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Looking for an affordable and exciting destination to travel to in America? Look no further than Boise, Idaho! With cheap flights available through various airlines, Boise has become a popular destination for budget-conscious travelers who still want to experience the beauty and culture of the Northwestern region of America.

So, why exactly should you consider traveling to Boise? For starters, this city is situated along the banks of the Boise River, making it a prime location for all sorts of outdoor activities. You can hike through the rugged foothills or bike the extensive network of trails that snake through the city. If you're looking for something more relaxing, you can float down the river on a tube or kayak. And don't forget to visit the picturesque Boise Greenbelt, a 25-mile multi-use trail that follows the river and provides incredible views of the surrounding natural beauty.

But Boise isn't just a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The city is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with galleries, theaters, and music venues galore. One of the must-visit spots for any art lover is the Boise Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of artworks from all over the world. And if you're a music fan, you won't want to miss a performance at the historic Egyptian Theatre, which has been entertaining guests since it first opened in 1927.

Another factor that makes Boise such a great trip destination is its vibrant food and drink scene. From upscale dining spots to street corner food carts, the city has something to satisfy every craving. Be sure to try some local favorites, like the finger-licking good barbecue at Tin Roof Tacos or the freshly baked pastries at the popular Guru Donuts.

Finally, when it comes to lodging, Boise offers plenty of options to fit any budget. From affordable hotels and motels to charming bed and breakfasts and Airbnb rentals, there's a place to stay that will suit your preferences and pocketbook perfectly.

Overall, Boise is a wonderful travel destination for anyone looking for adventure, culture, great food and drink, and an abundance of affordable fun. Consider booking a trip to Boise for your next vacation, and you won't be disappointed.

Airlines flying to Boise

If you're looking to visit Boise, Idaho, there are several airlines that fly into the city. Whether you're looking for cheap flights or a specific airline, there are a few options to choose from.

One of the most popular airlines that flies into Boise is Delta. With competitive prices and a variety of flight times, Delta offers a convenient option for those looking to fly into Boise. Another popular option is Alaska Airlines, which also offers low prices and several daily flights to and from Boise.

For those looking for budget-friendly options, Southwest Airlines is a great choice. Known for their cheap flights and excellent customer service, Southwest offers several daily flights to Boise.

Other airlines that fly into Boise include United Airlines, American Airlines, and Allegiant Air. Each airline offers its own unique benefits, so it's worth researching and comparing prices before booking your flight.

Flying to Boise is a convenient and affordable option, with several airlines to choose from. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, there's a flight that will fit your needs and budget.

Getting to and from the airport

When it comes to traveling to and from Boise, Americas, the main airport code is BOI. There are various transportation options available, ranging from taxis to shuttles, buses, and car rentals. Here's a quick lowdown on how to get around Boise without breaking the bank.

Taxis and Ubers

If you're looking for a quick and convenient ride to or from the Boise Airport, you can always hail a taxi or request an Uber. The airport has a designated taxi stand outside the baggage claim area, and the average fare to downtown Boise is approximately $20. However, if you're traveling with a group or have a lot of luggage, taking a taxi or Uber may not be the best option.


A shuttle service is an excellent alternative to taxis and Ubers, especially if you need to get to and from the airport in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Boise Airport has a variety of shuttle services that cater to different needs, such as shared rides, private charters, and door-to-door service. The average price for a one-way shared ride is $15, while private charters start at $90.


If you're on a tight budget, taking a bus to or from the airport might be your best bet. The Boise GreenBike bike share system is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore Boise, and they now have bike share kiosks at the airport. Additionally, the Boise Transit System runs buses to and from the airport, with fares ranging from $1 to $2.50 per ride, depending on the route.

Car Rentals

If you prefer having your own wheels, car rentals are available at BOI, with several companies operating at the airport. Prices for car rentals vary, depending on the type of vehicle, duration of rental, and other factors. However, if you're planning to stay in Boise for an extended period, a car rental might be the most convenient and practical option.

Whether you're traveling on a tight budget or looking for a luxurious ride to and from BOI, there are plenty of transportation options available to suit your needs. Consider your priorities and budget carefully, and choose the option that works best for you!

What to do in Boise

If you're looking for a fun and affordable vacation, Boise, Idaho might just be the perfect destination for you! And with cheap flights available, there's no excuse not to visit this gem of the Pacific Northwest.

Here are some must-do activities to add to your Boise itinerary.

Explore the Outdoors

Boise is nestled between the Boise River and the Boise Foothills, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Take a hike in the foothills, float down the river, or bike along the Greenbelt. The Kathryn Albertson Park and Julia Davis Park are also popular spots for picnics and outdoor activities.

Roam through Museums and Galleries

Boise is home to a variety of art galleries and museums that showcase the city's culture. The Boise Art Museum, the Idaho State Museum, and the Basque Museum and Cultural Center are some of the must-visit places for history and art lovers.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

Boise's culinary scene is a treat for foodies. Downtown Boise has a variety of restaurants and cafes serving up delicious meals inspired by different cuisines. Local favorites include The Basque Market, Bittercreek Alehouse, and The Fork.

Stroll through the Markets

The Boise Farmers Market is a famous spot for fresh produce and locally made crafts. During summer months, Downtown Boise hosts a weekly street market where you can shop for artisanal goods, jewelry, and vintage items.

Catch a Show

The Egyptian Theater in Downtown Boise hosts events throughout the year including film festivals, concerts, and shows. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is also a must-visit for theater enthusiasts.

