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If you're planning a trip to the United States, there are many cities to choose from. However, you might want to consider checking out Billings, Montana. Billings may not be on the typical tourist radar, but it has many hidden gems to explore.

One of the biggest bonuses of visiting Billings is the availability of cheap flights. Billings Logan International Airport services several airlines such as Delta, United, and Allegiant Air, making it easy to find affordable flights from many cities across the country. Plus, flying into Billings means avoiding the crowds and chaos of larger airports.

Once you arrive in Billings, the city has a lot to offer. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, this town boasts a beautiful landscape. You can enjoy hiking nearby trails, skiing on nearby mountains, or visiting Yellowstone and other nearby natural wonders.

In addition to nature, the city also has a rich history to explore. The Western Heritage Center is a great place to start and learn about the history and culture of this part of the country. For art enthusiasts, the Yellowstone Art Museum is home to a plethora of contemporary and fine art pieces, including works by prominent Western artists.

Beyond natural beauty and cultural attractions, visitors to Billings can also enjoy unique shopping and dining experiences. The city has a lively downtown area with several boutiques, antique shops, and distinctive restaurants. Be sure to check out Montana Brewing Company for locally sourced craft beer or the Burger Dive for juicy, delicious burgers.

Finally, Billings has a welcoming community. With a population of just over 100,000, it's a friendly town where locals take pride in their city and are happy to welcome visitors. Whether you're looking for a break from city life or wanting to explore the great outdoors, Billings is a great destination for your next trip to America.

Airlines flying to Billings

Going to Billings on a budget? No worries, there are several airlines that offer cheap flights to this picturesque city in Montana!

Allegiant Air - This ultra-low-cost airline offers non-stop flights to Billings from several US cities, including Las Vegas and Phoenix. Keep an eye out for their frequent sales and deals, which can make your flight even more affordable.

Delta Air Lines - Delta offers connecting flights to Billings from multiple cities, including their hub in Salt Lake City. With their excellent reputation for comfort and service, you can rest easy knowing you'll have a comfortable flight.

United Airlines - From their hub in Denver, United offers frequent flights to Billings. They also have a variety of ticket options, including basic economy, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Frontier Airlines - This low-cost airline offers non-stop flights to Billings from Denver, allowing you to easily explore the city without breaking the bank.

No matter which airline you choose, you'll be able to enjoy all that Billings has to offer without spending a fortune on airfare. Happy travels!

Getting to and from the airport

If you're looking for a quick, hassle-free way to get to the city of Billings in Montana, then the Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) is the way to go. The airport, located around 3 miles northwest of downtown Billings, serves as the primary gateway to the region. And, the best part is that it caters to both domestic as well as international travelers.

Getting to BIL

If you're looking for budget-friendly options to get to the airport, then you can opt to take either a shuttle or a bus service. One of the most popular choices is the Skyline bus service that runs from Montana State University, Billings, to BIL, and back. The fare for this service is only a few bucks, which is perfect for budget-conscious travelers.

If you're traveling from out of town, then another option is to take the Greyhound bus service. The bus line runs directly to Billings, and there are multiple stops throughout the city to pick up passengers. With over ten different routes, there's a high chance that you'll find a suitable one that fits into your travel schedule.

Lastly, if you're willing to splurge a bit, then you can opt for a taxi or an Uber. These options are the most convenient, but also come with a higher price tag. However, if you’re carrying heavy luggage or on a tight schedule, these can be the quickest and most stress-free way to get to the airport.

Getting from BIL

Once you’ve landed in Billings and ready to explore different parts of the city, you have multiple choices for transportation available at your fingertips. Car rentals are readily available at the airport, and there are about ten different car rental companies to choose from. Shuttle services, taxis and ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft are also readily available.

If you aren't looking to go too far away from Billings, you can explore the city by using the MET Transit system. They offer an affordable bus service that connects to different parts of the city, with many options for regular and express routes.

