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If you're on the hunt for a budget-friendly destination in Australia, look no further than Toowoomba. Located just an hour and a half west of Brisbane, this vibrant city is home to a buzzing arts and culture scene, a thriving food and drink scene, and plenty of outdoor adventures to keep you busy.

And thanks to the availability of cheap flights to Toowoomba from major Australian cities, getting here won't break the bank. So why should you consider adding Toowoomba to your travel itinerary? Here are just a few reasons.

First of all, Toowoomba is known as the Garden City, and for good reason. The city boasts over 150 public parks and gardens, as well as a stunning Japanese Garden and the famous Carnival of Flowers each September. So if you're looking to get some fresh air and soak in some natural beauty, Toowoomba has plenty of options.

If you're more into the arts and culture scene, you won't be disappointed in Toowoomba. The city is home to numerous galleries, including the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and the Cobb+Co Museum, which showcases the area's history and heritage. And if you're lucky enough to be in town during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, you'll also be treated to live music, food stalls, and more.

But perhaps one of the biggest draws of Toowoomba is its food and drink scene. From local produce to craft beer, there's no shortage of delicious eats and drinks to sample here. Some popular spots include The Finch, which serves up inventive dishes using farm-to-table ingredients, and the Toowoomba Farmers' Market, where you can stock up on fresh produce and artisanal treats.

And of course, no visit to Toowoomba would be complete without exploring the nearby natural wonders. The region is home to stunning national parks like Carnarvon Gorge and Girraween National Park, where you can hike, camp, and take in some truly breathtaking views.

All in all, Toowoomba may not be the most well-known travel destination in Australia, but it's certainly worth considering for budget-conscious travelers looking for a diverse range of experiences. With its natural beauty, thriving arts and culture scene, and delicious food and drink offerings, there's something here for everyone.

Airlines flying to Toowoomba

Toowoomba, a city located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, is gradually becoming a favourite travel destination for locals and tourists alike. And with the increasing demand for flights to Toowoomba, several airlines have started flying to the city, making it more accessible than ever before.

If you're looking for cheap flights to Toowoomba, you're in luck. Airlines such as Qantas, Virgin Australia and Rex Airlines offer affordable flights to the city, allowing visitors to explore the region without breaking the bank. Moreover, these airlines operate regular flights to Toowoomba from major cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, making it easy to reach from different parts of the country.

Qantas, for instance, operates a direct flight from Sydney to Toowoomba twice a week, making it a convenient option for travellers from New South Wales. Similarly, Rex Airlines offers flights to Toowoomba from Sydney and Melbourne, along with connecting flights from other regional areas. Meanwhile, Virgin Australia operates flights to the city from Brisbane, which is only a short 90-minute flight away.

Flying to Toowoomba also means being able to explore the beautiful surrounding areas. Just a short drive from the city is the picturesque Lockyer Valley, which is perfect for scenic drives and picnics in the countryside. You can also explore Toowoomba itself, with its stunning parks and gardens, quirky cafes, and unique attractions like the Cobb & Co Museum.

In summary, with several airlines now offering cheap flights to Toowoomba, getting to this beautiful city has never been easier. Whether you're travelling from Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, you can easily find a flight to suit your budget and schedule. And once you arrive, there's plenty to explore in this charming city and its surrounding regions.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're planning a trip to Toowoomba, Australia (main airport code. TWB), you're in luck - there are several options for getting to and from the area. Whether you're looking for cheap flights or a more leisurely journey, there's a solution that will suit your needs.

First off, let's talk flights. Toowoomba itself has a relatively small airport, so if you're flying in from overseas or interstate, you'll likely need to make a connecting flight. Some of the major airlines that service Toowoomba include QantasLink, REX Airlines, and Airnorth. If you're looking for cheaper flights, keep an eye out for sales and discounts from these airlines - they often offer great deals, particularly if you book in advance.

If you're already in Queensland and looking for a more scenic route to Toowoomba, consider driving. The area is situated around 125km west of Brisbane, and there are several highways that will take you there. The drive is generally pretty straightforward, and the scenery is beautiful - think rolling hills, lush farmland, and quaint rural towns.

