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Camiguin, a small island located in the southern part of the Philippines, might not be as popular as other destinations in Asia, but it surely has a lot to offer. With its picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green forests, Camiguin has become a go-to destination for those who want to experience a unique and authentic tropical adventure.

One of the best things about traveling to Camiguin is that it's budget-friendly. You can easily find cheap flights to the island, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to explore its wonders. Once you get there, you can enjoy various activities without breaking the bank. For instance, you can hike Mount Hibok-Hibok, the island's tallest peak, for free. You can also visit the Sunken Cemetery, which can be seen from the shore, without paying for any entrance fee.

Aside from its affordability, Camiguin boasts a rich history and culture. The island is known for its Lanzones Festival, which celebrates the fruit's bountiful harvest. During the festival, locals showcase their traditional dances and delicacies.

Camiguin is also a nature lover's haven. The island boasts a diverse ecosystem, which you can explore by visiting its numerous natural attractions. One that definitely shouldn't be missed is the White Island, a small uninhabited sandbar with towering palm trees and waters as clear as glass. You can also check out the Katibawasan Falls, a majestic waterfall that cascades into a basin surrounded by lush vegetation.

Moreover, Camiguin also has a laid-back vibe that's perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can lounge on the beach, enjoy water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, and diving, or sample local delicacies.

Camiguin is a hidden paradise that is definitely worth a visit. With cheap flights that won't break the bank and a wide range of activities, from nature and adventure to culture and history, Camiguin is a perfect destination for travelers who want a unique and authentic tropical experience.

Airlines flying to Camiguin

Flying to Camiguin, the beautiful volcanic island in Northern Mindanao, has become much easier these days. Several airlines now offer flights to Camiguin, making it easier than ever to reach this stunning destination.

One of the best things about traveling to Camiguin is that you can find cheap flights, which is perfect for budget-conscious travelers. These flights are available from various airlines throughout the country, including Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and Air Asia.

Cebu Pacific is one of the most popular airlines flying to Camiguin. They offer daily flights from Cebu to Camiguin, which typically take around 55 minutes. The airline also offers flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, with a connecting flight to Camiguin.

Philippine Airlines also offers several flights to Camiguin each week. Flights to Camiguin from Manila typically operate twice a week, while flights from Cebu run four times a week. These flights usually take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Air Asia also offers flights to Camiguin from Manila and Cebu. Flights from Manila operate three times a week, while flights from Cebu operate twice a week. These flights usually take around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

No matter which airline you choose, flying to Camiguin is an unforgettable experience. With its stunning landscapes, clear waters, and friendly locals, this island paradise is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So why not book your cheap flights to Camiguin today and experience the magic of this beautiful island for yourself?

Getting to and from the airport

Camiguin, known as the "Island Born of Fire" located in Northern Mindanao, Philippines is a popular tourist destination among locals and foreigners alike. If you want to travel to Camiguin, the main airport code is CGM.

There are several airlines that offer domestic flights to CGM. One of the most popular budget airlines in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific, offers cheap flights to Camiguin from Cebu and Manila. Another airline, Philippine Airlines, also offers flights to the island.

Aside from air travel, you can also reach Camiguin by sea. There are several ferry services available that can take you to the island from Cagayan de Oro, Jagna, and Bohol.

Once you're in Camiguin, you can navigate the island by renting a motorbike, hiring a private car, or taking a tricycle. There are also jeepneys or multicabs that can take you to various parts of the island.

Traveling to Camiguin is relatively easy with affordable flight options and numerous sea transport options. It's worth the trip to get there and explore the island's stunning landscapes and natural wonders.

What to do in Camiguin

Looking for a laid-back tropical destination for your next getaway? Camiguin, a small volcanic island province in the northern region of Mindanao in the Philippines, might just be the ideal spot for you!

Getting There

First off, let's talk about how to get there. Camiguin has its own airport, the Camiguin Airport, and cheap flights from various parts of the Philippines are available through Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. For those who prefer to travel by sea, there are frequent ferry rides going to and from the island.

What to see and experience

Once you get there, there's no shortage of beautiful sights and adventures to enjoy in Camiguin. Here are some of the must-visit destinations on the island.

  • White Island - This uninhabited sandbar off the coast of Camiguin is a popular spot for beach lovers. You can get there by taking a boat from the mainland.
  • Mt. Hibok-Hibok - For the adventurous souls, hiking Mt. Hibok-Hibok is a great experience. It's one of the active volcanoes on the island and offers a stunning view of the surrounding areas.
  • Ardent Hot Springs - Need to relax and unwind? The Ardent Hot Springs is the perfect place to do just that. With naturally heated water coming from the island's volcanic activities, a dip in the pools is sure to soothe your tired muscles.
  • Katibawasan Falls - Another must-visit destination is the Katibawasan Falls, a 250-foot high waterfall that offers a refreshing respite from the tropical heat.
  • Sunken Cemetery - Last but not least, the Sunken Cemetery is a unique attraction that's worth a visit. It's a cemetery that sunk due to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871, and you can see the old gravestones underwater when you go snorkeling.


Camiguin is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its stunning natural wonders, rich history, and hospitable locals, it's no wonder why the island is gaining popularity among tourists. So what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flights now and start planning your Camiguin adventure!

When is best to visit Camiguin

When is the best time to visit Camiguin? Well, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you want to avoid the crowds and get more affordable rates, then the off-peak season would be the ideal time.

