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If you're looking for an affordable and hidden gem to explore in Europe, then you definitely need to put Bucharest Henri Coanda on your travel list. Not only are there several reasons why you should visit this city, but finding cheap flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda is also a breeze.

One of the highlights of visiting Bucharest Henri Coanda is the abundance of historic and cultural attractions that you can explore. From the elegant architecture of the Palace of the Parliament to the stunning Orthodox churches and the unique vibe of Lipscani, the city center, you'll never run out of interesting places to see.

Another reason why Bucharest Henri Coanda is a must-visit destination is its delicious food scene. Romanian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and filled with a variety of dishes that will make your taste buds happy. You can try traditional dishes such as sarmale (cabbage rolls), mici (grilled minced meat rolls), or the sweet and savory cozonac cake.

If you're a fan of the outdoors, Bucharest Henri Coanda has plenty to offer as well. Head over to Herastrau Park, the largest park in the city, for a picnic or take a relaxing stroll around the beautiful lake. You can also visit the Cismigiu Gardens or the Botanical Garden to admire the local fauna and flora.

Finally, let's talk about the budget. Finding cheap flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda is not a problem since the city is served by several low-cost airlines from all around Europe. Moreover, the cost of living in Bucharest Henri Coanda is much lower than in most Western European countries, which means that your travel budget will go a long way.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly and culturally rich destination in Europe, then Bucharest Henri Coanda is definitely worth considering. Book your flights and start preparing for an adventure-packed trip!

Airlines flying to Bucharest Henri Coanda

Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport is the largest airport in Romania, serving the capital city of Bucharest. If you're looking for cheap flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda, there are several airlines that fly to the airport from destinations all over Europe.

Wizz Air

  • The largest airline in Romania, Wizz Air offers direct flights from many major European cities, including London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, and Warsaw.
  • Wizz Air is known for its low fares and no-frills approach. However, be aware that you'll have to pay extra for things like checked baggage, seat selection, and food and drinks on board.

Blue Air

  • Blue Air is another Romanian airline that offers direct flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda from several European cities, including London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona.
  • Like Wizz Air, Blue Air is a low-cost airline with no-frills service. However, they do offer the option to purchase extras like checked baggage and in-flight meals.


  • Ireland-based Ryanair is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe, and they also offer flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda from cities like London, Rome, Milan, and Brussels.
  • As with Wizz Air and Blue Air, Ryanair's fares are typically very competitive, but you'll need to pay extra for things like checked baggage, seat selection, and food and drinks.


  • Romania's national airline, Tarom, flies to Bucharest Henri Coanda from a number of European cities, including London, Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam.
  • Tarom is a full-service airline that offers perks like free checked baggage and in-flight meals and drinks.

Other airlines that fly to Bucharest Henri Coanda include Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and Air France. Keep in mind that prices and routes can vary depending on the season, so it's always a good idea to shop around for the best deal.

Getting to and from the airport

Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport, also known as Otopeni Airport, is the main international airport serving Bucharest, Romania. It is located approximately 18 km north of the city center and is accessible by bus, train, taxi or personal vehicle.

By Bus

The most cost-effective option to get to and from the airport is by bus. RATB buses (#780 and #783) operate 24/7 and connect the airport to Bucharest city center. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. Tickets can be purchased from self-service machines at the airport or directly from the driver.

By Train

Another option is to take the train from Gara de Nord station to the airport. The trains run every hour from 5.00 am to 11.00 pm, with a journey time of approximately 45 minutes. The rail station is located within the airport complex, and tickets can be purchased at the station or online.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi is the most convenient option, but also the most expensive. Taxis are available from the airport to Bucharest city center, and fares are around 1.4 lei per kilometer, plus a starting rate of 3.5 lei.

By Personal Vehicle

If you have your car, there are several parking options at the airport, including short and long-term parking. Parking fees vary depending on the duration of the stay and the type of parking facility chosen.

There are several convenient ways to get to and from the Bucharest Henri Coanda airport, depending on your budget and preferences. With the availability of cheap flights, traveling to Bucharest has never been more accessible.

What to do in Bucharest Henri Coanda

If you're looking for a cheap flight to Europe, consider booking a trip to Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport! Once there, you'll find plenty of things to do and see in this vibrant city.

Here are some top recommendations for things to do in Bucharest Henri Coanda.

1. Visit the Palace of the Parliament

Otherwise known as the People's House, this is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. If you're interested in history or architecture, this is a must-visit spot.

2. Take a stroll through Old Town

This is the historical center of Bucharest, and it's full of charm and character. With a mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau architecture, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time.

3. Check out the nightlife

Bucharest has a buzzing nightlife scene, with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to choose from. Some popular spots include Control Club, Interbelic, and Fire Club.

4. Explore the parks

Bucharest has several parks and gardens to explore, including Herastrau Park and Carol Park. Take a break from the city and enjoy some green space.

5. Visit the outdoor museums

There are several outdoor museums in Bucharest, including the Village Museum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. For a small fee, you can learn more about Romanian culture and history.

