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Did you know that Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the most underrated cities in Europe? With the growing demand for cheap flights, Tallinn has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for people looking to explore the history and culture of this beautiful city.

Tallinn is a city full of contrasts, where medieval architecture meets modern technology. And the best part? It's incredibly affordable. From flights to accommodation and food, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy all that Tallinn has to offer.

One of the main reasons why people visit Tallinn is for its Old Town. The Old Town of Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the perfect place to wander around, get lost in the winding streets, and discover hidden gems, such as cozy cafés, Gothic churches, and charming little shops.

If you're interested in art and culture, Tallinn has plenty to offer. The Kumu Art Museum, located in the Kadriorg Park, is the largest art museum in Estonia and showcases a vast collection of both Estonian and international art. If you're a history buff, the Tallinn City Museum is the perfect place to learn about the city's past, from its early days as a medieval trading hub to its more recent Soviet occupation.

For nature lovers, Tallinn offers lots of green spaces, such as the aforementioned Kadriorg Park, which boasts stunning Baroque palaces, ponds, and gardens. The Pirita Promenade provides a peaceful walkway along the sea, and the nearby Laulasmaa beach is a great place to relax and soak up the sun.

When it comes to food, Tallinn has something for everyone. The city has a vibrant food scene, with plenty of cafés, bistros, and restaurants offering traditional Estonian cuisine, as well as international dishes. Be sure to try some of the local specialties, such as smoked fish, black bread, and the national dish, verivorst (blood sausage).

Tallinn may not be the first city that comes to mind when planning a European trip, but it definitely deserves a spot on your itinerary. With its mix of history, culture, nature, and affordability, Tallinn has something for everyone. So start planning your trip now and get ready to discover all the charms of this hidden gem of a city!

Airlines flying to Tallinn

If you're looking for cheap flights to Tallinn, then you'll be pleased to know that there are a number of airlines that fly to the Estonian capital.

One of the most popular airlines that flies to Tallinn is Ryanair. They operate flights to Tallinn from a number of European cities, including London, Dublin, Brussels, Rome, and Berlin. Ryanair is known for offering inexpensive airfares, so if you're looking for a budget-friendly option then this is a great choice.

Another airline that flies to Tallinn is AirBaltic. They offer flights to the city from a number of European destinations, as well as some cities in the Middle East and Asia. AirBaltic is known for being a reliable airline, so if you're looking for a comfortable and hassle-free flight then this is a good choice.

Finnair is also a popular choice for those flying to Tallinn. They offer flights from Helsinki, which is just a short distance from Tallinn. This makes Finnair a great option if you're already in Finland and looking to make a quick trip across the border to Estonia.

Other airlines that fly to Tallinn include SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), LOT Polish Airlines, and Lufthansa. These airlines offer flights from a number of European destinations, so be sure to check their schedules to see if they're a good fit for your travel plans.

In summary, there are plenty of options when it comes to airlines flying to Tallinn. Whether you're looking for cheap flights or a reliable airline, there's sure to be an option that suits your needs.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're looking to travel to Tallinn, Estonia in Europe, the main airport you'll be flying into is Tallinn Airport, with the airport code TLL. There are numerous ways to get to and from the airport, depending on your preferences and budget.

Cheap Flights to Tallinn

If you're looking for affordable flights to Tallinn, you can start by checking out budget airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, or EasyJet. These airlines offer flights to Tallinn from various European cities, and if you plan well in advance, you can find some fantastic deals.

Getting from the Airport to the City Center

Once you arrive at Tallinn Airport, you'll have several options for getting to the city center. The most popular means of transportation is by taxi, and you can pick one up from right outside the terminal. You can also use ride-hailing apps such as Uber or Bolt, which offer competitive rates.

If you prefer public transportation, you can take bus number 2 that runs every ten minutes from the airport to the city center. The journey takes around 15 minutes and will only cost you a couple of euros. Another option is to take the tram, which also runs directly from the airport to the city center.

Getting from the City Center to the Airport

If you're already in Tallinn and need to get to the airport, the taxi or ride-hail options mentioned above are still viable. You can also use the bus or tram options, which run directly from the city center to the airport.

Getting to and from Tallinn Airport is easy and convenient, no matter your budget or transportation preferences. Happy travels!

What to do in Tallinn

If you're looking to explore a lesser-known European city, Tallinn is definitely worth considering. And with the availability of cheap flights, traveling to Tallinn won't hurt your wallet too much.

So, what can you do in Tallinn? Here are a few recommendations.

1. Old Town

Tallinn's Old Town is a must-see. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. You can spend hours wandering through the narrow streets, admiring the colorful buildings, and admiring the views from Toompea Castle.

2. Kalamaja

Kalamaja is a trendy neighborhood that's home to some of Tallinn's best bars, restaurants, and cafes. It's a great spot for lunch or an evening out, and you can take a stroll along the waterfront while you're there.

3. Lennusadam Seaplane Harbor

If you're interested in military history, Lennusadam Seaplane Harbor is the place for you. It's a maritime museum that houses a collection of seaplanes, submarines, and other military vessels.

4. Kadriorg Park

Kadriorg Park is a beautiful green space that's perfect for a picnic or a relaxing stroll. It's also home to Kadriorg Palace, which was built for Peter the Great in the 18th century and now houses the Kadriorg Art Museum.

5. Telliskivi Creative City

Telliskivi Creative City is a former industrial complex that's been transformed into a hub for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. You'll find plenty of unique shops, galleries, and restaurants here.

Overall, Tallinn is a charming city with plenty to offer visitors. Whether you're interested in history, culture, or just good food and drinks, you're sure to find something to enjoy in Tallinn.

