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If you're looking for a stunning Greek destination that won't break the bank, Kefallinia should be at the top of your list. This beautiful island, located in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece, is known for its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs. But that's not all that makes Kefallinia an attractive travel destination. With cheap flights readily available, it's an affordable getaway that won't leave you feeling like you've compromised on quality.

One of the top reasons to visit Kefallinia is for its beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular include Myrtos Beach, Antisamos Beach, and Skala Beach, all with stunning turquoise waters and clean, white sand. Whether you're looking to relax, swim, or sunbathe, there's something for everyone. And with over 30 beaches on the island, you're sure to discover your own slice of paradise.

If you're interested in history and culture, Kefallinia has plenty to offer. The island was once ruled by various powers, from the Venetians to the French to the British, and has a rich history that's reflected in its architecture and monuments. Don't miss out on the Byzantine-style Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, the Roman Villa of Skala, or the Argostoli Archaeological Museum, which houses a vast collection of artifacts from ancient times.

Nature lovers will be impressed by Kefallinia's stunning landscapes. The island is home to the unique Melissani Cave, an underground lake that's half-filled with clear blue water. There are also plenty of hiking trails that wind through the mountains and valleys, offering breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding countryside.

Finally, Kefallinia is known for its delicious cuisine. Traditional dishes include tzatziki, dolmades, moussaka, and fresh seafood, all of which can be enjoyed at local tavernas and restaurants. Don't forget to try the local wine, Robola, which is produced exclusively on the island.

With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that Kefallinia is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. With cheap flights available from various European cities, it's an affordable way to experience the beauty, history, and culture of Greece. So why not add Kefallinia to your travel bucket list? You won't regret it.

Airlines flying to Kefallinia

Are you planning on traveling to Kefallinia anytime soon? If so, you'll be pleased to know that there are several airlines flying to this beautiful Greek island. And the best part? You can find cheap flights if you know where to look.

One of the most popular airlines flying to Kefallinia is Ryanair. This budget airline offers flights from a variety of European cities, including London, Dublin, Brussels, and Rome. Their prices can be quite competitive, especially if you book in advance and avoid peak travel times.

Another airline to consider is easyJet. They offer flights from a few select cities, such as London and Milan, but they do have some good deals if you can snag them. Keep an eye out for promotions and sales - sometimes you can get a great deal on a flight.

If you prefer a more traditional airline, Olympic Air is a good option. They offer flights from Athens to Kefallinia, as well as a few other Greek islands. Their prices can be a bit higher than the budget airlines, but they often have more flexible schedules and better customer service.

Lastly, you may want to check out Aegean Airlines. They offer flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Kefallinia, as well as flights from some other European cities. Their prices can be competitive, and they have a good reputation for punctuality and service.

Whichever airline you decide to fly with, make sure to start your search early and compare prices from different sources. With a little bit of planning and research, you can find cheap flights to Kefallinia and enjoy all the beauty this island has to offer.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're planning to travel to Kefallinia, Europe, the main airport code is EFL. Luckily, there are several ways to get to and from the island.

Cheap Flights

If you're looking for cheap flights, it's best to book early or be flexible with your travel dates. Low-cost carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet have regular flights to Kefallinia during the summer months, while other airlines like British Airways and Lufthansa offer flights year-round.

Airport Transfer

Once you arrive at EFL, there are several ways to get to your hotel or accommodation. Taxis are available outside the terminal building, but they can be quite expensive. A cheaper option is to book a shared airport transfer, which can be arranged before your trip. Alternatively, you can rent a car at the airport and drive yourself around the island.

Island Hopping

Kefallinia is one of the many beautiful islands in Greece, and you might want to consider island hopping during your visit. Ferry services run regularly between Kefallinia and other nearby islands like Zakynthos and Ithaca.

Public Transport

Public transport on Kefallinia is limited, but there are some local buses that run between the main towns and villages. You can also rent a scooter or bike to get around the island, which can be a fun and affordable option.

Getting to and from Kefallinia, Europe is easy and convenient. With a little bit of planning, you can find cheap flights and transportation options that suit your needs and budget.

What to do in Kefallinia

Kefallinia is one of the Greek islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. It's a popular destination for tourists due to its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and delicious local cuisine. A great way to get to Kefallinia is through cheap flights from major European cities.


One of the main attractions of Kefallinia is its beaches. The island has many beautiful beaches, such as Myrtos Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The crystal-clear water and white sand will leave you speechless. Another beach worth visiting is Petani Beach, which has turquoise water and a stunning view.

Melissani Cave

Located in the western part of the island, Melissani Cave is a unique natural phenomenon. The cave has an underground lake where you can take a boat ride and admire the natural beauty of the cave. The water has an intense blue color due to the sunlight entering the cave through a hole in the ceiling.

Assos Village

Assos Village is a picturesque village that's worth a visit. The village is located on a peninsula, and its colorful houses and small port create a wonderful atmosphere. You can take a walk through the narrow streets and enjoy the view of the sea.

Fiscardo Village

Fiscardo Village is another beautiful village on the island. It's located in the northern part of Kefallinia and has wonderful Venetian-style houses. The village also has many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Mount Enos

Mount Enos is the highest mountain on the island, and it's a great place for hiking enthusiasts. The mountain is covered with pine trees and is home to many rare species of flora and fauna.

