Flying with Thai Airlines


Flying with Thai Airlines

Thai Airlines is a founding member of the Star Alliance, which assures passengers of world-class quality of service, great customer service, and a wealth of features and amenities available worldwide. Thai Airlines is notable for having operated the world's longest non-stop routes – from Bangkok to Los Angeles and to New York – and today, operates one of the largest passenger operations in Europe.

You may be familiar with Thai Airlines' image – the remarkable traditional Thai dresses that its flight attendants wear are known throughout the world. In order to present this experience to passengers, flight attendants arrive to the airport early in their official purple corporate suits and then change right before passengers arrive – so you'll only see the traditional attire on-board a Thai Airlines flight.

The airline operates 98 aircraft flying to 90 different destinations around the globe. It is a powerful presence both in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Economy Class

Thai Airlines offers competitive Economy rates to destinations throughout the world, yet manages to provide a smooth and comfortable experience to each passenger despite the low cost. Purple and rose-colored slim-line seats offer the maximum possible legroom within the cabin, which is even greater on the airline's new Boeing Triple 7 aircraft. Thai Airlines also provides eye shades and ear plugs to passengers in need of quiet time.

In-flight entertainment consoles are located on the back of each seat's headrest. These touch-screen devices offer a broad range of entertainment options including films, music, television programs, games, and children's interactive software.

In-flight meals are complimentary and include a choice between traditional Thai favorites and Western dishes. The on-board bar includes a full selection of wines, beers, and spirits.

Royal Silk Business Class

Thai Airlines' Royal Silk Business Class has its own dedicated cabin within the aircraft, and gives passengers access to comfortable seating in a two-to-a-row configuration. This eliminates the middle seat and lets passengers enjoy extra-wide seating in their comfortable mauve-colored canvas recliners. Each seat can recline to a fully horizontal position, letting passengers sleep easily through long-haul flights.

Royal Silk Business Class passengers get preferential boarding treatment and enjoy mid-flight entertainment of the highest quality. Each seat has its own personal touch screen video display, with hundreds of programming options available. You may also use the provided power outlets and USB ports to charge personal devices.

Business Class passengers get to enjoy individually plated in-flight meals served in porcelain dishes, with table linens and glasses. Menu options are changed regularly and include some of the finest options available in both Thai and Western cuisine, served in individual courses. Premium spirits, liquors, wines, and beer brands are complimentary, as are soft drinks and high quality coffees and teas.

Royal First Class

Royal First Class passengers get to enjoy the very best that Thai Airlines has to offer. Dedicated crew members offer personalized service and cater to your every need with care. Upon boarding, the flight crew offers First Class guests a complimentary glass of champagne, wine, or liquor, and a travel kit containing toiletry items as well as linen towels and brand-name fragrances.

Royal First Class seats feature a full 180-degree recline so that each seat turns into a comfortable bed. Thai Airlines provides comfortable pillows and blankets to passengers who wish to sleep through their flight.

The entertainment selection available to Royal First Class passengers includes the latest hit movies in both Western and Asian cinema, as well as popular television shows, music, and more. These are made available through a high quality wide-screen display that provides for an immersive entertainment experience.

Flight crew provides First Class meals at the passenger's preferred time. The extensive menu offers a wide range of Thailand's most remarkable dishes as well as Western favorites. All menu options are offered as part of multiple-course meals served on porcelain plates over fine linens. Beverages include the world's finest wines and spirits served in crystal glasses of the highest quality.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Thai Airlines passengers may carry one item, up to a maximum of 7 kilograms in weight, with them when boarding flights. This does not change for Economy, Business Class, or First Class flights. However, all passengers may also carry on small extra item with them – a purse, laptop case, camera bag, or accessibility item.

Check-In Baggage Allowance

Economy passengers may check multiple items weighing no more than 20 kilograms in total when flying with Thai Airlines. Royal Silk Business Class passengers may check in 30 kilograms’ worth of items, and Royal First Class passengers have 40 kilograms allotted to their flights.

Travelers with strollers may check their devices in at the gate separately, free of charge. At the end of the flight, the flight crew will retrieve the stroller and bring it to the aircraft exit.

Thai Airlines Lounges and Amenities

Thai Airlines Royal Orchid Lounges are available for elite passengers traveling through the airports of all Thai cities. Additionally, you will find Royal Orchid Lounges in select worldwide destinations, such as Osaka, Hong Kong, Dhaka, Manila, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.