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Have you ever heard of Harstad-Narvik? This European destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and authentic Norwegian culture that can't be found anywhere else in the world. And the best part? It's now easier and more affordable than ever to travel there!

Thanks to cheap flights, it's a breeze to get to Harstad-Narvik from a number of major cities across Europe. Once you arrive, you'll have the chance to explore snowcapped mountains, crystal-clear fjords, and rugged wilderness that will make you feel like you've stepped into a fairytale. Whether you're an avid adventurer or just looking to relax surrounded by stunning scenery, Harstad-Narvik has something for everyone.

One of the main draws of Harstad-Narvik is its location in northern Norway. Being so close to the Arctic Circle means that visitors have the chance to experience the magical northern lights, also known as aurora borealis. The town itself is nestled between mountains and fjords, making for breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor activities. You can go hiking, skiing, kayaking, or even dog-sledding if you're up for it.

If you're a history buff, Harstad-Narvik also has its fair share of landmarks and museums. During World War II, there was a famous battle between the Germans and Allies in the Narvik area. The Narvik War Museum tells the story of this battle and its impact on the local people. Other must-see historical sites include the Trondenes Historical Centre and the Medieval Trondenes Church.

No trip to Harstad-Narvik would be complete without experiencing some of the local culture. This is the perfect place to try traditional Norwegian cuisine, such as salmon or reindeer. You can also visit the Galleri Nord-Norge to see local art or attend one of the town's many music festivals throughout the year.

Harstad-Narvik is a hidden gem that is just waiting to be discovered. From its stunning natural beauty to its rich history and culture, there's something for every type of traveler. And with cheap flights now available, there's never been a better time to visit!

Airlines flying to Harstad-Narvik

If you're planning a trip to Harstad-Narvik in Norway and looking for cheap flights, you have a few good options to choose from.

SAS is a popular airline that flies to Harstad-Narvik. They operate daily flights from Oslo, and also have connecting flights from other destinations within Norway and Europe. With SAS, you can expect comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and even complimentary meals on some flights.

Widerøe is another airline that serves Harstad-Narvik. They offer flights from several cities in Norway, including Bergen, Trondheim, and Tromsø. Widerøe is known for their cozy small planes, which are perfect for scenic flights over the beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Norwegian Air Shuttle also flies to Harstad-Narvik. They operate flights from Oslo three times a week, and from Bodø twice a week. Norwegian is a budget airline, so don't expect any frills or extras, but they offer some of the cheapest flights to Harstad-Narvik.

Regardless of which airline you choose, you can look forward to landing at Harstad-Narvik Airport, which is conveniently located just a short bus ride from both Harstad and Narvik. From there, you can start exploring the stunning natural beauty and charming culture of this northern Norwegian region.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're looking to visit the breathtaking landscapes of northern Norway, then the Harstad-Narvik airport (EVE) is your gateway to the region. Here's what you need to know about getting to and from this airport.

Arriving at the Airport

The Harstad-Narvik airport is located approximately 45 minutes from the town of Narvik and 1 hour and 45 minutes from Harstad. There are several options for transportation from the airport.

  • Bus There are several bus services that connect the airport to nearby towns. You can find the schedules on the airport's website or at the airport itself.
  • Car rental If you prefer to have your own transportation, there are several car rental companies located at the airport.
  • Taxi Taxis are available at the airport, but they can be expensive. It's best to check with the driver about the fare before starting your journey.

Departing from the Airport

If you're looking for cheap flights from Harstad-Narvik, there are several airlines that operate from the airport.

  • SAS This airline operates daily flights to and from Oslo and Bodø.
  • Widerøe This airline operates several flights a day to several destinations within Norway.
  • Norwegian This airline operates flights to and from Oslo, and flights to several international destinations like London.

To get the best deals on flights, it's recommended to book your tickets well in advance. You can also sign up for alerts from these airlines to get notified of any deals or promotions.

Getting to and from Harstad-Narvik airport can be easy and hassle-free. With several transportation options and airlines to choose from, your trip to northern Norway is just a flight away.

What to do in Harstad-Narvik

Are you ready for a Norwegian adventure? Harstad-Narvik, a scenic municipality in Northern Norway, offers the perfect mix of natural beauty and thrilling activities. And with the availability of cheap flights, exploring this stunning region is now easy on your budget.

Here are some of the top things to do in Harstad-Narvik.

1. Take a cable car to the top of Narvikfjellet

Get a panoramic view of the magnificent fjords by riding the cable car up the Narvikfjellet mountain. At the top, you can experience skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Don't miss the chance to witness the stunning northern lights at night.

2. Explore the historical sites

Visit the Narvik War Museum to dive into the history of the Nazi invasion in Norway during World War II. Or take a ferry ride to the island of Tjeldsund, the site of Norway's first battle with the Vikings.

3. Enjoy nature

Take a hike through the beautiful trails of Vassdalsvatnet, or enjoy fishing and kayaking at Lavangen. Go skiing and snowboarding at the gorgeous ski resorts of Riksgränsen and Bjerkvik.

4. Try Norwegian cuisine

Savor local delicacies like the traditional fish soup known as "bacalao," or "lutefisk," which is made from dried fish soaked in lye. You can also try whale meat, reindeer meat, and Arctic char.

5. Relax in the scenic environment

Take a leisure walk in the streets of Harstad city or relax in any of the cozy cafes, bars, and art galleries around. Admire the Northern Lights during winter and see the Midnight Sun from late May to late July every year.