The Billings Logan International Airport is a convenient starting point for your trip when visiting the city. Whatever might be your preferred mode of transportation, options are available to make it an affordable and enjoyable journey.

What to do in Billings

If you're looking for a unique and adventurous destination to visit in America, Billings is definitely worth considering. And with cheap flights available to this vibrant city, there's no better time to plan your trip. Here are some of the top things to do in Billings.

Explore the great outdoors

Billings is located near some of America's most stunning natural landscapes, including the iconic Yellowstone National Park and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Take a day trip to explore these breathtaking areas and experience the raw beauty of the West.

Visit museums

Billings has plenty of museums to fill your days with educational fun. Visit the Western Heritage Center to learn about the area's history, or immerse yourself in the world of art at the Yellowstone Art Museum. And for science enthusiasts, the Montana Science Center is a must-visit spot.

Take a distillery tour

If you're a whiskey lover, be sure to visit one of Billings' many distilleries. The Montana Distillery offers tours and tastings, giving you the chance to learn about the distillation process and sample some of their finest spirits.

Experience local cuisine

Billings is home to a diverse range of dining options, including local favorites like the Burger Dive and Café Italia. The city also boasts a thriving craft beer scene, so try a local brew at one of the many breweries like the Angry Hank's Microbrewery.

Enjoy seasonal events

Throughout the year, Billings hosts numerous events and festivals to celebrate the changing seasons. From the Strawberry Festival in the summer to the WinterFest in December, there's always something happening in this lively city.

So why not book your cheap flight to Billings and start exploring all that this unique and exciting city has to offer?

When is best to visit Billings

If you're looking for a new travel destination in America, then Billings might be just the place for you. Not only does it boast stunning landscapes and a rich history, but it's also relatively less crowded and affordable compared to other tourist spots. Here's a guide to help you decide when's the best time to visit Billings.

Best Seasons to Travel

Billings enjoys a semi-arid climate, which means it has mild summers and cold/snowy winters. The peak season is from June to August when the weather is warm, and outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing can be enjoyed. However, this period can be quite busy, and prices tend to soar, so make sure to book your flights and accommodations early if you plan to visit then.

For a more affordable getaway, consider visiting in April, May, or September, when the crowds have dispersed, and the prices have reduced. During these months, the weather is still pleasant, and you can enjoy special events such as the MontanaFair and the Magic City Blues Fest.

Finding Cheap Flights

One of the best ways to save money on your trip to Billings is by catching a cheap flight. The closest airport is Billings Logan International Airport, and several airlines such as Delta, United, and American Airlines operate regular flights to the city.

To get the best deals on flights, make sure to book your tickets well in advance, compare prices from different airlines, and consider flying on weekdays instead of weekends. Additionally, signing up for newsletters from airfare aggregators such as Skyscanner, Expedia, or CheapOair can help you stay updated on discounts, flash sales, and other special offers.


Now that you know when's the best time to visit Billings and how to find affordable flights, start planning your trip today. Whether you're a nature lover, history buff, or foodie, Billings has something to offer everyone. So pack your bags, book your flights, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

What to eat in Billings

If you're planning a trip to Billings, Montana, you're in for a treat! This charming city in America's heartland has a plethora of delicious eats to enjoy. Whether you're looking for traditional American fare or want to try something new, Billings has it all.

But before we dive into all the amazing eats, let's first talk about how to get to Billings. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap flights available to Billings so you won't have to break the bank to indulge in some delicious eats.

Once you arrive in Billings, you're going to want to try some of the local favorites. For a classic burger and fries experience, head to The Burger Dive. Their burgers are made with high-quality beef, freshly baked buns, and homemade sauces. A perfect meal to fill you up after a long day of traveling.

If you're in the mood for something more adventurous, try the Vietnamese cuisine at Pho Cafe. You'll feel like you're on a culinary journey with their flavorful pho, spring rolls, and bahn mi sandwiches.

