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Are you itching for a getaway but don't want to break the bank? Look no further than San Sebastion, Europe. With cheap flights available from many major cities, San Sebastion is the perfect destination for budget-conscious travelers.

But why should you choose San Sebastion? First and foremost, the city is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Head to Playa de la Concha for a day of sunbathing and swimming in crystal-clear waters. If you're feeling adventurous, try surfing at Playa de Zurriola, which is known for its consistent waves.

If you're a foodie, San Sebastion is a must-visit destination. The city boasts a plethora of Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as countless pintxo bars where you can sample the local cuisine. Don't miss out on trying the famous Basque delicacy, pintxos (small bites of food).

In addition to its culinary scene, San Sebastion is also known for its vibrant culture. Take a stroll through the historic Old Town, where you'll find charming streets lined with colorful buildings. Visit the San Telmo Museum to learn about Basque history and culture, or catch a show at the impressive Kursaal Palace.

One of the best parts about visiting San Sebastion is that you can explore the city on foot or by bike. The city is small and easy to navigate, and there are plenty of bike rental shops available. Plus, you'll get to take in the stunning views of the coastline and surrounding mountains while you explore.

Overall, San Sebastion is a hidden gem in Europe that should definitely be on your travel radar. With cheap flights and so much to see and do, there's no reason not to add this charming city to your travel wishlist.

Airlines flying to San Sebastion

Are you looking for cheap flights to San Sebastian? You're in luck! There are several airlines that fly to this beautiful city located in the Basque Country of Spain.

One popular option is Ryanair. They offer direct flights from London Stansted to San Sebastian twice a week. Another airline that flies to San Sebastian is Vueling. They operate flights from Barcelona and Paris.

If you're looking for a more luxurious travel experience, there's also the option of flying with Air Europa or Iberia. Both airlines offer flights to San Sebastian from Madrid.

No matter which airline you choose, flying to San Sebastian is a great way to experience the beautiful beaches, picturesque towns, and delicious local cuisine that the Basque Country has to offer. So pack your bags, book your flight, and get ready to fall in love with this enchanting region of Spain!

Getting to and from the airport

When it comes to getting in and out of San Sebastion, Europe, the main airport code is EAS. If you're in search of cheap flights, do some research and check out various airlines to find the best deal. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the time of year and day of the week.

Once you arrive at EAS, there are various transportation options to get into the city center. One option is taking a bus, which is relatively cheap and convenient. You can also take a taxi or rent a car, depending on your preference.

If you're leaving San Sebastion and need to get back to EAS airport, consider booking transportation in advance to avoid any last-minute stress. Buses, taxis, and car rental services are available for transportation from the city center to the airport.

Traveling to and from San Sebastion is relatively simple, with various transportation options available and affordable flights depending on the season. Be sure to plan ahead and consider your options to ensure a stress-free trip.

What to do in San Sebastion

If you're looking to explore a charming coastal city with a rich culture and history, San Sebastion in Europe should definitely be on your list. And the good news is that you can easily find cheap flights to get there.


San Sebastion is known for its culinary scene, so make sure to indulge in its famous pintxos (tapas) and cider. Head to the Old Quarter for a food tour or simply wander around and try local dishes. Don't forget to try some of the city's delicious seafood too.


San Sebastion is also known for its beautiful beaches. The most popular is La Concha, with its stunning views of the city and island, but Zurriola and Ondarreta are also worth a visit. You can sunbathe, swim or surf to your heart's content.

Cultural Sites

If you're looking for some culture, San Sebastion has plenty of options. Visit the San Telmo Museum to learn about Basque history and art, or the Miramar Palace and Gardens for a glimpse into the city's aristocratic past. Don't miss out on the breathtaking views from the top of Mount Igueldo.


San Sebastion is also known for its vibrant festivals, so try to time your visit around one. The International Film Festival in September is a must-see for movie fans, while the Tamborrada in January is a non-stop 24-hour party with drumming and dancing.


