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Bellingham, Americas - Your Next Travel Destination!

Are you looking for an exciting travel destination that won't break the bank? Look no further, because Bellingham, located in the Pacific Northwest, might just be the perfect spot for you!

First and foremost, one of the biggest advantages of visiting Bellingham is its affordability. With many cheap flights available to the Bellingham International Airport, getting there won't put a dent in your travel budget. Not only that, but accommodations and activities in Bellingham are also much more reasonably priced than many other popular destinations.

But what about the attractions in Bellingham? The city offers a wide range of outdoor activities, perfect for nature enthusiasts. You can go hiking in the nearby North Cascades National Park, explore the beautiful Chuckanut Drive, or take a ferry to the San Juan Islands to spot some whales or go kayaking.

If you're interested in arts and culture, Bellingham has plenty to offer as well. Visit the Whatcom Museum to learn about local history and art, or catch a concert or show at the Mount Baker Theatre. Additionally, Bellingham has a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, so be sure to try some locally sourced seafood or farm-to-table dishes.

Bellingham also offers a unique and exciting shopping experience with the downtown Fairhaven Historic District filled with locally owned boutiques, bookstores, and art galleries.

Finally, Bellingham is also a fantastic destination for beer lovers. The city is home to more than 14 breweries, making it an ideal location for a craft beer tour.

In summary, with its affordability, outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, culinary scene, shopping, and craft beer, Bellingham may just be that hidden gem of a destination you've been looking for. So why not book those cheap flights to Bellingham and experience all this amazing city has to offer?

Airlines flying to Bellingham

If you're looking for cheap flights to Bellingham, there are a number of airlines that you can consider. Bellingham International Airport is served by several major airlines, including Allegiant Air, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

Allegiant Air, in particular, is known for offering low-cost flights to many destinations across the country, including Bellingham. They currently offer flights to Bellingham from a number of cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Diego. If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to travel to Bellingham, Allegiant Air might be a good option to consider.

Alaska Airlines is another popular choice for travelers flying to Bellingham. They offer flights to Bellingham from several West Coast cities, including Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. They're also known for their commitment to customer service, which might make them an appealing choice for travelers who want a comfortable and stress-free flying experience.

Delta Airlines is another major carrier that serves Bellingham. While they offer fewer direct flights to Bellingham than Allegiant or Alaska Airlines, they can still be a good option if you're looking for a convenient and reliable way to get to Bellingham. They currently offer flights to Bellingham from their hub in Seattle, as well as from several other cities across the country.

There are plenty of options for travelers looking for cheap flights to Bellingham. Whether you prefer a low-cost carrier like Allegiant Air or a more traditional airline like Delta, you should be able to find a flight that meets your needs and budget. With its stunning natural beauty and proximity to popular destinations like Vancouver and Seattle, Bellingham is a great destination for anyone looking for a Pacific Northwest adventure.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're looking for cheap flights, Bellingham Airport (BLI) might be a good option for you. Located in the northwestern corner of Washington state, BLI serves as an alternative airport for travelers wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Getting to BLI

Some of the major U.S. airlines such as Alaska and Allegiant offer direct flights to BLI from various cities across the country. If your city doesn't have direct flights to BLI, you can fly to SEA and then take a shuttle or rent a car to Bellingham (it's about a two-hour drive).

Getting from BLI

Once you arrive at BLI, you have a few options for transportation.

  • Car rentals. If you're planning to explore the area, renting a car is the most convenient option. All major car rental companies have offices at the airport.
  • Taxis. Taxis, Uber and Lyft are available at the airport, but they can be more expensive than renting a car.
  • Buses. The Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) has regular bus service to and from the airport. Bus number 50 takes you to downtown Bellingham, and bus number 71 goes to Ferndale.

Keep in mind that Bellingham is a relatively small airport, so you won't find as many flight options as you would at bigger airports. However, if you're looking for a cheaper or more peaceful option, BLI is definitely worth considering.

What to do in Bellingham

  • If you're looking for an affordable getaway, Bellingham should definitely be on your radar! There are plenty of cheap flights available to this charming city in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Once you arrive, there are so many things to do in Bellingham that won't break the bank. Start by exploring the beautiful waterfront area, where you can walk along the boardwalk or hang out in the park. There are often events happening here, too, so be sure to check the schedule.
  • If you're a beer lover, Bellingham won't disappoint. The city is home to numerous breweries, many of which offer affordable tastings and tours. Some popular spots include Boundary Bay Brewery, Aslan Brewing Company, and Chuckanut Brewery.
  • If you're traveling with kids (or just love animals), check out the Whatcom Falls Park and the Marine Life Center. Both offer fun and educational experiences at a low cost.
  • Of course, no trip to Bellingham is complete without a visit to the famous Village Books. This independent bookstore is a community gathering place that regularly hosts events and readings. Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time browsing.
  • Finally, Bellingham is a great starting point for exploring the surrounding area, including the stunning North Cascades National Park and the San Juan Islands. You can easily rent a car or join a tour group for an affordable day trip.
  • With so much to see and do, Bellingham is the perfect destination for budget-conscious travelers who still want to experience all the beauty and culture that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

When is best to visit Bellingham

When is the best time to visit Bellingham, Americas? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for cheaper flights and less crowded attractions, then visiting Bellingham during the off-season is the way to go. The off-season typically runs from November through February when the weather can be a bit colder and wetter. However, if you are willing to brave the weather, you can save some money on flights and accommodations.

