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Bristol, Europe - A Destination Worth Exploring

If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination that can offer you wonderful historical sites, stunning architecture, delicious food, and a vibrant night-life scene - Bristol, Europe is definitely worth considering.

Located in the southwest of England, Bristol is a dynamic and creative city that recently has been gaining popularity among tourists. The good news is that getting there has never been easier, as many airlines offer cheap flights directly to Bristol airport.

One of the first things that make this city so appealing is its rich history. Bristol is known as a significant port and trading center, playing an important role in the slave trade and shipbuilding industry. It's fascinating to explore the city's historical landmarks such as Clifton Suspension Bridge, Brunel's ss Great Britain vessel, and St. Mary Redcliffe church.

But Bristol is not just a place for history buffs - it's also a city that caters for the younger and adventurous crowd. Its street-art scene is world-renowned, with graffiti and murals adorning the city walls and buildings, making it an ideal spot for Instagram-friendly photoshoots. Additionally, Bristol is home to numerous independent shops and quirky boutiques - a shopaholic's paradise!

For those who like to indulge in delicious food and drink, Bristol is a must-visit destination. This city has a vibrant culinary scene that caters for all tastes, from fish and chips to fine dining restaurants. Don't forget to try the West Country's famous cider and sample the artisan cheese and bread in local markets and food stalls.

Finally, Bristol is also a perfect destination for nightlife enthusiasts. The city hosts some of the UK's best music festivals, and there are plenty of clubs and bars catering to all music tastes. You can also check out some of the production studios and watch an immersive performance.

Bristol is a city that offers an eclectic mix of history, culture, culinary delights, and vibrant nightlife. And with cheap flights readily available, it's never been easier to transport yourself to this exciting, bohemian hub of creativity and entertainment.

Airlines flying to Bristol

If you're thinking about travelling to Bristol, finding affordable flights should be on top of your list. Luckily, there are quite a number of airlines that operate flights to this vibrant city in South West England.

For instance, EasyJet, a low-cost carrier, offers direct flights from over a dozen locations across the UK to Bristol Airport. This option is ideal if you're looking for cheap flights and don't mind sacrificing a few luxuries to save on costs.

Ryanair also provides budget flights to Bristol from several European destinations, making it a great choice if you're travelling from the European mainland. Their fares are typically affordable, especially if you book early or on special deal days.

If you're willing to pay a little extra for convenience and comfort, British Airways, KLM, and Aer Lingus all offer direct flights from Dublin, Amsterdam, and London Heathrow to Bristol. These airlines may not be as cheap as EasyJet, but they offer more amenities, such as inflight meals, roomier seats, and better baggage allowance.

Lastly, if you're looking for a bit of style and elegance, flying with Etihad Airways could be a great option. Although, there are no direct flights from Etihad to Bristol, they have a code-share agreement with Flybe, which operates several flights a day from various UK cities.

Whichever airline you choose, there are plenty of options to get you to Bristol effortlessly and cost-effectively. With so many flights to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your budget and schedule. Enjoy your trip!

Getting to and from the airport

Bristol Airport, with its main airport code BRS, is the major hub for travelers arriving in or departing from Bristol and the surrounding areas. With numerous flights, both domestic and international, getting to and from Bristol Airport is relatively easy. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

Flying to Bristol on a budget

If you're looking for cheap flights to Bristol, there are many airlines that fly in and out of this airport. You can find budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet offering great deals on flights from major cities in Europe. Moreover, booking in advance and using comparison sites like Skyscanner can help you find the best prices.

Getting to Bristol Airport

There are various transport options you can use to get to Bristol Airport. If you’re coming from Bristol city center, you can catch the Airport Flyer Express from several different points across the city, which offers frequent, direct, and fast connections. Additionally, buses and trains are available with various stops around the airport - including Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway.

Taxis, minicab facilities and car hire are also available but are generally more expensive options. If you’re renting a car at the airport, you can search for deals online prior to your trip.

Arriving at Bristol Airport

Upon arriving at Bristol Airport, you can access its many facilities, including shops, cafes, restaurants and duty-free boutiques. If you need to get to your next destination, options such as bus and train stations are accessible on foot from the terminal building.

Final Thoughts

Getting to and from Bristol Airport is easy thanks to the various transport options available. It is advisable to book in advance and compare prices to get the best deals on flights and transportation. Happy travels!

What to do in Bristol

If you're looking for a fun and affordable European destination, Bristol is a great choice! With easy access to cheap flights from all over Europe, you can explore this vibrant city without breaking the bank.

Here are some top things to do in Bristol.

##Visit Clifton Suspension Bridge

Designed by the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this iconic bridge spans the Avon Gorge and offers stunning views of the city and beyond. You can walk across the bridge or take a guided tour to learn more about its history and unique design.

##Explore Bristol's Street Art Scene

Bristol is known for its thriving street art scene, with works by famous artists like Banksy and local talent adorning buildings and walls throughout the city. Take a walking tour or simply wander around Bristol's neighborhoods to discover the vibrant and ever-changing street art.

##Spend Time on the Harbourside

Bristol's Harbourside is a bustling hub of activity, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops to explore. From here, you can take a boat tour of the river, visit the M Shed museum to learn about Bristol's history, or simply soak up the lively atmosphere.

##Visit the SS Great Britain

Another of Brunel's engineering marvels, the SS Great Britain is now a museum that tells the story of this famous ship and its many voyages. You can explore the cabins and decks of the ship, as well as learn about life on board during the 19th century.

##Enjoy Bristol's Food and Drink Scene

Bristol is known for its vibrant food and drink scene, with plenty of independent restaurants, gastropubs, and cafes to choose from. Sample local specialties like cider and cheese, or try international cuisine from all around the world.

