flying to Rurrenabaque

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to fly to Rurrenabaque, there are several airlines that offer affordable flights to this tropical destination. While the city is located in a remote area of Bolivia, it's still possible to find cheap flights that won't break the bank.

One of the top airlines that flies to Rurrenabaque is Amaszonas. This airline offers several flights per week from La Paz and has a reputation for being affordable and reliable. Another option is Boliviana de Aviación, which also flies from La Paz to Rurrenabaque.

For those looking for a slightly different experience, TAM Airlines also offers flights to Rurrenabaque from La Paz. This airline is known for its luxury cabins and top-notch service, making it a great choice for those who want to splurge a bit on their vacation.

There are plenty of options when it comes to flying to Rurrenabaque. Whether you're looking for a cheap and easy flight or a more luxurious experience, there's an airline that can meet your needs. So go ahead and book that flight – paradise awaits!

Getting to and from the airport

Are you planning a trip to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia? The first step is to find affordable flights to RBQ, the main airport serving this small town in the Amazon region.

While there are no direct international flights to RBQ, there are some options to consider. You could fly to La Paz or Santa Cruz and then take a connecting flight to RBQ. Alternatively, you could take a domestic flight from Cochabamba or Sucre.

If you're looking for cheap flights, it's always a good idea to compare prices from different airlines. Some of the airlines that fly to RBQ include Amaszonas, EcoJet, and Boliviana de Aviación.

Once you arrive at RBQ, you'll need to find transportation to get to your final destination. There are usually taxis available outside the airport, but it's a good idea to negotiate the fare in advance. You could also arrange to have a transfer service pick you up in advance.

If you're planning to explore the surrounding areas, there are also some local transportation options to consider. You could take a bus or hire a motorbike taxi to take you to nearby villages or even to the Madidi National Park.

Getting to and from Rurrenabaque may require some planning and research, but it's definitely worth it to experience the beauty and adventure of the Amazon region in Bolivia.

What to do in Rurrenabaque

Looking for an adventure in the Americas? Rurrenabaque is a hidden gem that promises to deliver some exciting memories. The best part is that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy your stay here. With cheap flights, you can easily get to this tiny town located in northern Bolivia's Amazonian region. Here are some of the things you can do while you're here.

  • Visit the Madidi National Park and Pampas. This is the ultimate experience for any nature lover. Madidi National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, with over 1000 species of birds and 120 species of mammals. You can go on a hike through the tropical rainforest or take a boat ride through the Pampas to spot some wildlife.
  • Swim with pink river dolphins. Rurrenabaque is one of the few places in the world where you can interact with pink river dolphins in their natural habitat. The best time to do this is during the dry season (May to October) when the water is lower and the dolphins are concentrated in smaller areas.
  • Take a cultural tour. Rurrenabaque has a rich history and culture, with several indigenous communities living in the area. You can take a tour to learn about their customs, traditions, and daily life.
  • Explore the town. Rurrenabaque has a laid-back vibe that makes it easy to explore on foot. You can walk around the town to visit local markets, shops, and restaurants.
  • Try the local cuisine. Bolivia has some unique food offerings, and Rurrenabaque is no exception. You can try dishes like pampas-style barbecued meat or majao, a rice and beef stew.

Rurrenabaque may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer for those seeking a unique experience. With cheap flights available, there's no reason not to add this destination to your travel bucket list.

When is best to visit Rurrenabaque

When is best to visit Rurrenabaque, Americas

Are you looking for the perfect holiday destination in South America? Rurrenabaque might be just what you're looking for! Located in Bolivia, this small town is situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and offers a unique blend of incredible wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture.

The good news is that Rurrenabaque can be visited year-round, and the best time to visit really depends on your preferences and priorities. Here's what you need to know.

High season The high season in Rurrenabaque runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is relatively dry and sunny, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Low season The low season in Rurrenabaque runs from November to April. This is the rainy season in the Amazon, which means humidity levels are high, and there are intense but short bursts of rain throughout the day. However, this season is much quieter, and you're likely to find cheaper flights, accommodation, and tour packages.

Best time for wildlife watching If your main goal is to see the famous Amazonian wildlife, then the best time to visit Rurrenabaque is during the dry season. From May to October, animals are more easily spotted due to the lower water levels in the rivers and fewer plant coverings.

Best time for fishing If you're an avid fisherman, then the best time to visit Rurrenabaque is during the rainy season. This is when the fish are more active and plentiful due to the abundant food sources.


In summary, Rurrenabaque is a fantastic travel destination that can be enjoyed year-round. If you're looking for cheaper prices, then visit during the low season. If you're mainly interested in wildlife watching, then go during the dry season. And, if fishing is your thing, then head to Rurrenabaque during the rainy season.

