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Chihuahua, the largest city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, may not be on most people's travel radar. However, it's a destination that deserves a closer look, especially if you are looking for an offbeat travel experience. Cheap flights can get you there, and once you arrive, you’ll find a city full of history, culture, and natural beauty.

One of the main reasons to consider traveling to Chihuahua is its cost. With a little research, you'll find that cheap flights are readily available. The city itself is also quite affordable, with accommodation, food, and attractions costing significantly less than other tourist destinations in the US or Europe.

Once you arrive in Chihuahua, you can start exploring the city's rich history and culture. A must-visit attraction is the historic center, which is home to stunning colonial architecture, such as the Palacio Municipal and the Cathedral of Chihuahua. You can also learn about Mexico's revolutionary past at the Pancho Villa Museum, which is dedicated to the iconic Mexican revolutionary leader.

If you’re into natural beauty, Chihuahua won't disappoint. One stunning attraction is the Copper Canyon, a series of six interconnected canyons that span over 4,000 feet. You can take a train ride or a hiking tour to fully experience the grandeur of the natural wonder. Additionally, there are plenty of parks and gardens in Chihuahua, which offer a place to relax and enjoy nature.

No visit to Chihuahua would be complete without sampling the city's delicious cuisine. Chihuahua is famous for its street food, including tacos, tamales, and gorditas- all of which offer a unique flavor and texture.

For those interested in shopping, Chihuahua is also home to several markets, including the Mercado de la Victoria and the Mercado de Juarez. You can find everything from handicrafts to fresh food produce at these markets.

Chihuahua is a city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With affordable flights and attractions, it's a perfect destination for budget-conscious travelers looking for an offbeat experience. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Chihuahua has a lot to offer.

Airlines flying to Chihuahua

If you're planning a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico, you might be wondering what airlines fly to the area. Luckily, there are several options available, including some that offer cheap flights.

One popular airline that flies to Chihuahua is Aeromexico. They offer flights from several locations in the United States, including Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas. Another popular airline is American Airlines, which offers flights from Dallas and Phoenix.

In addition to these larger airlines, there are also smaller airlines that offer flights to Chihuahua. VivaAerobus is a low-cost airline that offers flights from several locations in Mexico, including Mexico City and Cancun. Interjet is another low-cost airline that offers flights from Mexico City.

When searching for flights to Chihuahua, it's important to compare prices from all of these airlines. You might be able to find a great deal on a flight if you're willing to be flexible with your travel dates or are willing to fly with a budget airline.

There are plenty of options when it comes to airlines that fly to Chihuahua. Whether you're looking for a cheap flight or simply want a convenient routing, you can find a flight that suits your needs.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're traveling to the city of Chihuahua in the Americas, chances are you'll be flying into the main airport, which has the code CUU. Luckily, there are several options for getting to and from this airport.

If you're looking for cheap flights, it's worth checking out budget airlines like VivaAerobus, Interjet, or Volaris. These airlines often have flights to and from Chihuahua that are much cheaper than the major airlines.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can take a taxi or an Uber to your destination. If you're staying in a hotel, check with them beforehand to see if they offer a shuttle service from the airport. Some hotels also have partnerships with taxi companies, which can be a convenient and affordable option.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also rent a car at the airport and drive yourself around. Just be aware that driving in Chihuahua can be a bit challenging, especially if you're not used to Mexican traffic laws.

Getting to and from the Chihuahua airport is fairly easy and straightforward. Whether you opt for a cheap flight, a taxi, or a rental car, you'll be able to get where you need to go with minimal hassle.

What to do in Chihuahua

If you're looking for a travel destination that's both off the beaten path and affordable, Chihuahua, Mexico might be just the place for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap flights available to get you there.

Once you're in Chihuahua, there are several things to see and do that showcase the city's unique blend of colonial and Mexican culture.

Explore the Historic City Center

Start your trip in the bustling heart of Chihuahua. The colonial-era streets are lined with colorful buildings, palaces, museums, and plazas. Take a walking tour to soak up the history and architecture.

Visit the Cathedral of Chihuahua

This magnificent religious site reflects both Baroque and Churrigueresque influences. Admire its tall bell towers and intricate façade before stepping inside.

Spend a day in Pancho Villa's Hacienda Museum

As one of Mexico's most iconic and controversial generals, Pancho Villa was a pivotal figure in the country's social and political development. His former estate, located just outside Chihuahua, now serves as a fascinating museum.

Go on a Scenic Train Ride

Experience the stunning beauty of northern Mexico by taking a train ride from Chihuahua to Los Mochis. The route takes you through verdant valleys and rugged canyons, while passing rugged mountains, breath-taking bridges and tunnels, historic mining towns and lush vineyards.

Head to El Parque Metropolitano Presa El Rejón

Located on the edge of the city, this park is the perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Chihuahua. Take a boat tour of the lake, have picnics under the trees, hike some of the trails, or visit the butterfly sanctuary.

Don't forget to indulge in the fabulous Mexican cuisine that's on offer in this enchanting destination. Whether you're looking for street-side tacos or elevated fine dining, you'll find it all here.

Safe travels and have fun in Chihuahua!

When is best to visit Chihuahua

When is best to visit Chihuahua, Americas?

If you're looking to explore Chihuahua, Mexico on a budget, the best time to visit would be during the off-season, which is generally from April to October. During this time, you'll find cheap flights and accommodation prices as well as fewer tourists.