Finally, if you're not in a rush and want to take your time getting to Toowoomba, consider taking the bus or train. Both Greyhound Australia and Queensland Rail offer services that stop in Toowoomba, and the journey can be a great way to see more of the surrounding countryside.

There are plenty of options for getting to and from Toowoomba, whether you're looking for speed, affordability, or a more scenic journey. With a little planning, you're sure to find a travel solution that works for you.

What to do in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a charming city located in the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia. Despite being a small city, there are plenty of things that one can do when visiting Toowoomba. Whether you're interested in nature, history, or just looking for a unique experience, Toowoomba has something to offer for everyone.

Getting There

If you're planning a trip to Toowoomba, the best way to get there is through Brisbane. You can easily find cheap flights to Brisbane and from there it's just a 90-minute drive or a two-hour train ride to Toowoomba.


Explore the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

If you happen to be in Toowoomba during the month of September, you can't miss the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. The city becomes a stunning explosion of colorful blooms and festive events. Plus, it's free to enjoy!

Visit the Jondaryan Woolshed

Experience the Australian bush lifestyle by visiting the Jondaryan Woolshed. This historical landmark tells the story of sheep farming in Queensland and offers visitors the chance to see demonstrations on sheep shearing and whip cracking.

Take a Hike at Cooby Dam

Cooby Dam is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking trails through rugged terrain, as well as picnic areas, fishing activities, and kayaking.

Go Art Hunting

Toowoomba has a thriving community of artists, and many public spaces in the city serve as their gallery. Take a walk around Toowoomba's street art and murals and enjoy the free art exhibit.

Enjoy a Picnic at Picnic Point

Picnic Point Park is a perfect spot for a picnic and a relaxed walk. The park offers stunning views over the valley of the Lockyer and features barbecues and picnic tables free for visitors.

Taste Local Flavor

Toowoomba is a food lover's paradise, with local markets and farm-to-table restaurants showcasing the region's unique flavors. Be sure to visit the Farmer's Markets on a Saturday for the freshest picks from the farmers.

Discover Cobb & Co. Museum

The Cobb & Co. Museum is an interactive museum that tells the story of Australia's transport history, from horse-drawn carriages to cars. The museum features original vehicles, interactive exhibits, and plenty of hands-on experiences.


Toowoomba may not be the most famous tourist destination in Australia, but it definitely holds its own against some of the bigger cities. With plenty of free and fun things to do, it's a great destination both for solo travelers and family. Plan your trip to Toowoomba today, and you won't be disappointed!

When is best to visit Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a charming city located in Queensland, Australia. It is situated on the Great Dividing Range and offers a combination of natural beauty, rich history, and modern attractions. It's worth noting that the best time to visit Toowoomba largely depends on what you want to experience.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly trip, the best time to visit Toowoomba would be during the off-peak seasons. This typically falls between the months of April to June, and September to November. During these months, you can expect to find cheap flights and accommodation rates.

On the other hand, if you're interested in the annual Carnival of Flowers, which takes place every September, it would be best to visit during that time. The festival is an explosion of color and fragrance featuring impressive garden displays, music, food, and cultural parades.

If you're keen on outdoor activities, then you might prefer visiting Toowoomba during the summer months (December to February). The weather is warm and sunny, making it perfect for exploring the city's parks, hiking trails, and outdoor attractions.

Finally, if you're looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway, the autumn months (March to May) offer a quieter vibe with fewer crowds. It's an excellent time to experience the changing colors of the fall foliage and take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

All in all, Toowoomba is a wonderful destination to visit all year round. With each season offering something unique and exciting, it's up to you to decide which time of the year works best for you.

What to eat in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a destination that is worth exploring. This charming city is known for its beautiful parks, museums, and nature trails. However, food enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Toowoomba is also a haven for foodies. Here are some of the best dishes and dining experiences that you can enjoy while in Toowoomba.

Traditional Australian Foods

If you're a culture enthusiast, you can try the local favorite dish - meat pie. It's a savory pastry that's loved by Aussies. Another dish is the fish and chips, a classic comfort food. For an alternative, try the chicken schnitzel, a thin slice of chicken fillet coated in seasoned breadcrumbs.

