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If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path European destination, consider Izhevsk. Located in Russia's Udmurt Republic, this city is often overlooked by tourists, but it has a lot to offer travelers. Plus, with the availability of cheap flights, there's no reason not to consider visiting Izhevsk.

First and foremost, Izhevsk is a great destination for those interested in history and culture. It's known for its firearms production, as the city is the birthplace of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47. The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex is a must-visit for history buffs. The city also has a vibrant arts scene, with several museums and galleries showcasing local artists.

But Izhevsk isn't just for the culturally inclined. The city has plenty of outdoor activities to offer as well. The Udmurt Republic is home to several national parks with beautiful scenery, including the Shishkin Forest and the Yugyd Va National Park. Visitors can go hiking, fishing, and skiing, depending on the season.

For those who enjoy nightlife, Izhevsk won't disappoint. The city has a range of bars, clubs, and restaurants to suit different tastes. And because it's not as well-known as other European destinations, you may find that prices are more reasonable.

Of course, there are challenges to visiting Izhevsk. The language barrier can be a challenge for non-Russian speakers, and the city isn't as well-developed for tourism as more popular European destinations. However, for adventurous travelers looking for a unique experience, Izhevsk is worth considering. And with cheap flights available, why not take a chance on this fascinating city?

Airlines flying to Izhevsk

Izhevsk, located in the Udmurt Republic of Russia, is a beautiful city with rich cultural heritage and history. If you're planning to travel to Izhevsk and looking for cheap flights, here are some airlines that might interest you.

  • UTair Aviation UTair Aviation is a Russian airline that offers direct flights to Izhevsk from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kazan. The airline is known for its affordable prices and comfortable flights.
  • Aeroflot Aeroflot is the flag carrier airline of Russia and offers flights from Moscow to Izhevsk. The airline has a good reputation for its punctuality and reliability.
  • Pobeda Pobeda is a low-cost airline operated by Aeroflot and offers affordable flights to Izhevsk from Moscow. The airline is known for its no-frills service and cheap ticket prices.
  • S7 Airlines S7 Airlines is a Russian airline that operates flights to Izhevsk from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Surgut. The airline offers comfortable seats, a good selection of food, and excellent customer service.

Regardless of which airline you choose, we hope you enjoy your time in Izhevsk and have a safe and pleasant flight!

Getting to and from the airport

If you're travelling to Izhevsk, Europe, the main airport that serves the region is the IJK airport. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get to and from IJK with ease, whether you're on a tight budget or looking for a more luxurious experience.

Cheap Flights to IJK

If you're looking for cheap flights to IJK, you can use various online flight search engines to compare prices from different airlines. Some popular airlines that operate flights to and from IJK include Aeroflot, Nordwind Airlines, and UTair. However, fares tend to vary depending on your departure point, travel dates, and the time of booking.

Getting to and from IJK

By Taxi

IJK airport is about 20 km outside Izhevsk, and taking a taxi is one of the most convenient ways to get to and from the airport. Several taxi companies provide services at IJK airport, and you can book in advance or take one from the taxi rank.

By Bus

If you're on a tight budget, taking the bus is an excellent option for getting to and from IJK airport. Several bus companies operate at the airport terminals, and you can buy tickets at the arrivals hall.

By Car

You can rent a car from IJK airport and drive yourself to and from your destination. Some of the car rental companies available at the airport include Hertz, Avis, and Europcar.

Getting to and from IJK airport shouldn't be a problem, as there are several options available for all budgets and preferences.

What to do in Izhevsk

If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination in Europe, consider Izhevsk, Russia. Located in the Ural Mountains region, Izhevsk offers a unique blend of culture, history, and outdoor activities.

But first, you'll need to get there. Luckily, there are several cheap flights available from major cities in Russia. You can also take a train or bus from Moscow or other nearby cities.

Once in Izhevsk, there are plenty of things to do and see. Here are some of the highlights.

Visit the Kalashnikov Museum

Izhevsk is known for being the birthplace of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle. At the Kalashnikov Museum, you can learn about the history and impact of this iconic weapon, as well as other firearms produced in Izhevsk.

Explore the Udmurt Republic Museum

The Udmurt Republic is a region within Russia that has its own distinct language and culture. The Udmurt Republic Museum in Izhevsk showcases the art, history, and traditions of this unique ethnic group.

Hike in the Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains offer some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in all of Russia. There are plenty of hiking trails in and around Izhevsk that will take you through forests, mountains, and lakes.

Try Udmurt cuisine

Udmurt cuisine is a delicious mix of Russian, European, and Asian influences. Some popular local dishes include peremech, a baked dough dish filled with meat or vegetables, and syrniki, a type of sweet cheese pancake.

Relax in a Russian banya

A banya is a traditional Russian sauna, and Izhevsk has several that are open to the public. Not only is it a great way to unwind and detox, but it's also an important part of Russian culture.

Overall, Izhevsk is a hidden gem that offers a unique glimpse into Russian culture and history. And with cheap flights and plenty of things to see and do, it's definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list.

When is best to visit Izhevsk

When is best to visit Izhevsk, Europe

If you're planning a trip to Izhevsk, the capital city of the Udmurt Republic in Russia, you may be wondering when the best time to visit is. Well, it all depends on your preferences and what you're looking to do during your visit.

The summer months of June to August are the peak tourist season in Izhevsk, and for good reason. The weather is warm, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 25°C. This is the perfect time to enjoy the city's many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and exploring the parks. However, flights during this time can be more expensive, so if you are looking for cheap flights, you may want to travel during the off-season.