However, if you want to experience the region's unique culture and festivals, then plan your trip during the festival season that takes place from November till February. During these months, you can attend the historic Fiesta de Santa Rita or the International Film Festival of Chihuahua.

Weather-wise, Chihuahua has a high-altitude desert climate, which means the summers are scorching and the winters are cold. So, if you don't mind the heat, visit during the summer months, and if you love chilly weather, go for a winter visit.

Overall, Chihuahua is a great destination to visit all year round, depending on your preferences. But with the right timing, you can make your trip not only budget-friendly but also unforgettable.

What to eat in Chihuahua

Chihuahua, located in northern Mexico, offers a unique culinary experience for foodies travelling to the Americas. Here are some must-try dishes to savor in Chihuahua.


Machaca is a dish made with dried, shredded beef that is then cooked with onion, tomato, and chili peppers. It is typically served with tortillas, beans, and scrambled eggs. You can find it at most restaurants in Chihuahua or at street food stalls.


Tamales are a staple in Mexican cuisine and Chihuahua doesn't disappoint. These steamed corn husks are filled with meat, cheese, or chili pepper and served hot with salsa. They are readily available at street food vendors and are a great on-the-go snack.


Gorditas are small, round, stuffed tortillas that are cooked on a flat griddle. They are usually filled with meat, refried beans, or cheese, and topped with salsa and avocado. Gorditas are cheap and plentiful in Chihuahua, making them a great option for budget travelers.

Carne Asada

Carne Asada is a grilled steak that is often served with rice and beans. It is a popular dish in Chihuahua, as it is in other parts of Mexico. Cheap flights will mean you can indulge in this dish without breaking the bank.


Burritos are a staple in Mexican-American cuisine, but they originated in Chihuahua. They are essentially a stuffed tortilla filled with beans, meat, and cheese, and often served with guacamole and salsa. Burritos are a filling and convenient meal that can be found at any local taqueria.

When in Chihuahua, try these dishes and you won't be disappointed. These dishes will take your taste buds on a journey and make your trip worth remembering.

Top 5 attractions in Chihuahua

  • Chihuahua is a vibrant city located in northern Mexico, known for its rich history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. If you're planning a trip to this exciting destination, here are the top 5 attractions you shouldn't miss.

1. Copper Canyon

  • The Copper Canyon is a breathtaking natural wonder that consists of several canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range. It's known for its stunning views, hiking trails, and adventurous train rides. You can take the Chihuahua al Pacífico (Chepe) train ride that offers breathtaking views and stops at various scenic points such as Divisadero and Creel.

2. Catedral de Chihuahua

  • Catedral de Chihuahua is one of the most important religious structures in the city, with a beautiful Baroque architecture and rich history dating back to the 18th century. It's located in the city center, and you can admire the impressive façade, the main altar, and the beautiful chapels inside.

3. Museo Casa de Villa

  • Museo Casa de Villa is a historical museum located in the former residence of revolutionary icon Pancho Villa. The museum displays various photos, artifacts, and documents related to Villa's life and his role in the Mexican Revolution. It's a must-visit attraction for history buffs and anyone interested in Mexican culture.

4. Quinta Gameros

  • Quinta Gameros is a beautiful mansion built in the early 1900s by a wealthy mining family. The mansion features a stunning Art Nouveau architecture and houses a museum that showcases the history and culture of Chihuahua. You can admire the mansion's beautiful gardens, fountains, and sculptures too.

5. Grutas de Nombre de Dios

  • Grutas de Nombre de Dios is a series of underground caves located outside Chihuahua city. The caves are known for their unique rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. You can take a guided tour of the caves and marvel at their natural beauty, or enjoy a picnic in the nearby park.
  • Chihuahua is a great destination to explore, and with cheap flights readily available, it's an ideal place to visit for those on a budget. So don't miss these top 5 attractions and explore the beauty of Chihuahua!

Places like Chihuahua worth visiting

Looking for a unique travel experience that won't break the bank? Consider jetting off to Chihuahua, a charming city located in northern Mexico. Not only is it easily accessible with plenty of cheap flights available, but it's also home to a myriad of sights and attractions that are sure to delight any kind of traveler.

Here are the top five places to check out in Chihuahua.

1. Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

One of the most popular destinations in Chihuahua, Copper Canyon is a series of six canyons that are deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon. Visitors can hike or take the scenic train ride to take in the breathtaking views.

2. Plaza de Armas

This charming town square is the heart of Chihuahua and often the site of cultural events and performances. Visitors can enjoy walking around, watching street performers, and sampling some authentic Mexican cuisine from nearby vendors.

3. Museo Casa Chihuahua

Once the home of one of Mexico's wealthiest families, this museum provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of Chihuahua. The museum features exhibits on the city's past, including its role in the Mexican Revolution.

4. Grutas de Nombre de Dios (Caves of the Name of God)

These stunning limestone caves are located just outside of Chihuahua and are accessible by car or bus. Visitors can explore the caves on guided tours and marvel at the impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

5. Palacio de Gobierno

Another historic landmark, the Palacio de Gobierno is a government building that features impressive murals by renowned Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. Visitors can admire the artwork and learn about the building's history on a guided tour.

So why wait? With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and plenty of cheap flights available, Chihuahua is the perfect destination for any traveler looking for something a little different.