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Are you seeking an affordable and exciting travel destination? Look no further than Dourados in the Americas! While it may not be the most well-known destination, it is certainly worth considering.

First and foremost, let's talk about getting there. With the increasing availability of cheap flights, you can easily fly to Dourados without breaking the bank. This means your travel budget can go further towards enjoying the local culture and experiences.

Now, let's delve into what makes Dourados a great place to visit. For starters, it boasts beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor activities. This includes nearby national parks like Serra de Maracaju and Ilha Grande, where you can hike, bike, swim, or just enjoy the scenery.

Another reason to visit Dourados is its fascinating history and culture. The city is home to various museums and historical sites, such as the Museum of History and Anthropology of Dourados. You can also immerse yourself in the local culture by attending traditional festivals and events, such as the Festa Junina celebration.

Of course, we can't forget about the delicious food and drink options in Dourados. This region is known for its flavorful cuisine, including meats, cheeses, and fruits. Be sure to try the popular dish of carne de sol, as well as the local beer and sugarcane liquor.

Overall, Dourados offers a unique and affordable travel experience that is not to be missed. From outdoor adventures to cultural activities and delicious cuisine, this hidden gem in the Americas has something for everyone. So, why not book that cheap flight and discover Dourados for yourself?

Airlines flying to Dourados

There are a few airlines that offer flights to Dourados, a small city located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. If you're looking for cheap flights, some airlines to consider are Azul, Gol, and LATAM.

Azul offers flights to Dourados from two different cities. Campinas and Campo Grande. If you're coming from Campinas, you can catch a direct flight that takes just under 2 hours. From Campo Grande, the flight time is a bit shorter at around 1 hour. Keep in mind that Azul's flights to Dourados aren't daily, so be sure to check their website for schedules and availability.

Gol also offers flights to Dourados, but only from one city. São Paulo. Flights from São Paulo to Dourados are fairly frequent, with multiple flights each week. The flight time is just over 2 hours, and prices can vary depending on the day and time of year.

LATAM has flights to Dourados from a few different cities, including São Paulo, Brasília, and Campo Grande. If you're coming from São Paulo or Brasília, you'll likely have a layover in Campo Grande before continuing on to Dourados. LATAM's flights to Dourados tend to be a bit more expensive than Azul's or Gol's, but they do offer more flexibility in terms of departure dates and times.

If you're looking for cheap flights to Dourados, your best bet is probably Azul or Gol. Keep in mind that Dourados is a relatively small city, so flights may not be as frequent or as easy to come by as they would be for larger cities in Brazil. Nonetheless, if you're interested in visiting this unique and charming part of the country, there are certainly options available to you.

Getting to and from the airport

Are you planning a trip to Dourados, Americas? The main airport code for this city is DOU. Here are some tips to help you get to and from Dourados.

Flying to Dourados

There are several airlines that offer flights to Dourados at affordable prices. You can check out low-cost carriers like Gol and Azul that operate frequent flights to and from major Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia.

Getting from DOU airport

Once you arrive at the DOU airport, you can easily travel to your desired destination in Dourados by booking a taxi or renting a car. There are also several bus services available that connect the airport to different parts of the city.

Exploring Dourados

Dourados is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions that you shouldn't miss, like the Antonio Joao Square, Ethnic Cultural Museum, and the Parque Dos Ipês. You can choose from several transportation options to explore the city, such as buses, taxis, and rental cars.

Getting to and from Dourados can be a hassle-free experience if you plan your trip wisely. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above to ensure a smooth and affordable journey.

What to do in Dourados

Are you looking for a fun and exciting destination to explore? Look no further than Dourados, Americas! With cheap flights available, it's easy to experience all this vibrant city has to offer. Here are some must-see attractions and activities.

Visit the Antonio João Municipal Park

Nature lovers will appreciate the Antonio João Municipal Park, filled with lush trees, walking trails, and even a lake. It's the perfect spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll. You might even spot some local wildlife!

Explore the Museum of History and Art of Dourados (Muhad)

Learn about the city's cultural heritage at the Museum of History and Art of Dourados (Muhad). Exhibits include indigenous artifacts, documents from the city's founding, and artworks by local and regional artists.

Shop at the Municipal Market

For a taste of local flavor, head to the Municipal Market. Here you'll find fresh produce, handmade crafts, and an array of tasty snacks. It's a lively and bustling place that shouldn't be missed.

Attend a festival

Dourados hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the International Rodeo and the Feast of the Patron Saint (Festa do Padroeiro). These celebrations showcase the city's vibrant culture and are a great way to experience it firsthand.

Relax at Guaicurus Thermae

Cap off a busy day with some rest and relaxation at Guaicurus Thermae. This natural thermal bath is said to have healing properties and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

With so much to do and see, Dourados is a destination that won't disappoint. Book your cheap flights today and start planning your adventure!

When is best to visit Dourados

If you're planning to visit the charming city of Dourados in the Americas, it's always best to choose the ideal time for your trip. To help you decide, here are some necessary details to keep in mind.

When to go?

Dourados is a beautiful city located in the central region of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil. It has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons - dry and wet.

The best time to visit the city is during the dry winter season, which runs from May to September. The weather is pleasant with clear blue skies and lower humidity levels, creating a comfortable environment to explore the town and its surroundings.

On the other hand, the wet, summer season is from October to April. The weather gets hot, with occasional thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, making it challenging to have outdoor excursions.

If you're looking to save money, visiting during the low-season can be cheaper in terms of accommodations and airfare. However, this may not be the best time to travel because of the unfavorable weather conditions.

How to get there?

To get to Dourados, you can book a flight to Francisco de Matos Pereira Airport (DOU) or Campo Grande International Airport (CGR). CGR is about 230 km away from Dourados and requires a further road journey.

There are various airlines with flights to these airports, and with the help of flight search engines, you can land the best deals on your flights to Dourados.

Planning your visit to Dourados during the ideal season will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. Finding cheap flights with convenient airlines can add to the convenience of your travel and make your trip expenses more manageable.

What to eat in Dourados

If you're planning a trip to Dourados, Americas, one of the things you must try is the local cuisine. Dourados has a diverse food scene, with options that will satisfy every taste bud. Here are some of the must-try foods in Dourados.


If you're a meat lover, you can't leave Dourados without trying 'churrasco.' This traditional Brazilian barbecue is a popular option in the region. Churrasco is made up of various cuts of meat that are slow-cooked over a fire pit. You can devour juicy beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and sausages at any of the city's churrascarias.

Pão de Queijo

Pão de queijo is a Brazilian cheese bread, and it's a popular snack in Dourados. You can find it at any bakery or café. These bite-sized cheese balls are made with cheese, cassava flour, and eggs. They are seasoned with salt and baked to perfection. Pão de queijo is perfect for a quick snack or breakfast on the go.

Coxinha de Frango

Another popular snack in Dourados is Coxinha de Frango, which is a deep-fried dough filled with chicken and cream cheese. The dough is made from wheat flour, and the filling is typically a mixture of shredded chicken, cream cheese, onions, and herbs. Coxinha de Frango is crunchy on the outside with a creamy filling and is served hot.

Feijão Tropeiro

Feijão Tropeiro is a typical Brazilian dish that originated in the state of Minas Gerais, but it's popular in Dourados. It's made with black beans, sausage, bacon, and cassava flour. The beans are mixed with seasonings, garlic, onions, and herbs. Feijão Tropeiro is usually served with rice, salad, and farofa, which is toasted cassava flour.

With cheap flights making it easy to travel to Dourados, there's no excuse not to try these delicious foods. It's always a good idea to explore different cuisines, and Dourados' cuisine is definitely worth exploring.

Top 5 attractions in Dourados

Dourados, located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, is not only recognized as an agricultural powerhouse but is also home to several natural attractions, landmarks, and cultural sites. If you are planning to visit Dourados, here are the top 5 attractions that you should not miss.

1. Parque dos Ipês

If you love nature, you should visit Parque dos Ipês located on the scenic Rua Coronel Ponciano. The park is a great spot for cycling, walking or picnicking. You can also enjoy the scenic views and see the exotic flora and fauna species up close.

2. Ponte do Rio Dourados

Ponte do Rio Dourados, an iconic bridge located in the heart of the city, connects the two banks of the Dourados River. The bridge is an engineering marvel that offers stunning views of the river below.

3. Museu da UFGD

If you want to learn about the culture and history of Dourados, then you should visit the Museum of the Federal University of Grande Dourados (Museu da UFGD). The museum has a vast collection of artifacts, exhibits, and archives that provide a glimpse into the city's past and present.

4. Feira Central

Feira Central, located in the city's downtown area, is a traditional open-air market that offers a variety of local food, crafts, and souvenir items. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and various regional dishes at this bustling market.

5. Parque dos Ervais

Parque dos Ervais, located on the outskirts of the city, is a perfect getaway for those seeking peaceful surroundings. The park offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and outdoor activities that are ideal for families visiting Dourados.

Getting to Dourados is easy and affordable with many cheap flights available from different parts of the Americas. With these top 5 attractions waiting for you, Dourados is definitely worth the visit!

Places like Dourados worth visiting

Are you looking for an escape but don't want to break the bank? Check out these top 5 places like Dourados that offer extraordinary experiences at affordable prices.

1. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and known for its stunning architecture, thriving art scene, and vibrant nightlife. Take a free walking tour to explore the city's rich history and culture, or visit the Botero Plaza to see the famous sculptures by Fernando Botero. With cheap flights available from most major cities, Medellin is a must-see destination.

2. La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is the highest capital city in the world, located in the Andes Mountains. With breathtaking views, the city offers a unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, mouth-watering food, and colorful street markets. Take the cable car to El Alto to witness the bustling markets or explore the Witches Market in the city center. La Paz is also home to some of the cheapest accommodations and food in South America.

3. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Escondido is a hidden gem that offers some of the best surf spots in the world. With year-round warm weather, stunning beaches, and delicious seafood, this charming town is perfect for those looking to unwind and relax. You can find affordable accommodations near the beach, where you can wake up to the sound of the waves.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico, an island known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and rich culture. Visit the historic Old San Juan and explore the colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and forts. You can also relax on the beach, sip on a piña colada, and enjoy the lively music scene. Cheap flights are available year-round, making San Juan a desirable destination.

5. Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is Uruguay's capital city, known for its European-style architecture, interesting museums, and beautiful beaches. Visit the iconic Solis Theatre, stroll through the picturesque Old Town, or take a bike ride along the Rambla. Montevideo is also home to some of the best steak in South America, and you can find affordable accommodations near the beach.

These top 5 places like Dourados offer travelers unique experiences, delicious food, and affordable prices. With cheap flights available from most major cities, you can explore these amazing destinations without breaking the bank!