On the other hand, if you prefer warmer weather and a bustling scene, then the summer months of June through August are ideal. The temperatures are warmer, and there are more events and outdoor activities happening throughout the city. However, keep in mind that this is also peak season, so prices for flights and accommodations will be higher.

Another factor to consider when planning your visit to Bellingham is the fall season. September and October offer gorgeous fall foliage and moderate temperatures. Plus, you can take advantage of harvest festivals and outdoor activities such as apple picking and hiking.

The best time to visit Bellingham depends on your preferences. If you are looking for cheaper flights and smaller crowds, consider visiting during the off-season. If you prefer warmer weather and more activity, then summer is your go-to. Finally, if you want to experience the beauty of fall foliage and moderate temperatures, then plan your visit in September or October.

What to eat in Bellingham

Bellingham, located in the Pacific Northwest of America, is a food lover's paradise. Whether you're looking for seafood, farm-to-table dishes, or international cuisine, Bellingham has it all. And with cheap flights to Bellingham, there's never been a better time to plan a foodie adventure.


Being located on the coast, it's no surprise that Bellingham has some incredible seafood options. Anthony's Hearthfire Grill is a must-visit for seafood lovers, with dishes like the Dungeness Crab Dip and the Grilled Wild King Salmon. For a more laid-back atmosphere, head to Fairhaven Fish and Chips for their famous fish tacos or the oyster po' boy.


Bellingham is surrounded by fertile farmland, which means there are plenty of farm-to-table restaurants in the area. The Chanterelle features a regularly changing menu based on what's in season, and their mushroom soup is a must-try. Avenue Bread offers delicious sandwiches made with locally sourced ingredients, and their quinoa bowl is a healthy, but hearty option.

International Cuisine

If you're looking to spice up your palate, Bellingham has an array of international cuisine options. For Thai food lovers, Tawon Thai is highly recommended for their Pad Thai and Green Curry. If you're in the mood for Korean BBQ, head to Soju Korean Restaurant for their marinated beef bulgogi and kimchi stew. And for those craving Mexican food, Casa Que Pasa serves up mouth-watering burritos and crispy potato tacos.

Whatever you're craving, Bellingham has something to offer foodies of all types. And with cheap flights to Bellingham, it's easier than ever to plan a culinary adventure in this Pacific Northwest gem.

Top 5 attractions in Bellingham

  • Are you planning a trip to Bellingham, Americas? Here are the top 5 attractions that you definitely don't want to miss out on!

1. Whatcom Falls Park

  • If you're a nature lover, this park is a must-see destination in Bellingham. With its picturesque waterfalls, trails, and picnic areas, you can take a break from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. Entry is free, so you don't have to break the bank to have some fun.

2. Fairhaven Historic District

  • Take a walk back in time and experience the well-preserved Victorian-era architecture at the Fairhaven Historic District. It's a great place to grab a cup of coffee from one of the many cafes and explore the charming boutique shops. You'll also find a variety of restaurants, art galleries, and bookstores in the area.

3. Boulevard Park

  • Located on the waterfront, Boulevard Park offers a spectacular view of Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands. The park boasts walking trails, picnic areas, a playground, and a beach. It's a perfect spot for a family outing or a romantic stroll.

4. SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

  • This museum is a unique, interactive experience that showcases the evolution of electrical and radio technology. You'll get to see a collection of vintage radios, televisions, and other electronic gadgets, as well as learn about the science and history behind them. Admission is affordable, and it's a fun place for both kids and adults.

5. Chuckanut Drive

  • A drive along Chuckanut Drive is a scenic route that provides stunning views of the Puget Sound and the Chuckanut Mountains. You can stop along the way to take in the sights, go hiking, or enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants overlooking the water.
  • With cheap flights and a variety of attractions, Bellingham is the perfect vacation spot for nature lovers, history buffs, and anyone looking for a break from the daily routine.

Places like Bellingham worth visiting

  • Bellingham, Americas

If you're looking for an affordable travel destination, Bellingham in Washington State is a great option. Located just a few hours from Seattle, Bellingham boasts a vibrant downtown, scenic views, and a range of outdoor activities. Plus, it's close to the Canadian border, so you can even plan a day trip to Vancouver if you have your passport handy.

Here are the top 5 places you won't want to miss in Bellingham.

1. Boulevard Park

Located on the waterfront, Boulevard Park is a popular spot for picnics, strolling, and soaking up the sun. The park offers great views of the bay and the nearby San Juan Islands, and if you're lucky, you might even spot some harbor seals or bald eagles.

2. Whatcom Falls Park

For a more nature-oriented experience, head to Whatcom Falls Park. The park features a stunning waterfall (hence the name), as well as hiking trails, fishing ponds, and picnic areas. It's a great spot for families, as there are plenty of opportunities for kids to play and explore.

3. Kulshan Brewing Company

Bellingham has a thriving craft beer scene, and Kulshan Brewing Company is one of the city's best breweries. They offer a range of locally-made beers, as well as a cozy taproom where you can hang out and chat with fellow beer enthusiasts.

4. SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

For something a little different, check out the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention. The museum features a wide range of vintage electrical devices, including telegraphs, radios, and even early computers. It's a fascinating look at the history of technology and innovation.

5. Fairhaven Historic District

If you're looking for a dose of small-town charm, head to the historic Fairhaven district. The area has retained much of its 19th-century architecture, and is filled with cute shops, cozy cafes, and romantic bed and breakfasts. It's a great place to spend a lazy afternoon wandering around and taking in the sights.

Don't forget to search for cheap flights to Bellingham to make your trip even more affordable. Exploring these top 5 places will definitely make your trip worth every penny!