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If you're looking for a hidden gem in Europe to visit, then Kuopio is worth considering. This charming city is located in Finland and boasts of its picturesque landscapes, stunning architecture, rich culture, and affordable travel options. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to seize the chance to explore Kuopio, especially for budget travelers.

First off, there are cheap flights available to Kuopio from various cities in Europe, so you won't have to break the bank to get there. Finnair and Norwegian are two of the airlines that offer low-priced flights to this Finnish city. Once you arrive, you'll notice that everything in Kuopio is also reasonably priced. Accommodations, food, and attractions cost much less than in many other European destinations.

One of the reasons why Kuopio is a popular destination is its natural beauty. Surrounded by idyllic lakes and lush green forests, this city offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. You can go hiking, cycling, skiing, or snowboarding, depending on the season. The Kallavesi Lake is a must-visit attraction, where you can take a relaxing cruise or go fishing for some of the freshest catch around.

But Kuopio also has plenty to offer for culture vultures. One of its most famous landmarks is the Puijo Tower, which is a viewing tower that provides breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape. Another must-see attraction is the Kuopio Museum, where you can learn about the city's history and its people.

Foodies will also have a blast in Kuopio. The city has a fantastic culinary scene that features traditional Finnish dishes and international cuisine. Some of the must-try delicacies include Karelian pasties, leipajuusto (bread cheese), and smoked salmon.

Kuopio is a fantastic destination in Europe that offers something for everyone. With cheap flights available and plenty of affordable travel options, visiting this city won't put a strain on your travel budget. From its stunning scenery to its rich culture and fantastic food, Kuopio has everything you need for a memorable trip.

Airlines flying to Kuopio

Looking for cheap flights to Kuopio? Well, your search is over! This beautiful city in Finland is easily accessible by air, and there are a number of airlines that fly to Kuopio on a regular basis, making travel to this picturesque destination a breeze.


Finnair is a popular airline in Finland, and it provides several flights to Kuopio from Helsinki every day. With its fleet of modern aircraft, Finnair ensures that your journey to Kuopio is smooth and hassle-free.


Norwegian is another great airline that offers cheap flights to Kuopio. This low-cost airline operates flights to Kuopio from Helsinki, and you can save quite a bit of money by choosing Norwegian for your next trip to Kuopio.


AirBaltic is a Latvian airline that operates flights to Kuopio on certain days of the week. While not as frequent as Finnair or Norwegian, AirBaltic offers affordable flights to Kuopio from Riga, making it a great choice for travellers coming from that part of the world.


Blue1 is a Finnish airline that operates flights to Kuopio from Helsinki. Although it's not as well-known as some of the other airlines on this list, Blue1 offers comfortable flights to Kuopio at reasonable prices.


SAS, also known as Scandinavian Airlines, operates flights to Kuopio from Stockholm. If you're travelling to Kuopio from Sweden, SAS is a great option that offers affordable and reliable flights.

There are several airlines that fly to Kuopio, and with so many options, you're sure to find a flight that suits your budget and schedule. So why wait? Book your flight to Kuopio today and experience the beauty of this charming Finnish city for yourself!

Getting to and from the airport

If you're planning a trip to Kuopio, Europe, the main airport code is KUO. Thankfully, there are several options to get to and from the airport regardless of your location.

If you're sticking to a budget, finding cheap flights to Kuopio might be a priority. Many airlines offer affordable flights to KUO, especially during the low season. Keep in mind that prices may increase during peak travel times like holidays and summer.

Once you land at KUO, you have a few options for transportation to your destination. Taxis are readily available outside the terminal, but they can be expensive. Alternatively, you can take a bus to the city center for a fraction of the cost.

If you're traveling light and on a budget, you could consider walking or cycling to your destination. The airport is located about 14 kilometers from the city center, which is a reasonable distance for those who enjoy a bit of exercise.

Getting to and from Kuopio via the main airport, KUO, is straightforward and accessible, regardless of your budget. Whether you prefer to take a taxi, bus, or bike, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

What to do in Kuopio

Are you looking for a new adventure but don't want to break the bank on flights? Look no further than the city of Kuopio in Finland! With cheap flights available from many European cities, you'll be able to explore this charming and picturesque town without breaking the bank.

Here are some activities to fill your itinerary while in Kuopio.

1. Explore Puijo Tower

Get a bird's-eye view of the city from the top of Puijo Tower. This tall observation tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of Kuopio and its surroundings. The tower is also home to a restaurant and there are various trails nearby for hiking and cycling.

2. Visit Kuopio Cathedral

Kuopio Cathedral is a stunning piece of architecture that was built in the 1800s. With its grand white exterior and impressive bell tower, it's hard to miss this spot. Take a tour of the inside to see the intricate decor, dimly-lit nave, and looming organ.