For breakfast, you can't go wrong with Stella's Kitchen and Bakery. This local hot spot serves up fluffy pancakes, savory breakfast burritos, and pastries that will leave you wanting more.

If you're in a hurry and need a quick, delicious snack, stop by The Sassy Biscuit. Their biscuits are a fan favorite among locals and visitors alike, especially their chicken and waffles dish.

Of course, we can't forget about dessert! Candy Town USA has all your sweet tooth cravings covered. From handmade fudge to nostalgic candy, this shop offers something for everyone.

Billings, America's has a diverse culinary scene that is waiting to be explored. With cheap flights available, there's no excuse not to indulge in all the delicious eats this city has to offer. So grab your appetite and get ready to eat your way through Billings!

Top 5 attractions in Billings

If you're looking for a fun and memorable vacation spot in America, Billings might just be the destination for you! Here are the top 5 attractions that you shouldn't miss when you visit.

1. Yellowstone Art Museum

The Yellowstone Art Museum is a must-visit destination for any art lover. It houses over 7,000 pieces of American art, including works by famous artists such as Charles M. Russell and Joseph Henry Sharp. The best part? Admission is just $10 for adults and free for kids 18 and under.

2. Pictograph Cave State Park

If you're interested in history and archaeology, you can't miss Pictograph Cave State Park. The cliffs in this park feature ancient art and artifacts from over 2,000 years ago. Admission is just $7 per vehicle, making it an affordable way to spend an afternoon.

3. The Western Heritage Center

The Western Heritage Center is a museum that showcases the culture and history of the American West. It has exhibits on everything from Native American history to cowboy culture. Admission is just $7 for adults, and kids 12 and under get in for free.

4. ZooMontana

ZooMontana is the only zoo in Montana, and it's a favorite destination for families. It has over 70 species of animals, including grizzly bears, gray wolves, and red pandas. Admission is just $9 for adults and $6 for kids 3-15, making it an affordable way to spend a day.

5. Rimrock Mall

If you need a break from outdoor activities, Rimrock Mall is a great place to shop and dine. It has over 100 stores, including popular retailers like H&M and Sephora. There are also plenty of dining options, from fast food to sit-down restaurants.

Getting There

There are plenty of cheap flights to Billings, especially during the off-season. From the airport, it's just a short drive to any of these top attractions. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today and start planning your trip to Billings!

Places like Billings worth visiting

Looking for a budget-friendly travel destination that has something to offer for everyone? Billings, located in the heart of Americas, might be just what you need. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, this city has plenty of attractions that won't break the bank. And with cheap flights available from many major airports, getting there won't cost you a fortune either.

Here are the top 5 places you should visit in Billings.

1. Yellowstone National Park

If you're a nature lover, you can't miss Yellowstone National Park, one of the most renowned natural wonders in the world. From geysers and hot springs to wildlife and hiking trails, this park has it all. And the best part? Admission is free!

2. Montana Brewing Company

Want to taste some authentic local beer? Montana Brewing Company is the right spot. They offer a wide range of beers to fulfill your thirst and appetite. They also offer a delicious menu to perfectly accompany their beers.

3. Western Heritage Center

If you're interested in learning more about the history and culture of the region, the Western Heritage Center is a must-visit. From exhibits on native cultures to historical objects and art, this museum offers a comprehensive look at the area's past and present.

4. Pictograph Cave State Park

Hiking and history come together at Pictograph Cave State Park, where you can explore ancient cave paintings and stunning views of the Montana landscape. There are also picnic areas, walking trails, and an interpretive center.

5. Rimrock Mall

For some retail therapy, check out Rimrock Mall, Montana's largest shopping center. With over 100 stores and restaurants, you'll find everything you need and more, from fashion and beauty to tech and entertainment.

So what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flights to Billings today and explore all that this amazing city has to offer!