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Have you ever heard of Amarillo, Texas? This charming city is located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle and is known for its rich cowboy heritage and unique outdoor experiences. But why should you consider traveling to Amarillo? Well, for starters, there are some incredibly cheap flights to this Texas gem.

As the fifth-largest city in Texas, Amarillo offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages. One of the highlights of the city is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which boasts stunning views, hiking trails, and even a musical drama each summer. The park is sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of Texas, and it's no wonder why.

But outdoor adventures aren't the only reason to visit Amarillo. If you're a fan of history, head to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum. There, you can learn about the breed's rich history and its impact on American culture. You can even meet some of the horses in person!

Another popular attraction in Amarillo is the famous Cadillac Ranch, which is essentially a public art installation. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own spray paint and leave their mark on the dozens of Cadillacs buried nose-down in the ground. It's a fun and quirky activity that's sure to provide plenty of Instagram-worthy photos.

Of course, no visit to Amarillo would be complete without indulging in some delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. The city is known for its tasty Mexican restaurants and barbecue joints, so be sure to sample some of the local fare while you're there.

Amarillo is a city that's definitely worth considering for your next vacation. With cheap flights, tons of outdoor activities, fascinating museums, quirky art installations, and delicious food, there's truly something for everyone in this Texas hotspot.

Airlines flying to Amarillo

If you're looking for cheap flights to Amarillo, you're in luck! There are a variety of airlines that fly to this western Texas city. Here's a rundown of your options.

  • American Airlines American Airlines offers daily nonstop flights to Amarillo from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport. They also offer connecting flights from other cities, such as Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • United Airlines United Airlines also offers daily nonstop flights to Amarillo from their hub in Houston (IAH) airport. They also offer connecting flights from other cities, such as Denver and San Francisco.
  • Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines serves Amarillo with daily flights from their hub in Dallas (Love Field) airport. They may not always be the cheapest option, but their baggage policy (two free checked bags!) can make up for the difference in price.
  • Delta Airlines As of 2021, Delta Airlines does not currently offer flights to Amarillo. However, they do offer connecting flights through other cities, such as Atlanta and Salt Lake City.

It's always a good idea to compare prices across all of these airlines (and others) to find the best deal. One helpful tool is Google Flights, which allows you to search for flights to Amarillo (AMA) across multiple airlines and dates. Keep in mind that prices can vary based on the time of year and how far in advance you book.

Once you arrive in Amarillo, you'll be greeted with a small airport that's easy to navigate. There are a few rental car companies on-site, as well as taxis and ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft. From there, you'll be just a short drive away from popular attractions like Palo Duro Canyon and the iconic Cadillac Ranch.

So whether you're visiting family, traveling for business, or just looking for an adventure, there are plenty of airlines that can get you to Amarillo without breaking the bank. Happy travels!

Getting to and from the airport

To travel to or from Amarillo, you'll be using the airport in the city, which has been given the code AMA. Getting to and from the airport is relatively easy. You have a few transport options available.

If you prefer to drive your own vehicle and park it at the airport, there are ample parking options available. The carparks are located right next to the terminal building, so you won't have to walk far to catch your flight. Rates are quite reasonable, too.

For those who prefer public transport, there are a few bus services that can get you to the airport. The buses run regularly throughout the day, so you should be able to find one that suits your schedule. The bus fares are much cheaper than taking a taxi or an Uber, so it's a good choice if you're on a tight budget.

Another option is to take a taxi or an Uber to the airport. This is a convenient option if you have a lot of luggage or if you're short on time. Taxis and Ubers are readily available in Amarillo, so you shouldn't have any problems getting one. However, this option is quite expensive, so it may not be the best choice if you're looking for something cheap.

Finally, if you're looking to save some money on your flights to Amarillo, there are a few ways to find cheap flights. One option is to book your flight well in advance. Another option is to be flexible with your travel dates. Flying on weekdays can be much cheaper than flying on weekends. You can also sign up for airline newsletters, which often feature special deals and discounts.

Getting to and from the Amarillo airport is straightforward and convenient. Whether you prefer to drive, take public transport, or book a taxi or an Uber, you should be able to find an option that suits your needs. And with a bit of planning, you can find cheap flights to Amarillo, too!

What to do in Amarillo

If you're looking for a fun-filled trip to Amarillo, America, then you don't need to worry about breaking the bank. With cheap flights available, getting to the city won't be a burden. Here are some activities you can enjoy while you're there.