3. Take a Boat Tour on Lake Kallavesi

For a peaceful outing, hop on a boat and relax as you cruise around Lake Kallavesi. This lake is surrounded by lush forests and quaint islands. The nearby harbor offers several tour options ranging from hour-long rides to day trips.

4. Relax in the Famous Kuopio Sauna

Finland has a long tradition when it comes to saunas, and Kuopio is no exception. The Kuopio Sauna is Finland's largest public sauna and offers a unique bathing experience. It's open all year round so you can enjoy the open-air sauna regardless of the season.

5. Shop at the Kuopio Market Hall

Get a taste for the local culture at the Kuopio Market Hall. This historic building offers mouth-watering delicacies, fresh produce, handmade souvenirs, and much more. It's a great place to wander around and find something unique to take home with you.

From scenic views to cultural experiences, Kuopio offers something for everyone. With its affordable flights and attractions, it's no wonder it's becoming a popular destination among travelers from around the world.

When is best to visit Kuopio

If you're looking for a charming European city with a bit of a Scandinavian feel, Kuopio might be just what you're after. This Finnish city sits on the shores of Lake Kallavesi and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, as well as a bustling city center with plenty of shops, restaurants, and cultural sites to explore.

But when is the best time to visit Kuopio? That really depends on what you're looking for. If you're hoping to take advantage of the city's many outdoor recreation options, like hiking, biking, and fishing, you'll probably want to visit during the summer months (June through August). This is when temperatures are warmest, daylight hours are longest, and there are plenty of events and festivals happening in the city.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a quieter, more contemplative experience, you might want to consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (May and September). The weather can be a bit cooler and more unpredictable during these months, but you'll have fewer crowds to contend with and you may be able to snag cheaper flights and accommodation.

Of course, if you're a winter sports enthusiast, you'll want to visit Kuopio during the colder months (December through March). This is when you can take advantage of the city's many ski resorts, ice-skating rinks, and other winter activities. Just be prepared for some seriously chilly temperatures!

Overall, Kuopio is a great destination to visit year-round, depending on your interests and priorities. And with the availability of cheap flights to Finland from many parts of Europe, it's easier than ever to plan a visit to this charming northern city.

What to eat in Kuopio

If you are planning a visit to Kuopio, Finland, you might be wondering about the local cuisine. In this article, we will provide you with some information about the must-try dishes in Kuopio.


Kalakukko is a traditional Finnish dish that originated in Kuopio. It is a baked dish made of rye bread and filled with fish and pork. The fish used in this dish is usually perch or trout, and the pork is usually bacon. Kalakukko is typically served with a side of butter or sour cream.


Riisipuuro is a Finnish rice porridge that is commonly eaten for breakfast or as a snack. It is made by cooking rice in milk and sweetened with sugar. It is typically served with cinnamon and sugar and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.


Mustamakkara is a traditional Finnish sausage that is popular in Kuopio. It is made with pork, beef, and barley, and is flavored with onion and blood. Mustamakkara is typically served for breakfast or as a snack, and it is best enjoyed with lingonberry jam.


Karjalanpiirakka is a traditional Finnish pastry that is famous throughout Finland. It is a small-sized pie made of rye flour and filled with rice pudding or mashed potato. Karjalanpiirakka is typically served with butter and a variety of toppings such as cheese, egg, or ham.


If you are looking for cheap flights to Kuopio, Finland, make sure to try some of the local cuisine. Kalakukko, Riisipuuro, Mustamakkara, and Karjalanpiirakka are some of the must-try dishes in Kuopio. So, pack your bags, hop on a plane, and get ready to enjoy some delicious Finnish food.

Top 5 attractions in Kuopio

If you're looking for a unique European destination that's not overrun with tourists, Kuopio in Finland might just be the place for you. Here are the top 5 attractions that you shouldn't miss during your visit.

  1. Puijo Tower Head up to the top of Puijo Tower for panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscape. It's a great spot for photos, and you can also grab a bite to eat or a drink at the tower restaurant.
  2. Market Square Like many European cities, Kuopio has a lively market square where you can browse the stalls for souvenirs and local specialties. The square is especially fun on weekends when there's often live music and other entertainment.
  3. Kuopio Cathedral This beautiful cathedral dates back to the mid-1800s and is a must-visit for architecture buffs. The interior is just as stunning as the outside, with intricate frescoes and decorations.
  4. Lake Kallavesi Kuopio is surrounded by beautiful lakes, and Lake Kallavesi is one of the most popular for swimming, boating, and fishing. There are also several hiking trails in the nearby forests if you want to explore the area on foot.
  5. Kuopio Museum Learn about the history and culture of Kuopio and the surrounding region at this engaging museum. There are exhibits on everything from prehistoric times to modern-day life, and the museum often hosts special events and workshops.

Getting to Kuopio is easy thanks to cheap flights from many major European cities. Once you're there, you'll find plenty of affordable accommodation, dining, and activities. So why not add Kuopio to your European travel itinerary and experience something a little off the beaten path?

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