Whether you're interested in history, art, food, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of a lively and welcoming city, Bristol is a fantastic destination to explore. With affordable flights and plenty to see and do, it's a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

When is best to visit Bristol

When is best to visit Bristol, Europe?

Bristol, located in the southwest of England, has a lot to offer for all kinds of travelers. From world-class street art to historic architecture, top-notch food and drink, and a lively nightlife scene, Bristol is a vibrant city that is definitely worth a visit.

So, when is the best time to visit Bristol? The answer largely depends on what you're looking for and your travel preferences. Below we've outlined some key factors to consider when planning your Bristol trip.


Bristol has a temperate maritime climate, which means mild winters and cool summers. July and August are the warmest months, with average temperatures around 20°C (68°F). However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect crowds and higher prices.

If you don't mind cooler temperatures, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) can be lovely times to visit. The city is less crowded, there are fewer queues for attractions, and prices on accommodation and flights tend to be lower.


Bristol is a city that loves to put on a show, with a packed calendar of events and festivals throughout the year. Some of the most popular include.

  • Bristol Harbour Festival (July)
  • Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (August)
  • Bristol Pride (July)
  • Bristol Open Doors (September)
  • Bristol Food Connections (May)

If you want to experience one of these events, make sure to book your accommodation well in advance, as prices tend to rise around these times.


When it comes to finding cheap flights to Bristol, the best time to book is usually around 10 weeks before your departure date. However, there are a few key times to avoid if you're trying to save money.

  • School holidays and peak tourist season (July-August)
  • Christmas and New Year's Eve
  • Easter weekend

If you're flexible with your travel dates, you can often find great deals in the shoulder season (April-June and September-November).


There's no one "best" time to visit Bristol. It largely depends on your travel preferences and what you want to experience. Whether you're looking for warm weather, a specific event, or a good deal on flights, there are plenty of factors to consider when planning your trip.

What to eat in Bristol

If you're planning a trip to Bristol, Europe, you're in for a treat! This city is known for its vibrant food scene, with a range of international cuisines on offer. Whether you're after a quick snack or a sit-down meal, there's something for everyone in Bristol.


Start your day off right with a hearty breakfast at one of Bristol's many cafes. The Cosy Club serves up delicious brunch options, including full English breakfasts, pancakes and eggs benedict. For something a bit different, head to Café Kino for vegan breakfasts and homemade pastries.


If you're looking for a quick and tasty lunch, head to St Nicholas Market. This covered market has a range of street food stalls offering everything from falafels to Taiwanese dumplings. The Pieminister pie shop is also a must-visit for pie lovers, with a range of sweet and savoury options on offer.


For dinner, Bristol has a wide range of options to choose from. For a taste of Italy, head to Pasta Loco for homemade pasta dishes. If you're in the mood for something spicier, try The Coconut Tree for Sri Lankan street food. For a special occasion, book a table at Casamia, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving up creative seasonal menus.


If you're feeling peckish between meals, Bristol has plenty of options for snacks. The Bristol Cheesemonger is a must-visit for cheese lovers, with a range of local and international cheeses on offer. For something sweet, head to Pinkmans Bakery for delicious pastries and cakes.

Overall, Bristol is a foodie's dream come true, and with cheap flights available, it's the perfect destination for a culinary adventure.

Top 5 attractions in Bristol

Looking for a fun and affordable trip to Europe? Bristol is a great option for those who want to explore without breaking the bank. With plenty of cheap flights available, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of attractions in this charming city. Here are five of our top picks.

  1. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery If you're a fan of art and history, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit attraction. With free admission, visitors can enjoy a wide range of exhibits including ancient art, natural history, and contemporary works.
  2. Clifton Suspension Bridge One of the most iconic landmarks in Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is a beautiful feat of engineering that spans across the River Avon. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the city from the bridge and take a stroll through nearby Clifton Village.
  3. SS Great Britain Step back in time and explore the SS Great Britain, a historic steamship that was once the longest passenger ship in the world. Visitors can climb aboard and learn about the ship's fascinating history, including its role in the transatlantic slave trade.
  4. Bristol Zoo Perfect for families, the Bristol Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. With daily feeding sessions and plenty of interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about wildlife conservation while getting up close and personal with some amazing creatures.
  5. Bristol Harbour Take a stroll around Bristol's historic harbour and soak up the city's maritime past. Visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes, check out local street art, and take a boat tour to explore the harbour from a different perspective.

With these top five attractions, Bristol is a destination that offers something for everyone. So why not book a cheap flight and explore this beautiful city for yourself?

Places like Bristol worth visiting

Are you looking for a European destination that is not too mainstream, but still packed with history and charm? Look no further than Bristol!

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Bristol, Europe.

1. Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a stunning masterpiece of engineering and design, spanning the Avon Gorge and offering sweeping views of the city. Take a stroll across it, or pack a picnic and enjoy the views from one of the nearby parks.

2. Bristol Cathedral

Dating back to the 12th century, Bristol Cathedral is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Take a guided tour to learn about its history and admire the beautiful stained glass windows.

3. Bristol Harbour

Once a hub of maritime activity, Bristol Harbour now boasts a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants. Take a boat tour, browse the markets, or simply enjoy the buzzing atmosphere.

4. Brunel's SS Great Britain

Britain's first iron-hulled passenger ship, the SS Great Britain was designed by Bristol's own Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Explore the ship's decks, learn about its history, and discover what life was like on board.

5. Clifton Village

Take a stroll through Clifton Village, a charming neighborhood packed with independent shops and cafés. Don't miss the famous colorful houses on Cliftonwood Crescent, or the picturesque Clifton Downs park.

And the best part? Bristol is easily accessible with cheap flights from all over Europe. Start planning your trip today!