The off-season of September to May can be a good option if you're looking to save money on flights and accommodations, as prices can be lower in comparison to the peak season. However, the weather during these months can be quite cold, with temperatures ranging from -10°C to 5°C in the winter months of December to February. This can make outdoor activities a bit challenging, but it's a great time to enjoy the city's indoor attractions such as museums and galleries.

It's worth noting that Izhevsk is a city that experiences all four seasons, so make sure to pack accordingly if you do decide to visit during the off-season. No matter when you decide to visit, Izhevsk offers a unique and cultural experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

What to eat in Izhevsk

Are you planning a trip to Izhevsk, Europe, but not sure what to try out to satisfy your taste buds? Worry no more! As the capital city of Udmurtia, Izhevsk has a lot to offer in terms of its traditional cuisine, as well as international delights. Here are some must-try dishes in Izhevsk.


No visit to Russia is complete without trying out pelmeni. Similar to Italian tortellini or Chinese wontons, Russian pelmeni is a type of dumpling made with minced meat and wrapped in thin dough. They can be boiled or fried and are typically served with sour cream or butter. In Izhevsk, you'll find some of the best-tasting pelmeni, which locals call "Udmurt pelmeni."

Udmurt Cuisine

The Udmurt people's traditional cuisine is a must-try when in Izhevsk. Their cuisine is heavily influenced by the region's cold climate and natural resources. Some of their signature dishes include bulyon (meat soup), chiburekki (deep-fried patties with a filling), and syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes usually served with sour cream).

European Cuisine

If you're craving European flavors while in Izhevsk, you'll find numerous options available. The city has a few Italian restaurants where you can enjoy pizza or pasta. Some restaurants also serve German sausages, French crepes, and Spanish tapas.

Sweets and Pastries

There's no better way to end your meal than with a sweet treat. In Izhevsk, you'll find a wide variety of pastries, cakes, and sweets. Try out medovik (honey cake), vatrushka (a sweet cheese bun), and pirozhki (savory or sweet stuffed buns).

With its cheap flights, traveling to Izhevsk, Europe, has never been easier. Don't forget to try out these dishes and explore the city's culture and history.

Top 5 attractions in Izhevsk

If you're planning a trip to Europe, don't overlook the charming city of Izhevsk, located in the western part of Russia. And with affordable prices for flights, finding cheap flights to Izhevsk from major European cities won't be a problem. Here are the top 5 attractions to visit while in town.

1. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex

Izhevsk is the home of the world-famous firearms designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov. The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex is dedicated to his life and work, and houses a wide collection of rifles, pistols, and other armaments. Visitors can take a guided tour around the exhibitions, which showcase the history of firearms and their impact on Russian culture.

2. National Museum of Udmurt Republic

One of the top cultural draws for visitors to Izhevsk is the National Museum of the Udmurt Republic. This museum offers a comprehensive look at the history and culture of the Udmurt people, including exhibits on traditional dress, folklore, music, and dance. There's also a large collection of art and ceramics from the region.

3. Izhevsk City Park

For some relaxation and fresh air, don't miss the city's central park. Izhevsk City Park is a verdant oasis of peace and tranquility, with a pond, walking trails, and playgrounds. With seasonal activities such as ice skating and boating, it's a great place for families with kids.

4. State Opera and Ballet Theatre

If you're in the mood for some high culture, the State Opera and Ballet Theatre is worth a visit. This stunning building houses an orchestra and performers who produce world-class music and dance productions. With affordable ticket prices, it's a bargain for visitors looking to experience some culture on a budget.

5. Izhevsk Brewery Museum

Finally, no visit to Izhevsk would be complete without a taste of the local brew. The Izhevsk Brewery Museum is a great place to sample traditional Russian beer while learning about the brewing process and the history of local beers. Complete with a gift shop, it's a great place to pick up some souvenirs as well.

With its unique cultural and historical attractions, Izhevsk is a great option for travelers looking for something a little off the beaten path. And with cheap flights readily available, there's no reason not to check it out.

Places like Izhevsk worth visiting

  • If you're looking for a unique European adventure, Izhevsk should definitely be on your list. This Russian city is located in the Ural Mountains and is known for its rich history and culture, as well as its stunning natural beauty. And the best part? You can find cheap flights to Izhevsk if you know where to look.

1. Izhevsk State Technical University

  • One of the reasons to visit Izhevsk is its top-notch educational institution, Izhevsk State Technical University. This university has been around for over 60 years and is known for its excellent engineering and science programs. If you're interested in pursuing a degree in these fields, ISTU is definitely worth checking out.

2. State Museum of the History of Izhevsk

  • For history buffs, a visit to the State Museum of the History of Izhevsk is a must. This museum is home to over 100,000 artifacts and exhibits that showcase the city's rich past, from its early beginnings to its role in the Soviet Union.

3. Udmurtia National Park

  • Nature lovers, rejoice! Udmurtia National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Izhevsk, and it's perfect for hiking, camping, and sightseeing. With stunning lakes, dense forests, and breathtaking vistas, this park is a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

4. Kalashnikov Museum

  • If you're interested in firearms, the Kalashnikov Museum is a must-visit. Named after Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47 rifle, this museum houses an impressive collection of weapons and memorabilia.

5. The Cathedral of St. Michael

  • No visit to Izhevsk would be complete without a trip to The Cathedral of St. Michael. This beautiful church is one of the city's most iconic landmarks and is known for its stunning architecture and intricate artwork.

So if you're looking for a European adventure that's a little off the beaten path, definitely consider Izhevsk as your next destination. With cheap flights and plenty to see and do, this city is definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list.