What to eat in Rurrenabaque

If you're planning a trip to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia - whether it's for a jungle adventure or to explore the town itself - there's a good chance you'll be wondering what to eat. Luckily, this small yet bustling town has a variety of food options to please any palate.

Local cuisine

Being in the Amazon region, it's no surprise that Rurrenabaque serves up plenty of fish dishes. Try the renowned pacu (a type of fish) or surubi (catfish) cooked with yucca, fried plantains, and llama meat. Another local specialty is chicharon - basically deep-fried pork belly - served with potatoes and a spicy salsa. If you're feeling adventurous, give the curious delicacy of hornado de chancho a try - it's essentially slow-roasted suckling pig.

International cuisine

Don't worry if traditional Bolivian food isn't your thing. Rurrenabaque has a smattering of international restaurants, including Italian, Thai, and Mexican. One standout option is La Cocina Thai, which serves up mouth-watering curries and noodle dishes at reasonable prices.

Street food

If you're on a budget, don't miss out on the street food scene in Rurrenabaque. You can find stalls selling everything from roasted maize (choclo) to empanadas to salchipapas (french fries and sausages). One local favorite is humintas - steamed corn cakes stuffed with cheese.

Drinks and desserts

Bolivia has some unique alcoholic beverages, and Rurrenabaque is no exception. Try the chuflay, which is a mix of singani (a potent Bolivian liquor) and ginger ale. For something non-alcoholic, sample a glass of mocochinchi - a refreshing drink made from boiled dried peaches and cinnamon. As for desserts, look for the traditional Bolivian alfajor - a type of cookie filled with dulce de leche.

Whether you're in the mood for a local specialty or want to try something new, Rurrenabaque won't disappoint when it comes to food. And with cheap flights becoming more common, there's never been a better time to plan your trip.

Top 5 attractions in Rurrenabaque

  • Are you in the mood for adventure? Look no further than Rurrenabaque, a small town nestled in the Bolivian Amazon basin.
  • And the best part? You can find cheap flights to Rurrenabaque from major cities in Bolivia, such as La Paz.
  • Without further ado, here are the top 5 attractions in Rurrenabaque.
  • Madidi National Park Home to a staggering array of wildlife, this nature reserve is a must-visit for any animal lover. Take a guided tour and keep your eyes peeled for jaguars, giant otters, and macaws.
  • Pampas Tour Hop in a boat and cruise down the Yacuma River, stopping to spot dolphins and caimans along the way. You'll also get to meet some friendly capybaras, the world's largest rodent.
  • Beni River If you're feeling adventurous, consider white-water rafting down the Beni River. It's not for the faint of heart, but the rush of adrenaline is well worth it.
  • Chimmoré Just outside of Rurrenabaque lies Chimmoré, a small village where you can experience a traditional way of life. Learn to weave baskets, roast coffee beans, and dance to Andean music.
  • Butterfly Farm For a more relaxing activity, check out the Butterfly Farm, where you'll witness hundreds of colorful butterflies in various stages of life. It's a great place to learn about the importance of these delicate creatures to the ecosystem.
  • Ready to book your ticket to Rurrenabaque yet?

Places like Rurrenabaque worth visiting

If you're looking for an adventurous and unique travel experience, consider adding these 5 places to your bucket list!

  1. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia - Located in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, Rurrenabaque is a small town that serves as the gateway to Madidi National Park. This is the perfect place for eco-tourists and nature lovers who want to explore the diverse wildlife and flora of the Amazon. You can take a guided trek through the rainforest, go on a boat tour to spot pink river dolphins, or even swim with piranhas! Cheap flights can be found to neighboring cities like La Paz, making Rurrenabaque an affordable destination.
  2. Costa Rica - This Central American country has a little bit of everything for travelers. From lush rainforests to stunning beaches, Costa Rica is known for its abundant wildlife and adventurous activities. Surfing, zip-lining, and hiking are just a few of the popular activities in this tropical paradise. With a variety of low-cost airlines operating in the region, finding cheap flights to Costa Rica is easier than ever.
  3. Cancun, Mexico - If you're looking for a more relaxed and luxurious vacation, Cancun is the perfect destination. Known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, Cancun is a popular spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities. You can also visit ancient Mayan ruins and indulge in some delicious Mexican cuisine. Many airlines offer affordable flights to Cancun, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers.
  4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - This volcanic archipelago is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, making it a dream destination for nature enthusiasts. Most visitors opt for a guided tour, which can include hiking, boating, and even swimming with sea lions and turtles. Although flights to the Galapagos can be expensive, there are ways to find deals and save money.
  5. Havana, Cuba - Cuba has become a popular travel destination in recent years, and for good reason. Havana, the capital city, is known for its colorful buildings, vintage cars, and rich history. You can explore the old town, visit museums and art galleries, or simply soak up the lively atmosphere. While direct flights to Cuba from the US are limited, there are ways to find cheap flights through neighboring countries like Mexico or Canada.