And when the sun goes down, San Sebastion comes alive. Head to the Old Quarter for a buzzing atmosphere and drinks with friends. Or head to the Gros neighborhood for some of the city's trendiest bars and restaurants.

So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to San Sebastion for a wonderful mix of food, culture, beaches, festivals and nightlife.

When is best to visit San Sebastion

San Sebastián, also known as Donostia, is a beautiful coastal city in northern Spain. The best time to visit San Sebastián is between May and September when the weather is warm, and the city hosts several events and festivals.

If you want to find cheap flights, the best months to visit are May, June, and September. During these months, flights are more affordable, and the city is less crowded. July and August are the peak tourist season, so flights and hotel prices tend to be higher.

San Sebastián is famous for its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere. The city also offers plenty of cultural and culinary experiences. The San Sebastián International Film Festival, held in September each year, is a popular event that attracts film lovers from all over the world. Jazzaldia, a jazz festival held in July, is another exciting event that showcases international and local jazz performers.

San Sebastián is also a popular destination for food lovers. The city is known for its Basque cuisine, which includes pintxos (tapas), seafood dishes, and local wines. The annual San Sebastián Gastronomika festival, held in October, is a must-visit event for foodies.

The best time to visit San Sebastián is between May and September, with May, June, and September being the months to find cheap flights. Whether you're interested in beaches, culture, or food, San Sebastián has something to offer for everyone.

What to eat in San Sebastion

San Sebastián, a city located in the Basque country of Spain, is famous for its beautiful beaches and amazing food. If you're planning a trip to San Sebastián with cheap flights, then you must try these delicious foods.


Pintxos are bite-sized snacks that are typical of the Basque country. They are usually served on a small piece of bread and held together with a toothpick. There are many different types of pintxos available, ranging from simple ham and cheese to more complex dishes like octopus or foie gras.


San Sebastián is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, so it's not surprising that the city is famous for its seafood. Some of the most popular seafood dishes in San Sebastián include hake, anchovies, and sea bream. You can find these dishes in a variety of preparations, from grilled to fried to stewed.

Basque-style cheesecake

Basque-style cheesecake is a must-try dessert in San Sebastián. It's a crustless cheesecake that is baked until it's burnt on the outside, creating a creamy and caramelized texture that is absolutely delicious. You can find this dessert at many restaurants and cafes in the city.


Txakoli is a type of white wine that is native to the Basque country. It's a slightly sparkling wine that pairs perfectly with pintxos and seafood. If you're in San Sebastián, you must try a glass of txakoli.

Overall, San Sebastián is a food lover's paradise. With its amazing pintxos, seafood, Basque-style cheesecake, and txakoli, you're sure to have a delicious culinary experience.

Top 5 attractions in San Sebastion

If you're looking for a European vacation destination that's filled with incredible food, architecture, and culture, then San Sebastian is the place for you! With cheap flights from many major cities, it's becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Here are the top five attractions you won't want to miss when visiting San Sebastion.

1. Playa de la Concha

The Playa de la Concha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with its blue waters and soft, fine sand. Whether you want to soak up the sun, take a dip in the ocean, or simply relax, this beach is a must-visit.

2. Old Town

San Sebastian's Old Town is packed with bars, restaurants, and shops, making it the perfect place to soak up all the local culture. You can wander through the narrow streets, sample incredible pintxos (the Basque version of tapas) and soak up the city's unique charm.

3. Monte Igueldo

For stunning panoramic views of San Sebastian, head to the top of Monte Igueldo. You can take a funicular to the summit, where you'll find an old funfair and a lookout tower where you can take in the breathtaking views.

4. Urgull Mountain

Another great spot to take in the city from above is Urgull Mountain, located right in the heart of San Sebastian. You can hike up to the top, explore the old fortress, and snap some incredible photos.

5. Museo San Telmo

For a deeper understanding of the Basque Country's culture and history, spend some time at the Museo San Telmo. This museum is housed in a stunning 16th century convent and is filled with fascinating exhibits and artifacts.

San Sebastian is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Europe on a budget. So book your cheap flights, pack your bags, and get ready to fall in love with this Basque gem.

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