When is best to visit Tallinn

If you're planning to visit Tallinn in Europe, you might be wondering when the best time is to go. Tallinn is a beautiful city that's rich in history and culture, but the weather can be a deciding factor for many travelers. Additionally, the cost of flights and accommodation can vary significantly depending on the time of year. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best times to visit Tallinn and why.

When to Visit for Summer Weather

If you're looking for warm weather and sunshine, the best time to visit Tallinn is between June and August. During these months, the temperature is comfortable, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. You can take a walk through the beautiful Old Town, visit the beaches, or go on a bike tour. However, keep in mind that this is the peak tourist season, so the streets may be crowded, and the prices may be higher.

When to Visit for Cheaper Flights and Accommodations

If you're looking for cheaper flights and accommodations, you might want to consider traveling during the shoulder season. The best time to visit Tallinn for budget-friendly travel is between April and May or September and October. During these months, the weather is still pleasant, and there are fewer tourists, which means you can enjoy more peace and quiet while still being able to explore the city.

When to Visit for Winter Wonderland in Tallinn

If you're a fan of cold weather and winter activities, consider visiting Tallinn during the winter months. From December to February, the city transforms into a winter wonderland, with Christmas markets and festive lights. Moreover, if you're lucky, you may even experience snowfall in the city. Keep in mind though that it gets cold, so you'll need to pack warmly.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the best time to visit Tallinn depends on your preferences. Whether you want to enjoy the summer sunshine, make the most of budget-friendly travel, or experience a winter wonderland, there's a perfect time for you. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be able to plan the ideal trip to Tallinn, Europe.

What to eat in Tallinn

If you're looking for a foodie adventure, then look no further than the charming city of Tallinn in Europe. With cheap flights available, it's easier than ever to explore the delicious culinary options that this city has to offer. Here are some must-try dishes in Tallinn.

1. Black Bread

The Estonian staple food is black bread, which is a dark rye bread that is both dense and moist. It's perfect to accompany any meal or even as a snack with some butter or cheese.

2. Smoked Fish

One of the best things about being in Tallinn is its proximity to the Baltic Sea, meaning that the smoked fish is a must-try. You can find it served everywhere from fine dining establishments to street food stalls.

3. Kama

Kama is a traditional Estonian porridge made from a mixture of ground oats, barley, and peas. It may not sound too appetizing, but it's surprisingly tasty and often enjoyed for breakfast.

4. Pierogi

Known in Estonia as 'pelmeenid,' pierogi is a type of dumpling stuffed with meat, potatoes, or cheese. These are comfort food at its finest and can be found in many traditional restaurants throughout the city.

5. Vana Tallinn Liqueur

This sweet liqueur is a must-try. Made in Tallinn, it's the perfect way to finish a meal or to enjoy as a nightcap.

6. Kalev Chocolate

For something sweet, try some of Tallinn's famous Kalev chocolate. They offer a range of flavors, including marzipan and blackcurrant.

Tallinn is a foodie's paradise with a range of delicious options for any budget. From traditional dishes to innovative fusion cuisine, this city has something for everyone to enjoy. So, book your cheap flights and get ready to indulge in some of the best food in Europe.

Top 5 attractions in Tallinn

  • Estonia's capital city, Tallinn, is a popular destination in Europe due to its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque cobblestone streets. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap flights available to this Baltic gem, making it an easily accessible city to explore. Here are the top 5 attractions to check out while in Tallinn.

1. Old Town

Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and easily the city's biggest attraction. The charming, medieval streets are lined with colorful buildings, cozy cafes, and shops selling traditional Estonian crafts. Take a stroll from Raekoja Plats (the Town Hall Square) all the way up to the Toompea Hill for stunning views of the city below.

2. Kadriorg Palace

Built by Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine, the Kadriorg Palace is an impressive Baroque-style palace surrounded by a sprawling park filled with fountains, ponds, and sculptures. The palace now houses the Estonian Art Museum, making it a must-visit for art lovers.

3. Tallinn TV Tower

For an unbeatable view of Tallinn and its surrounding areas, head to the Tallinn TV Tower. Standing at 314 meters, this observation tower offers breathtaking panoramic views and is a great place to catch the sunset.

4. Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

History buffs will love the Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour, a maritime museum housed in old seaplane hangars. Here, you can explore old submarines, ships, and seaplanes, and learn about Estonia's history as a seafaring nation.

5. St. Olaf's Church

For a bit of exercise and an incredible view, climb the spiral staircase of St. Olaf's Church. This medieval church was the tallest building in the world from 1549 to 1625. Today, it's an iconic landmark of Tallinn and offers stunning views of the Old Town and the Baltic Sea.

Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for some beautiful photo ops, Tallinn has something to offer everyone. With cheap flights readily available, why not plan a trip to this charming Baltic city?

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  • Tallinn, Estonia

    • Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, located in northern Europe. It's well known for its well-preserved Old Town, medieval architecture, and stunning views of the Baltic Sea. To top it off, it's relatively easy to get to with cheap flights available from major cities in Europe.
  • Riga, Latvia

    • Another capital city in the Baltics worth checking out is Riga, Latvia. Known for its stunning art nouveau architecture and vibrant nightlife, Riga is a great option for those looking for a unique city break on a budget.
  • Krakow, Poland

    • Krakow, located in southern Poland, is another beautiful city with plenty to see and do. Its well-preserved Old Town, famous castle, and delicious cuisine make it a popular choice for travelers. Plus, flights to Krakow are often cheap and easy to come by.
  • Prague, Czech Republic

    • Prague, the stunning capital of the Czech Republic, is well-known for its historic landmarks, impressive Gothic architecture and charming cobblestone streets. Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, cheap flights to Prague from major European cities are widely available, making it an ideal choice for travelers who are budget-conscious.
  • Budapest, Hungary

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