1. Visit the Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Enjoy some breathtaking views at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which is the second largest canyon in America. You can go hiking, biking, or even horseback riding here. With over 30 miles of trails, there's something for everyone.

2. Check out the museums

Amarillo has several museums, including the Amarillo Museum of Art, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, and the Texas Air & Space Museum. Each one offers a unique experience and is worth a visit.

3. Watch a cattle drive

Get a glimpse of the Wild West at the Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West, where you can watch a live cattle drive. The show takes place every day at 11.30 am and 4.00 pm.

4. Explore the Route 66 Historic District

If you're a fan of Americana, then you'll love the Route 66 Historic District. This area is filled with vintage shops, diners, and neon signs. You can even take a tour on a trolley to learn more about the district's history.

5. Try the local cuisine

Don't leave Amarillo without trying some of the local cuisine. The city is famous for its steak, so be sure to visit the Big Texan Steak Ranch. If you're feeling adventurous, you can take their famous 72-ounce steak challenge.

Overall, Amarillo is a great destination for anyone looking for a fun and affordable vacation. With plenty of activities to choose from, you're bound to have a great time.

When is best to visit Amarillo

If you're looking for a budget-friendly vacation destination, Amarillo in America is definitely worth considering! The best time to visit Amarillo for cheap flights and hotel rates is during its off-peak season, which falls between December and February. During this time, the weather can be quite unpredictable with some snow and cold temperatures, but if you're prepared for it, you'll be able to experience everything this charming city has to offer without breaking the bank.

If you're interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or fishing, the summer months from June to August are the best time to visit Amarillo. Just be prepared for the heat! The average temperature during this time can soar up to 90°F (32°C), so staying cool and hydrated is a must. You can also enjoy the city's many festivals and events during the summer, including the popular Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation's outdoor musical drama, "Texas."

Autumn and spring are also great times to visit Amarillo if you enjoy mild weather and fewer crowds. The spring months from March to May offer opportunities to see the city's beautiful wildflowers in bloom and attend the Amarillo Farm & Ranch Show, while the fall months from September to November offer cooler temperatures and the chance to attend the Amarillo Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.

The best time to visit Amarillo really depends on your personal preferences and what you want to experience during your trip. But no matter when you choose to go, there are always great deals to be found on flights and accommodation.

What to eat in Amarillo

If you're planning a trip to Amarillo, America, you might want to know what foods you should try while you're there. Fortunately, Amarillo offers a variety of cuisines to cater to all tastes and preferences. And with cheap flights to Amarillo, you can save some cash and have more to splurge on food and drinks.

Here are some of the must-try foods in Amarillo.

1. Texas Barbecue

Texas is known for its delicious barbecue, and Amarillo is no exception. You can find some of the best barbecue restaurants in Amarillo that offer mouth-watering smoked brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. Some of the popular barbecue joints in Amarillo include Tyler's Barbecue, Dyer's Bar-B-Que, and Smokey Joe's Texas Cafe.

2. Tex-Mex

Tex-Mex cuisine combines the flavors of Texas and Mexico, creating a unique and tasty fusion of dishes. Amarillo has no shortage of Tex-Mex restaurants that serve dishes like enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, and queso. Some of the best Tex-Mex places in Amarillo include Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant, Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, and Jorge's Cafe.

3. Chicken Fried Steak

If you're a meat lover, then you have to try the famous Texas Chicken Fried Steak. The dish is made by coating a thin slice of beef in seasoned flour, then frying it until crispy. It's typically served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies. Some of the best places to get Chicken Fried Steak in Amarillo include Calico County Restaurant, The Big Texan Steak Ranch, and Hoffbrau Steak & Grill House.

4. Burgers

If you're craving a good burger, Amarillo has some of the best burger joints in Texas. You can find burgers with all sorts of toppings and flavors, from classic cheeseburgers to specialty burgers with bacon, avocado, or jalapenos. Some of the popular burger places in Amarillo include Coyote Bluff Cafe, Blue Sky, and 575 Pizzeria.

5. Craft Beer

Finally, if you're a beer lover, you'll be happy to know that Amarillo has a thriving craft beer scene. There are several microbreweries, taprooms, and pubs in Amarillo that offer a variety of local and regional beers. Some of the top places to go for craft beer in Amarillo include Long Wooden Spoon Brewing, Pondaseta Brewing Co., and Yellow City Street Food & Beer Garden.