Relax at Hot Springs

Just a short drive from Boise, you can find several hot springs that are open to the public year-round. The Gold Fork Hot Springs and Kirkham Hot Springs are popular spots for soaking in hot water while enjoying the scenic views.

Boise, America has something to offer for everyone. With these activities, you can experience the best of what this beautiful city has to offer.

When is best to visit Boise

When is the Best Time to Visit Boise, America?

Boise, the capital city of Idaho, is a charming destination that offers various outdoor activities and cultural experiences. If you plan on visiting Boise, the best time to do so is during the summer months, from June to August. During this time, you'll have warm and sunny weather, making it ideal for exploring the city's outdoor attractions such as hiking or biking in the foothills or floating down the Boise River.

However, if you're looking for cheaper flights and accommodation, the shoulder season of spring and fall could be the best time to visit. Springtime in Boise is usually mild and refreshing, while fall gives visitors picturesque views of the changing leaves in the mountains. The city is also less crowded during these seasons, giving you a more relaxed and quieter experience.

Winter, on the other hand, can be quite harsh in Boise with cold temperatures and occasional snowstorms. However, if you don't mind the cold weather, Boise is still an excellent destination for winter sports enthusiasts. You can hit the ski slopes at the nearby mountains or go ice skating at the downtown Boise rink.

The best time to visit Boise depends on your preferences and priorities. If you're a fan of warmer weather and outdoor activities, the summer months are ideal. However, if you're looking for affordable prices and less crowded venues, the spring and fall seasons might be more suitable. And, if you love the winter season and winter sports, then pack those skis and head to Boise!

What to eat in Boise

If you're planning on taking advantage of those cheap flights to Boise, Idaho, you might be wondering what to eat during your stay. Don't worry - Boise has plenty of options to satisfy any foodie's cravings.

Boise Fry Company

First on the list is the Boise Fry Company, which specializes in - you guessed it - fries. But these aren't just any fries. They're made from locally-sourced potatoes and come in a variety of styles, including classic, curly, shoestring, and even sweet potato. Plus, they have a plethora of toppings to choose from, like truffle salt and garlic aioli.

Big City Coffee

For a coffee and breakfast spot, head over to Big City Coffee. Their pastries are made in-house and are absolutely delicious, but it's their breakfast burritos that really steal the show. Loaded with eggs, black beans, cheese, and your choice of meat, they're the perfect way to start your day.

Bittercreek Alehouse

If you're in the mood for pub food, check out Bittercreek Alehouse. Their menu features elevated versions of classic dishes like burgers and sandwiches, but they also have vegetarian and vegan options. Wash it all down with one of their many craft beers.

Guru Donuts

Who doesn't love a good donut? Guru Donuts is widely considered the best donut shop in Boise, and for good reason. Their inventive flavors - like huckleberry and bacon maple - keep customers coming back for more.

The Basque Market

Finally, make sure to hit up The Basque Market for some Basque-inspired cuisine. Their chorizo sandwiches are a must-try, and be sure to also pick up some of their homemade chorizo and cheeses to bring back home.

These are just a few of the many delicious options Boise has to offer. Happy eating!

Top 5 attractions in Boise

  • Idaho State Capitol Building One of the most iconic structures in Boise, the Idaho State Capitol Building has stood tall since 1920. It is home to all three branches of Idaho's government and features marble floors, bronze statues, stained glass windows, and Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers. The best part? Admission is free!
  • Boise River Greenbelt If you're in the mood for a leisurely walk or bike ride, the Boise River Greenbelt should be your go-to spot. This 25-mile pathway winds along the Boise River through tree-lined parks, wildlife reserves, and historic sites. Plus, it's completely free!
  • World Center for Birds of Prey Located just outside of Boise, the World Center for Birds of Prey is a unique facility dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey such as eagles, falcons, and owls. Visitors can see these majestic creatures up close and even watch them soar during flight demonstrations. Admission is affordable at just $10 for adults.
  • Old Idaho Penitentiary History buffs will love the Old Idaho Penitentiary, which served as a prison from 1872 to 1973. Visitors can tour the cell blocks, gallows, solitary confinement cells, and even visit a prison museum. Admission is a steal at just $8 for adults.
  • Basque Block Boise has a rich Basque heritage, and the best place to experience it is on the Basque Block. This downtown area is home to Basque restaurants, shops, and cultural events. Visitors can sample Basque cuisine, watch traditional dance performances, and learn about the Basque community's history in Idaho. Plus, it's completely free to explore!

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Places like Boise worth visiting

Are you planning a trip to the United States and looking for cheap flights? Why not consider visiting Boise, Idaho? Here are the top 5 places to check out in Boise.

  1. Boise River Greenbelt - This 25-mile long park runs along the Boise River and is perfect for a leisurely stroll, bike ride, or even a picnic. You'll see beautiful scenery and maybe even some wildlife!
  2. World Center for Birds of Prey - If you're an animal lover, this is the place for you. The center is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and has a museum, live bird presentations, and even guided tours.
  3. Idaho Botanical Garden - This garden is a hidden gem in Boise. It features different themed gardens, a greenhouse, and even hosts outdoor concerts in the summer.
  4. Bogus Basin - If you're visiting during the winter months, be sure to check out Bogus Basin. It's a ski resort just 16 miles from Boise with affordable lift tickets and equipment rentals.
  5. Idaho State Capitol - Take a tour of the beautiful state capitol building and learn about Idaho's history and government. It's free and open to the public.

So, what are you waiting for? Book those cheap flights to Boise for your next vacation!