International Cuisine

Toowoomba offers a diverse dining experience, including international cuisine. There are plenty of Thai, Chinese, and Indian restaurants in Toowoomba, with some hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall places. You can also try Italian food, such as pasta or pizza.

Bakeries and Cafes

Toowoomba has many bakeries and cafes that serve delicious pastries and coffee. You can try scones with jam and cream or a slice of carrot cake. And if you want to go for a coffee, then make sure to visit The Baker's Duck, Ground Up Espresso, or Bungalow & Basket.


If you're one of those who love street food and open-air markets, then make sure to check out the Farmers Market. This market has a variety of stalls that sell fresh produce, baked goods, and snacks.

Pubs and Clubs

Lastly, if you want to experience pub culture, check out the Spotted Cow, Mort Estate Hotel, and Muller Bros. These places serve traditional Aussie pub fare like steaks and burgers.

Toowoomba is a foodie's paradise, and you can find something that fits your budget. For cheap flights, check out budget airlines like Jetstar, Tigerair, and Virgin Australia.

Top 5 attractions in Toowoomba

Planning a trip to Toowoomba, Australia? If you’re searching for a laid-back destination that offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, then you’re in luck! Here are the top 5 attractions in Toowoomba that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

  1. Japanese Garden This beautiful garden is located in the heart of Toowoomba and offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a stroll along winding paths, over bridges, and past waterfalls and ponds while taking in the scenic views of vibrant Japanese flora and fauna.
  2. Cobb+Co Museum If you’re interested in history, the Cobb+Co Museum is a must-visit attraction. The museum showcases the development of transport, with a focus on horse-drawn vehicles and the importance of the industry in Queensland.
  3. Picnic Point For the best panoramic views of Toowoomba, head to Picnic Point. You can take a leisurely walk along the summit track, explore rainforest gullies, or have a picnic with friends while taking in the stunning views of Table Top Mountain, Main Range National Park, and Lockyer Valley.
  4. Empire Theatre Built in the Art Deco style, the Empire Theatre is an iconic attraction in Toowoomba. With classic and contemporary performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, and much more, this theatre offers a wide variety of entertainment options.
  5. Laurel Bank Park Located in the east of Toowoomba, Laurel Bank Park features beautiful gardens, a scented garden, a bamboo grove, and a playground for kids. It’s an excellent spot for a picnic or to simply spend a relaxing afternoon.

Toowoomba is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, family holiday, or even a solo trip. With its picturesque landscape, rich history and vibrant culture, there are plenty of things to see and do in this charming city. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for cheap flights today and plan your next adventure!

Places like Toowoomba worth visiting

  • Toowoomba, Australia is a beautiful city that offers a lot of fun and entertainment to travellers around the world. Whether you're looking for natural beauty, historical landmarks, or exciting nightlife, Toowoomba has it all. And the best part is that you can find cheap flights to Toowoomba easily. Here are the top 5 places you should visit in Toowoomba.
  1. Queens Park. This park is the jewel of Toowoomba's crown. It's a botanical garden spread over 25 hectares, showcasing the city's beautiful flora. You can take a guided tour, enjoy a picnic with family and friends, and explore the stunning beauty of the park.
  2. Cobb & Co Museum. If you're interested in history, then Cobb & Co Museum is the perfect place for you. It features exhibits that showcase the region's rich history, including old wagons, blacksmithing tools, and vintage vehicles.
  3. Picnic Point Lookout. Enjoy the natural beauty of Toowoomba by visiting Picnic Point Lookout. This viewpoint offers a stunning panoramic view of the city's natural beauty. Hiking trails and BBQ facilities are also available at the picnic ground.
  4. Japanese Garden. The Toowoomba Japanese Garden is a wonderful attraction for nature lovers. This garden features traditional Japanese landscapes, tea houses, and a stunning pond that will make you feel like you're in Japan.
  5. Empire Theatre. The Empire Theatre is a must-visit for performing arts lovers. This beautiful theatre hosts stage plays, musicals, operas, and concerts throughout the year.

So why wait? Book your cheap flights to Toowoomba now, and explore these amazing attractions of Toowoomba.