Overall, Amarillo is a foodie's paradise with plenty of delicious and unique dishes to try. From Texas barbecue to Tex-Mex cuisine, Chicken Fried Steak, burgers, and craft beer, there's something for everyone in Amarillo. So book your cheap flights to Amarillo now and get ready to indulge in some of the best foods Texas has to offer.

Top 5 attractions in Amarillo

  • If you're looking for a fun weekend getaway without breaking the bank, consider booking cheap flights to Amarillo, Texas. Here are the top 5 attractions to check out while you're exploring this charming city.

1. Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Located just 30 minutes south of Amarillo, this massive canyon is a must-visit for nature lovers. The park offers hiking, camping, horseback riding, scenic drives, and even a nightly outdoor theater production called "Texas." The stunning views and fresh air are worth the trip alone.

2. Cadillac Ranch

One of Amarillo's quirkiest attractions, Cadillac Ranch is an art installation featuring 10 classic Cadillacs buried nose-first in a field. Visitors are encouraged to bring spray paint and contribute to the ever-changing graffiti on the cars. It's free to visit and makes for a great photo op.

3. The Big Texan Steak Ranch

If you're up for a challenge, head to this famous steakhouse and attempt the 72-ounce steak challenge. If you can finish the entire meal (steak, salad, baked potato, shrimp cocktail, and roll) in under an hour, it's free. Even if you're not up for the challenge, the atmosphere of this Western-themed restaurant is worth experiencing.

4. The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum

Amarillo is known for its horse culture, and this museum showcases the history and impact of the American Quarter Horse breed. From interactive exhibits to a stunning statue garden, there's something for everyone to appreciate. Admission is only $7 for adults.

5. Wonderland Amusement Park

For a fun-filled day with the family, head to this 30-acre amusement park with over 60 rides and attractions. From roller coasters to water rides to carnival games, there's something for all ages. Admission is $21.95 for adults, but check their website for discounts and deals.

Overall, Amarillo has a lot to offer for travelers on a budget. With cheap flights and these top attractions, you can have a memorable and affordable trip to this unique Texas city.

Places like Amarillo worth visiting

If you're looking for a great vacation in the Americas that won't break the bank, then you're in luck! Amarillo, Texas is just one of many affordable destinations that are sure to provide plenty of fun, relaxation, and exploration. Here are the top 5 places like Amarillo that you should definitely put on your travel list.

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Just a short drive from Amarillo, Albuquerque is a vibrant city with amazing Southwestern cuisine, stunning natural scenery, and plenty of cultural attractions. Take a ride on the Sandia Peak Tramway for breathtaking views of the city and surrounding mountains, explore the historic Old Town, or visit the infamous Breaking Bad filming locations. Plus, with cheap flights to Albuquerque readily available, getting there won't be a problem.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

If you're a fan of country music, then Nashville is the ultimate destination for you. From the famous Music Row to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Nashville has plenty of attractions for music lovers. But the city also offers a vibrant food and nightlife scene, as well as beautiful parks like Centennial Park. And with affordable flights to Nashville, a trip there won't break the bank.

3. Portland, Oregon

For a more urban adventure, head to Portland. Known for its quirky culture, craft beer scene, and stunning natural beauty, Portland is a great choice for anyone looking for an eclectic vacation. Stroll through the famous Powell's City of Books, catch a live show at the Crystal Ballroom, or hike through the lush Forest Park. Plus, with plenty of cheap flights to Portland available, you can visit this unique city without emptying your wallet.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

If you're looking for a historical and charming Southern city, then Charleston is the perfect choice. With interesting museums, beautiful parks, and world-renowned cuisine, Charleston has something for everyone. Take a stroll through the picturesque downtown, visit the historic Fort Sumter, or take a sunset sail on the harbor. And with affordable flights to Charleston, you can enjoy all this and more without breaking the bank.

5. San Diego, California

If you're looking for a sunny vacation destination, then San Diego is definitely worth considering. With miles of stunning beaches, perfect weather, and plenty of attractions for all ages, San Diego is an excellent choice for families and couples alike. Visit the famous San Diego Zoo, take a walk through Balboa Park, or catch a ballgame at Petco Park. And with affordable flights to San Diego, you can have a California dream vacation without a big price tag.

So if you're looking for a vacation that won't break the bank, consider one of these top 5 places like Amarillo. With affordable flights, a diverse range of attractions, and plenty of fun and relaxation to be had, these destinations are sure to provide an unforgettable vacation experience.