Local Cuisine

Greek cuisine is known for its delicious dishes, and Kefallinia is no exception. You should try the local specialty, Kefalonian Meat Pie, which is a pie filled with minced meat, potatoes, and local herbs. You can also taste fresh seafood, such as freshly caught squid or octopus.

Kefallinia is a great destination for those who want to experience the true beauty of Greece. Its stunning beaches, natural wonders, and thriving local culture make it a must-visit destination.

When is best to visit Kefallinia

When is best to visit Kefallinia, Europe?

If you're planning a trip to Kefallinia and wondering when is the best time to visit, read on! Kefallinia, a beautiful island in Greece, has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. However, the best time to visit Kefallinia would be in spring or autumn.

Spring, from March to May, is perfect for those who prefer mild weather and fewer crowds. The island will start to bloom with wildflowers, and the weather will be pleasant for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing.

Autumn, from September to November, is also a lovely time to visit Kefallinia. The crowds will have faded, but the weather will still be pleasant, with an average temperature of 23°C (73°F). Additionally, the island hosts some cultural events during this time, such as grape harvesting festivals and traditional costume parades.

On the other hand, summertime is the peak season for tourism in Kefallinia. The island will be bustling with visitors, and the prices for accommodations will be higher. If you wish to visit Kefallinia in summer, plan ahead and book your accommodation and flights early to avoid the higher costs.

Speaking of flights, the island has a small airport, but there are many international flights to Kefallinia. You can find cheap flights from major European cities to Kefallinia, especially in spring or autumn. Moreover, Kefallinia has a ferry connection to neighboring islands and mainland Greece.

The best time to visit Kefallinia is in spring or autumn, when the weather is mild, and the crowds are few. However, plan ahead if you want to visit in summer, and book your flights and accommodations early to avoid the high prices.

What to eat in Kefallinia

If you're looking for an incredible culinary experience in Europe, Kefallinia should be on your list. But first things first – make sure you secure cheap flights to Kefallinia before making your way there. Once you've arrived, get ready to taste some amazing local dishes!

Seafood Being an island, seafood is a staple in Kefallinia cuisine. You can indulge in a variety of fresh fish, including red mullet, sea bass, and octopus. One popular dish is a baked fish (psarosoupa) soup which is packed with all sorts of seafood, vegetables, and herbs.

Meat For meat-lovers, lamb is a must-try in Kefallinia. The meat is tender, tasty, and often cooked with traditional spices to enhance its flavour. You can also try local beef dishes like stifado, which is slow-cooked beef stew with onions, garlic, and cinnamon.

Cheese Kefalonian cheese is a famous local product. Feta cheese and kefalotyri are two cheeses that add a distinct flavour to many traditional dishes found here. You can have them served in a Greek salad, on their own, or even fried.

Wine Many vineyards in Kefallinia produce their wine. The Robola grape is grown almost exclusively on the island and produces award-winning white wines that pair well with seafood dishes. You can also find red wines here, like Mavrodaphne, which is sweet and after-dinner drink usually served with dessert.

So, if you find yourself in Kefallinia, be sure to try a selection of these dishes to taste all the flavours the island has to offer. Bon appétit!

Top 5 attractions in Kefallinia

  • Introduction Kefallinia is one of the most stunning islands in Europe and is a popular vacation spot. It has been the setting for various Hollywood films, including Captain Corelli's Mandolin. To get there, you can choose from cheap flights from Athens, London, and other European cities. Here are the top 5 attractions that are a must-visit when you are in Kefallinia.
  1. Myrtos Beach Myrtos Beach is known all over the world for its turquoise waters and white sands. It is located in the northwest of the island and is surrounded by high cliffs, providing an excellent event for snorkeling and sunbathing. You can also rent a sunbed and umbrella to relax under the sun.
  2. Melissani Cave While exploring Kefallinia, do not miss a visit to the Melissani Cave. The cave is located near Sami village and has stunning blue waters that are lit up by entering sunlight. You can explore the cave by boat, and this is an experience that you should not miss.
  3. Assos Village Assos is a picturesque village that is located on a small peninsula in the northwest of the island. It is a charming place where you can walk through narrow alleys and admire the stunning scenery of the Ionian Sea. You can also visit the Venetian Castle, which was built in the 16th century.
  4. Fiskardo Village Fiskardo is a village in the north of Kefallinia that is beautiful and charming. It is famous for its traditional houses that are painted in bright colors, a beautiful marina with yachts, and excellent seafood restaurants. It is worth spending an afternoon exploring the village and trying some fresh seafood.
  5. Mount Ainos Mount Ainos is the highest peak in Kefallinia and offers spectacular views of the island and the Ionian Sea. It is a perfect spot for hiking and walking, and there are many trails that you can follow depending on your fitness level. The mountain is home to various species of animals and plants and is a protected national park.
  • Conclusion These are the top 5 attractions that you must explore when on a vacation in Kefallinia. The island has so much to offer, from stunning beaches to charming villages, and it will leave you spellbound. Book your cheap flights today and make Kefallinia, Europe your next vacation spot.

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