The off-peak season in Camiguin is from June to October, which is also the rainy season. However, don't let the rain discourage you from visiting. Although it may rain frequently, it's usually just a quick shower followed by clear skies. Plus, the island's lush greenery is at its finest during the rainy season.

If you're looking for good weather and want to avoid the rainy season, then the best time to visit Camiguin would be from December to February. This is when you can expect cooler temperatures and less rainfall. However, keep in mind that this is also the peak season, so expect higher prices and larger crowds.

When it comes to finding cheap flights to Camiguin, the off-peak season is your best bet. Airlines usually offer discounted rates during these months due to the lower demand for travel. Keep an eye out for seat sales and sign up for alerts from budget airlines to snag the best deals.

No matter when you decide to visit Camiguin, you'll be greeted with its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and rich culture. With its stunning beaches, majestic waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes, Camiguin is truly a gem of Asia that's worth exploring.

What to eat in Camiguin

If you're planning a trip to Camiguin, Asia, you might be wondering what kind of food you can expect to find on the island. From fresh seafood to local delicacies, there are plenty of options for foodies traveling on a budget. So, before you book your cheap flights to Camiguin, let's take a look at the must-try food in the area.

Fresh seafood

Being an island, it's no surprise that Camiguin offers plenty of fresh seafood options. You can find a variety of dishes from grilled to fried fish, squid, and shellfish. One of the most popular seafood dishes is Kinilaw. This is a Filipino dish that's made with raw fish, vinegar, and spices.


Photo by VJANcook


If you're looking for something sweet, try Binignit. It's a warm dessert made with coconut milk, tapioca pearls, and different types of root crops like sweet potato and taro. It's a traditional Filipino dish that's perfect for the cold weather.


Barbecue is a staple dish in the Philippines, and Camiguin is no exception. You can find street vendors selling grilled pork, chicken, and seafood at affordable prices. It's a quick and easy meal that's perfect for those on the go.


Pastel is a soft bread filled with sweet and milky yema or custard. It's another popular dessert in Camiguin that has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Sizzling gambas

Photo by Don Don Cagang

Sizzling Gambas

If you're a seafood lover, try Sizzling Gambas. This dish is made with sautéed shrimp in garlic, chili, and butter sauce. It's served on a sizzling plate and is perfect with rice.


Lastly, don't forget to try the Lanzones. It's a fruit that's native to Camiguin and has a sweet and succulent taste. It's available from August to October, and the island even celebrates a festival in honor of this mouth-watering fruit.

Whether you enjoy seafood or prefer meaty dishes, Camiguin's food scene has something for everyone. So, book your cheap flights now and get ready to indulge in the delicious cuisine of this island paradise.

Top 5 attractions in Camiguin

If you're looking for a quick getaway that won't break the bank, then Camiguin Island in the Philippines should be on your list. It is a beautiful untouched paradise that offers a peaceful and laid-back vibe. You can just take it slow and soak up the sun, but if you are looking for more activities, here are the top 5 attractions that should not be missed.

Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery is a famous landmark in Camiguin. It's a cemetery that sunk due to volcanic eruptions in 1871 and 1948. Today, a giant cross stands on a platform in the middle of the sea to commemorate the sunken graves. You can take a boat to see the cross and the view from the sea is breathtaking.

White Island

White Island is a beautiful sandbar that is shaped like the letter "C". It's a perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. You can rent a boat that will take you to and from the island. Take note that there are no shades on the island, so bring a hat and sunscreen.

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is a stunning waterfall that is located in a lush jungle. The water is cool and crystal-clear, and it's perfect for a refreshing dip. There are also little stalls where you can buy snacks and refreshments.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring

Sto. Niño Cold Spring is a perfect spot for hot days. The water is cool and refreshing, and the surroundings are serene. There are cottages that you can rent if you want to have a picnic with your family or friends.

Old Spanish Church Ruins

The Old Spanish Church Ruins is a historical landmark in Camiguin. The church was destroyed by volcanic eruptions in the past, and what is left of it now is its bell tower and walls. The ruins are a beautiful sight, especially during sunset.


There you have it – the top 5 attractions you should not miss when visiting Camiguin Island. With cheap flights available, you won't regret visiting this beautiful and peaceful island that offers a lot of activities for nature lovers.

Places like Camiguin worth visiting

  • Camiguin, Asia.

    • Are you on a tight budget but want to go on an amazing adventure in Asia? Look no further than Camiguin! This small but picturesque island in the Philippines offers beautiful beaches, lush forests, and stunning waterfalls all at affordable prices.
    • To start your journey, you can look for cheap flights to nearby cities like Cebu or Manila and then take a ferry to Camiguin. Once there, you'll be greeted by friendly locals and breathtaking scenery.
    • One must-see destination is the Sunken Cemetery, where the remnants of a cemetery are visible underwater due to a volcanic eruption in the past. Another popular spot is the White Island, a stunning sandbar that can be reached by boat.
    • For adventure-seekers, hike up Mt. Hibok-Hibok, the island's highest peak at 1,250 meters. The trek takes around 5-6 hours but the view from the summit is worth it.
    • Don't forget to indulge in the local cuisine, particularly their seafood dishes! Camiguin is known for their fresh catches of fish, crabs, and shrimps. And if you want to relax, head over to Ardent Hot Springs to soak in the warm water and rejuvenate your senses.