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Have you ever considered visiting Luxembourg, the small European country with a big heart?

First and foremost, Luxembourg is easily accessible with cheap flights available from various European cities. Despite its small size, Luxembourg offers a plethora of activities and sights to admire. Its rich history includes being an important location during World War II, and remnants of this time can still be seen through its historic forts and battlefields.

Luxembourg City, the capital, is a beautifully preserved city with a unique blend of modernity and history. The city offers a stunning view of the Adolphe Bridge, one of Luxembourg's most famous landmarks, as it spans over the deep Alzette valley. Furthermore, the old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it a must-visit destination for history buffs.

If you're a nature lover, you're in for a treat. Luxembourg is home to numerous breathtaking parks, hiking trails, and forests that would make anyone fall in love with nature. One of the most popular parks is the Mullerthal Trail, where you can hike through rock formations, gorges, and forests to discover the natural beauty of this stunning environment.

Luxembourg is not just a beautiful country, it's also one of the wealthiest in the world. This means the country is home to a thriving dining scene, with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and cozy cafes. The city's food culture is a blend of French and German cuisine, offering a wide range of flavors and dishes that are sure to delight any foodie.

Luxembourg is an understated gem in Europe that offers an unforgettable adventure for travelers. Cheap flights, its unique blend of nature, history, and culture make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore something new. So why not consider exploring all that Luxembourg has to offer?

Airlines flying to Luxembourg

If you're looking for an affordable way to explore Luxembourg, flying is a great option. There are several airlines that offer cheap flights to this picturesque country in the heart of Europe.

One popular choice is Luxair, the national airline of Luxembourg. They offer direct flights from many European cities, including London, Paris, Munich, and Milan. Luxair also operates flights to destinations in Africa, Asia, and North America, making it a convenient choice for international travelers.

Another option is Ryanair, a low-cost airline known for offering budget-friendly fares throughout Europe. They offer direct flights to Luxembourg from several cities, including Dublin, Milan, and Porto.

If you're looking for even more options, you can also consider flying with airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa, and British Airways, all of which offer flights to Luxembourg.

No matter which airline you choose, you'll be able to experience the charm and beauty of Luxembourg, from its historic castles and stunning valleys to its delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife. And with so many affordable flight options available, it's easier than ever to plan your dream trip to this captivating country.

Getting to and from the airport

##Getting to and from Luxembourg Airport (LUX)

Luxembourg Airport (LUX) is the main airport in Luxembourg, Europe. It is located about 6 kilometers east of Luxembourg City, making it easy to travel to and from the airport.

###How to Get to Luxembourg Airport

####By Car If you prefer to drive to the airport, there are multiple car rental companies available at the airport, or you can park your car in one of the long-term parking lots. However, keep in mind that traffic in and around Luxembourg City can be busy at peak hours, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

####By Public Transport If you are coming from Luxembourg City, you can take bus number 16 which stops at the airport. The bus schedule is frequent, and the travel time is approximately 35-40 minutes. Alternatively, you can also take a train to Senningerberg train station and then take bus number 16 to the airport. Travel time for this option is approximately 45-50 minutes.

###Cheap Flights to Luxembourg Airport

Luxembourg Airport is a relatively small airport, but it serves many major European cities. Airlines such as Ryanair, Luxair, and EasyJet operate regular flights to and from the airport, offering travelers various options for cheap flights to and from Luxembourg.

###Final Thoughts

Getting to and from Luxembourg Airport is quite straightforward, and there are various options available to meet your time and budget preferences. Whether you choose to travel by car or public transport, you can easily reach the airport with various cheap flight options available for travelers from major European cities.

What to do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, the small country in Western Europe, is often overshadowed by its neighboring countries such as France, Germany, and Belgium. However, this can be an advantage for budget travelers as flights to Luxembourg tend to be cheaper than other destinations in Europe.

Now that you have decided to visit Luxembourg, what can you do there? Here are some suggestions.

Visit the Old City of Luxembourg

The Old City of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-visit for history buffs. The city is a mix of different architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque, and boasts a picturesque landscape. You can visit the Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and the fortifications that surround the city.

Explore the Luxembourg Ardennes

The Luxembourg Ardennes is a natural wonder that offers hiking, cycling, and camping opportunities. The region is covered with forests, rivers, and hills, which are perfect for outdoor activities. You can visit the Mullerthal Trail, also known as the "Little Switzerland" of Luxembourg, which features stunning limestone cliffs and waterfalls.

Visit the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg City showcases the works of contemporary artists from around the world. The museum's architecture alone is worth the visit, with its glass facades and steel structures. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the views of the city from the museum's rooftop terrace.

Go Wine Tasting

Luxembourg has a long wine-making history dating back to the Roman era. The Moselle Valley, in particular, is known for producing excellent white wines. You can visit one of the many wineries in the region and taste some of the best local wines.

Visit Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle is a medieval castle located in the north of Luxembourg. It is one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine and offers a unique insight into Luxembourg's history. You can visit the castle's interior and climb up to the top for stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Luxembourg may be a small country, but it is full of activities and attractions that are worth exploring. And with cheap flights to Luxembourg, there's no excuse not to visit this hidden gem in Europe.

When is best to visit Luxembourg

If you're eyeing Luxembourg for your next European adventure, there are a few things to consider when deciding on the best time to visit. Of course, your preferences and interests will play a huge role, but here are some general pointers to help you out.


Temperatures in Luxembourg are fairly mild and consistent throughout the year, with summer averaging in the mid to high 20s (Celsius) and winter averaging around 0 to 5 degrees. However, rain is fairly common year-round, so come prepared with a raincoat or umbrella.


As with any popular tourist destination, Luxembourg can get quite busy during peak times. These typically include the summer months, especially August when many Europeans are on holiday. If you prefer quieter streets and less crowded attractions, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons (April-May & September-October) or even winter. