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Durango, located in the southwestern part of the United States, is a treasure trove of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and adventure. With the rise of cheap flight options, more and more people are considering Durango as their next travel destination. If you're one of them, here are some reasons why you should pack your bags and head to Durango.

Firstly, Durango is a hub of outdoor activities. It's surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, which offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. You can also go zip lining, white water rafting, and horseback riding. If you're a nature lover, Durango's abundant wildlife and breathtaking landscapes will leave you spellbound.

Secondly, Durango is a city with a rich history. The ancient Puebloan ruins at Mesa Verde National Park are an architectural marvel and a window into the past. You can also take a ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which has been operating since 1881 and is one of the most scenic train rides in the country.

Thirdly, foodies will love Durango's culinary scene. The city has a thriving farm-to-table movement, where restaurants source their ingredients from local farms and ranches. You can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines, from authentic Mexican to creative fusion dishes.

Finally, Durango is a destination that won't break the bank. With the availability of cheap flights, you can easily plan a budget-friendly trip. Accommodation options range from affordable motels to luxurious resorts, so you can find something that suits your budget.

Durango is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, learn about history and culture, indulge in delicious food, or simply relax, Durango won't disappoint. With affordable flight options, there's no excuse not to visit this beautiful destination.

Airlines flying to Durango

Airlines Flying to Durango. Cheap Flights Available

If you're planning on visiting Durango and looking for affordable airfare, you're in luck! Several airlines offer flights to Durango, Colorado at affordable prices.

United Airlines

United Airlines provides nonstop flights to Durango operated by United Express. These flights operate from Denver International Airport. Roundtrip tickets can be as low as $190. United Airlines is a popular choice among travelers due to its extensive network, comfort, and reliability.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers flights to Durango Regional Airport from Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix. These flights are operated by American Eagle, and prices fluctuate depending on the season and availability. Generally, a roundtrip ticket can cost anywhere from $225 to $350, depending on the departure city and travel dates.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers flights to Durango from its hub at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The peak season for this route is during the winter months, and typically tickets can be more expensive. However, if you book in advance, you may be able to find a roundtrip ticket for under $400, depending on the time of year.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is known for its affordable, no-frills travel experience. The airline offers nonstop flights to Durango from Denver, with roundtrip tickets typically costing around $130. However, be aware that Frontier Airlines may charge additional fees for things like carry-on bags, seat assignments, and snacks.

Flying to Durango has become more affordable thanks to these airlines offering cheap flights. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, flying to Durango has never been more accessible.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're planning to travel to Durango, Mexico, one of the easiest ways to get there is by air. The main airport serving Durango is the Durango International Airport (DGO). Here's everything you need to know about getting to and from the airport.

Cheap Flights

There are several airlines that fly into DGO, including Aeromexico, VivaAerobus, and Interjet. To find the cheapest flight, it's best to compare prices on different booking websites. Keep in mind that the prices may fluctuate depending on the time of year you're traveling. To get the best deal, try to book your flight well in advance.

Transportation Options

Once you arrive at the airport, there are several transportation options available to get you to your final destination. The most common options are.

  • Taxi. Taxis are available outside the airport terminal. Make sure to agree on the price beforehand to avoid any surprises.
  • Rental Car. Many car rental companies have a presence at the airport, including Hertz, Avis, and Alamo. If you plan on renting a car, make sure to book in advance to ensure availability.
  • Public Transportation. There are buses that run from the airport to the city center. This is a good option if you're traveling on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Durango, Mexico, is an exciting adventure that can be made easier by flying into the Durango International Airport. By knowing your transportation options and finding the best deals on flights, you can make your trip affordable and enjoyable.

What to do in Durango

Durango, Americas is a charming city nestled in the southwestern part of Colorado. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, it's no wonder why travelers flock to this destination. And with cheap flights readily available, there's no excuse not to visit! Here are some of the best things to do in Durango.

Explore the great outdoors

Durango is a paradise for outdoor lovers! With its access to the San Juan Mountains, visitors can hike, bike, or horseback ride through scenic trails. Animas River Trail, a popular trail around Durango, is any biker's dream. The trail is an easy ride, and you'll be serenaded by the gentle sound of the river as you coast through breathtaking scenery.

Take a historic train ride

Experience an unforgettable ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a restored steam-powered train that traverses through the San Juan National Forest and the Animas River Canyon. You'll also catch breathtaking views of the area's stunning views on the way.

Shop and dine in downtown Durango

Downtown Durango is brimming with unique shops and restaurants that cater to varying tastes and preferences. Fuel your morning with breakfast from the Durango Coffee Company, and after that, wander around the townvisiting its shops and art galleries like the Earthen Vessel and the Purple Dragonfly Trading Company.

Learn about Durango's history

Durango has a colorful past, which travelers can learn about by visiting historic landmarks like the Fort Lewis College or the Animas Museum. You can also attend guided walking tours of downtown Durango, which offer insights into the city's rich history.

Durango is a great destination for travelers who want to explore the great outdoors, learn about history, and enjoy a unique dining and shopping experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flights to Durango today and start planning your adventure!

When is best to visit Durango

When planning a trip to Durango, one of the most important factors to consider is the time of year. The best time to visit Durango in terms of weather is during the summer months, specifically June through August. During these months, you can expect warm and sunny weather with highs around 80-85°F. However, this is also the peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds and higher prices on accommodations.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, the fall months of September through November can provide a good compromise between weather and price. The temperatures are still comfortable, with highs averaging around 70°F in September and dropping to the 50s by November. This is also a good time to book cheap flights to Durango as it is considered the offseason.

The winter months of December through February can be harsh with snow and freezing temperatures, but if you're a winter sports enthusiast, this is the perfect time to hit the slopes. Durango is known for its ski resorts, so expect more crowded conditions and higher prices on accommodations during this time.

Lastly, the spring months of March through May can also provide good value for your money. The weather is typically mild, with temperatures averaging around 60-65°F. However, keep in mind that springtime in Durango can bring unpredictable weather, so be sure to pack appropriately.

The best time to visit Durango largely depends on your personal preferences and what you plan to do while there. Consider the weather, crowds, and prices when making your decision and don't forget to keep an eye out for cheap flights to Durango to help save on expenses.

What to eat in Durango

If you're planning a trip to Durango, Americas, you're in for a treat! Not only does the city offer incredible scenery and a wealth of outdoor activities, but it's also known for its delicious cuisine. With the availability of cheap flights, it's now easier than ever to experience all the delicious food that Durango has to offer.

Here are some of the must-try dishes and restaurants in Durango.

Burgers and BBQ

Durango is known for its love of burgers and barbeque. For the best burgers in town, head to the iconic El Rancherito or 11th Street Station, a food truck park that features a rotating lineup of local food trucks. For lip-smacking-good BBQ, check out Steamworks Brewing Co., which has won numerous awards for its slow-cooked meats.

Mexican Food

Mexican food is a staple in Durango, and you'll find plenty of delicious options to choose from. For authentic Mexican cuisine, try Nayarit Mexican Restaurant or Amaya's Taco Village. Los Amigos Del Sur is another local favorite, serving up classic dishes like tacos and enchiladas, as well as more unique creations like cactus burritos.


Durango is surrounded by farms and ranches, which means there are plenty of farm-to-table restaurants to choose from. Consider dining at the award-winning Cyprus Cafe, which sources its ingredients from local farmers and ranchers, or try the seasonal menu at Ken and Sue's, which features ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

Craft Beer

No trip to Durango would be complete without sampling some of the area's famous craft beer. Durango is home to a thriving craft beer scene, with several local breweries to choose from. Ska Brewing is one of the most popular, offering a variety of flavorful beers and a lively taproom.

Whether you're craving burgers, Mexican food, farm-to-table cuisine, or craft beer, Durango has something to satisfy your appetite. With cheap flights now available, there's never been a better time to visit this foodie destination.

Top 5 attractions in Durango

Durango is a picturesque city situated in the south-western part of Colorado, America. The city offers visitors a perfect blend of scenic beauty, outdoor adventure, and cultural attractions that make it a popular tourist destination. If you're planning to visit Durango, here are the top 5 attractions you shouldn't miss.

1. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is a vintage train ride that takes you on a breathtaking journey through the spectacular Rocky Mountains. The train runs from Durango to the historic mining town of Silverton and offers stunning views of the rugged landscape, turquoise rivers, and cascading waterfalls. The train ride is an experience like no other and is a must-see attraction in Durango.

2. Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to some of the best-preserved archaeological sites in North America. The park offers visitors an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of the Ancestral Puebloan people, who lived in the area for over 700 years. The park has many well-preserved cliff dwellings and is an excellent destination for history buffs.

3. Animas River Trail

The Animas River Trail is a popular attraction among outdoor enthusiasts. The trail stretches for 7 miles and offers visitors a chance to hike, bike, or jog along the scenic Animas River. The trail is surrounded by stunning views and is an ideal spot for a picnic or a leisurely walk.

4. Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum

The Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum is a unique attraction that offers visitors a glimpse into the world of fish and wildlife. The hatchery produces several types of fish, including trout, and offers visitors an opportunity to watch the fish being fed and learn about their life cycle. The museum has an extensive collection of wildlife exhibits and is a kid-friendly attraction.

5. Purgatory Resort

Purgatory Resort is a popular ski resort located just 25 miles north of Durango. The resort offers visitors over 1,500 acres of skiable terrain, 11 chairlifts, and numerous winter activities. The resort also has several dining options and lodging accommodations, making it a perfect destination for a winter vacation.

If you're on a budget, don't worry! Durango has plenty of affordable hotel options, and you can easily find cheap flights to Durango online. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to explore the best of Durango!

Places like Durango worth visiting

  • Durango, Americas. Top 5 Places to Visit -

If you're looking for a fun and affordable vacation destination, then Durango, Americas should definitely be at the top of your list! Here are the top 5 places you won't want to miss.

1. Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

This historic steam train will take you on a scenic tour of the stunning San Juan Mountains, passing through beautiful canyons and past rushing rivers. It's a great way to get a feel for the area's natural beauty, and tickets are reasonably priced.

2. Mesa Verde National Park

This ancient cliff-side village is an incredible sight to behold. With ruins dating back over 1000 years, Mesa Verde is a fascinating glimpse into the history of the region's indigenous people. Admission is affordable and guided tours are available.

3. Animas River Trail

This paved trail is perfect for biking, walking, or jogging. The trail follows the winding Animas River and offers gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. And the best part? It's free!

4. San Juan Skyway

This scenic drive takes you through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the area. Highlights include the Red Mountain Pass, the Million Dollar Highway, and the historic mining town of Ouray. And with gas prices still relatively low, it's a budget-friendly way to explore.

5. Powerhouse Science Center

This interactive science museum is a great option for families with kids. The exhibits cover a wide range of topics, from renewable energy to robotics, and admission is affordable. And if you're feeling really thrifty, check their website for free admission days.

So there you have it, folks! With cheap flights available to the area and these fantastic sights to see, Durango, Americas should definitely be on your travel radar.