With so much to see and do, Bucharest Henri Coanda is definitely a destination to add to your travel list. Plus, with cheap flights available, it's a budget-friendly choice for your next European adventure.

When is best to visit Bucharest Henri Coanda

Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport is the busiest airport in Romania and an excellent entry point for tourists. It's located just 18 km northwest of downtown Bucharest, which is the capital of Romania and a popular European destination for budget travel.

If you're looking for cheap flights to Bucharest Henri Coanda, you should consider visiting during the low season, which runs from November to March. During this time, airlines offer reduced prices on airfare, and it's possible to get very affordable deals if you book in advance.

However, depending on your preferences, the best time to visit Bucharest Henri Coanda might be during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is warmer and there are more events happening in the city. During this time, the city comes alive with festivals, food markets, outdoor concerts, and other cultural events.

If you decide to visit Bucharest Henri Coanda during the summer, you should be prepared for higher prices on flights and accommodations. However, the city offers a lot of things to see and do that make it worth it.

The best time to visit Bucharest Henri Coanda depends on what you're looking for in your vacation. If you're looking to save money, you should plan your trip in the low season. But if you're looking for more activities and cultural events, then the summer months are perfect for you.

What to eat in Bucharest Henri Coanda

If you're planning a trip to Bucharest Henri Coanda and want to experience the local cuisine without spending a fortune, you're in luck! This vibrant city is bustling with cheap eats that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Sarmale - one of the most beloved traditional dishes in Romania, sarmale is stuffed cabbage rolls filled with a mix of minced meat, rice, and spices. Served with a side of polenta, this hearty dish is the perfect comfort food.

Mici - also known as "skinless sausages," these grilled meat rolls are typically made from a combination of beef, lamb, and pork. They're a popular street food in Bucharest and are often served with mustard and bread.

Langoși - a popular snack food in Romania, langoși is a deep-fried dough topped with sour cream and grated cheese. Some variations also include toppings like ham, mushrooms, or garlic.

Ciorbă - a sour soup typically made with meat (usually chicken or pork), mixed vegetables, and sour cream. Variations of ciorbă can be found all over Eastern Europe, but the Romanian version is particularly delicious.

Mămăligă - a staple in Romanian cuisine, mămăligă is a type of polenta made from corn flour. It's often served as a side dish to meat or vegetable stews.

Papanasi - a popular dessert in Romania, papanasi is a type of fried donut made from a combination of sweet cheese and flour. They're typically served with sour cream and jam.

Overall, Bucharest Henri Coanda is a food lover's paradise. With an abundance of delicious and affordable options, you're sure to find a new favorite dish during your visit. And with cheap flights available, why not book a trip and taste the flavors of Romania for yourself?

Top 5 attractions in Bucharest Henri Coanda

Are you planning a trip to Bucharest Henri Coanda but don't know where to start? Fret not! Here are the top five attractions to visit in this beautiful European city.

  1. Palace of the Parliament - Also known as the People's House, this gargantuan structure is the second-largest administrative building in the world. You'll be in awe of the lavish interiors and grandeur of the rooms. Plus, it's a great spot for taking photos.
  2. Stavropoleos Monastery - A peaceful haven nestled in the bustling Old Town, the Stavropoleos Monastery boasts frescoes, intricate stonework, and a beautiful courtyard. It's a great place to admire the Orthodox architecture and learn about the city's cultural heritage.
  3. Revolution Square - A significant place in Romania's history, Revolution Square is where the 1989 Romanian Revolution began. You'll find historical monuments, including the Memorial of Rebirth, the former Royal Palace, and the Athenaeum.
  4. Herăstrău Park - One of the largest parks in Bucharest, Herăstrău offers a picturesque retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. You can stroll alongside the lake, rent a bike, or have a picnic in the sunshine.
  5. National Museum of Art of Romania - For art lovers, the National Museum of Art houses an extensive collection of Romanian and European art, including works by Rembrandt and El Greco. The building's architecture is also worth checking out, as it used to be the Royal Palace.

With cheap flights readily available to Bucharest Henri Coanda, there's no reason not to explore these amazing attractions. Happy travels!

Places like Bucharest Henri Coanda worth visiting

  • Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Romania, welcoming millions of passengers every year. If you're looking for cheap flights to Europe, this might be a good starting point.
  • Once you're there, why not explore Bucharest? The Romanian capital has a lot to offer, from impressive architecture and museums to vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine.
  • One of the city's must-see landmarks is the Palace of the Parliament, also known as the House of the People. This massive, communist-era building is the world's largest administrative building and a symbol of Romania's tumultuous history.
  • If you're into art, the National Museum of Art of Romania is a great place to visit. It houses an impressive collection of Romanian and European art, from medieval times to the present day.
  • For a taste of the local flavor, head to Lipscani, Bucharest's historic center. This pedestrian-friendly area is home to many cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as old churches and buildings that have been restored to their former glory.
  • Last but not least, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, consider taking a day trip to the nearby Bran Castle or Peles Castle. Both are beautiful, scenic locations that offer a glimpse into Romania's rich culture and history.