In Harstad-Narvik, budget-friendly travel and adventure await. Book your cheap flights today and experience firsthand the warmth of the locals and the stunning beauty of this Norwegian gem.

When is best to visit Harstad-Narvik

Harstad-Narvik is a breathtaking region in Norway that boasts stunning landscapes, from towering mountains to pristine fjords. It's an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts, as there are plenty of activities to do, such as skiing, hiking, and fishing.

If you're looking for cheap flights, the best time to visit Harstad-Narvik is during the shoulder season, which is from May to June and September to October. During this time, the weather is mild, and there are fewer tourists, which means you can take advantage of lower prices.

However, if you want to enjoy the region's winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, the best time to visit is from December to April. The snow conditions are excellent during these months, and many ski resorts offer special deals for visitors.

During the summer months, from July to August, the weather is warmer, and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and biking. However, this is also the peak tourist season, so prices tend to be higher.

The best time to visit Harstad-Narvik depends on your interests and budget. No matter when you go, this region of Norway is sure to leave you in awe of its natural beauty and charm.

What to eat in Harstad-Narvik

If you're visiting Harstad-Narvik, Europe and wondering what local cuisine to try, you're in for a treat. Here are a few must-try dishes.


Harstad-Narvik is known for their delicious stockfish, which is a traditional Norwegian dish made from dried cod. It's often served with potatoes and onions, making it a hearty and satisfying meal.

Reindeer Meat

Reindeer meat is a popular protein in the region, and it's often served smoked or grilled. It's a lean meat with a unique flavor that's sure to please any adventurous eater.

Arctic Char

Arctic char is a type of fish found in the nearby waters, and it's a popular option for seafood lovers. It's typically served grilled with a side of potatoes and vegetables.


For dessert, try krumkake, a sweet and crispy Norwegian waffle cookie. It's often filled with whipped cream or berries, and it's a perfect way to end any meal.

If you're on a budget, there are plenty of affordable dining options in Harstad-Narvik. Be sure to look out for local cafes and bakeries, which offer delicious and inexpensive bites. While you're at it, make sure to check for cheap flights to get to Harstad-Narvik and make the most of your culinary adventure!

Top 5 attractions in Harstad-Narvik

  • Harstad-Narvik is a beautiful region in northern Norway that offers travelers an array of unique attractions and experiences. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff or simply seeking a refreshing break from everyday life, this place has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

1. The Polar Park

  • The Polar Park is a must-visit destination for wildlife lovers traveling to Harstad-Narvik. This wildlife park is home to a variety of arctic animals, from wolves and bears to lynxes and musk oxen, making it an exciting experience for the whole family. Visitors here can learn about the animals and their habitats, as well as embarking on guided tours to get up close and personal with the critters.

2. Narvik War Museum

  • Looking to learn more about the history of WWII? This museum is a great stop. Narvik War Museum takes you on a journey through the brutal fighting that occurred in Narvik during the war. With exhibits dedicated to the different stages of the battle and a restored section of the fortification system, visitors can get a feel of what life during the battle was like. A trip down here is an eye-opener and humbles you to the sacrifice of these brave soldiers.

3. Årøya Island

  • If you're a lover of picturesque scenery, Årøya Island is the perfect destination in Harstad-Narvik. The island is encircled by stunning mountains that afford sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes and great hiking trails. Visitors can take leisurely walks and hikes while admiring the impressive Norwegian natural beauty that this place has to offer. During the summer months, the island is also an excellent fishing spot for those interested.

4. Trondenes Church

  • Take a visit to one of the oldest, iconic churches that dates back to the 13th century for a glimpse into the medieval period. The church is renowned for its unique architecture, beautiful paintings, and historic ornaments that have stood the test of time for centuries. Visitors can also take a guided tour that includes a visit to the adjacent museum and get to learn about the church and the surrounding region.

5. Skibladnerhuset

  • Skibladnerhuset is a charming waterfront museum that features exhibits on the history of the region's shipping industry. Invaluable maritime artifacts, boats and ships, and a friendly staff create a fantastic experience for visitors to the museum. There is even a small cafe on the grounds that serves wood-fired pizzas and other specialties.

Cheap flights from major European cities like London and Oslo are frequent and easy to find. So if you are planning to make Harstad-Narvik your next destination, this article has hopefully helped you get started on planning your itinerary.

Places like Harstad-Narvik worth visiting

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Harstad-Narvik, Europe that you shouldn't miss out on!

  1. The Lofoten Islands

    • Known for their scenic beauty and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking.
    • Cheap flights can be found to nearby airports like Evenes and Bodø.
  2. The Arctic Circle

    • Harstad-Narvik lies just north of the Arctic Circle, making it a unique spot for visitors to experience the midnight sun and Northern Lights.
    • The Arctic Circle Centre in Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park offers exhibits and activities related to life in the Arctic.
  3. The Ofoten Railway

    • This scenic train journey takes you through the mountains and valleys of northern Norway, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
    • The train starts in Narvik and ends in Sweden, making it a great day trip option.
  4. Abisko National Park

    • Just over the border in Sweden, Abisko National Park is known for its outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing.
    • The park also boasts the Aurora Sky Station, a prime spot for viewing the Northern Lights.
  5. Polar Park

    • This wildlife park just outside of Narvik is home to wolves, bears, lynx, and other Arctic animals.
    • Visitors can take guided tours and even stay overnight in a wilderness cabin.

Don't miss out on these amazing destinations in Harstad-Narvik!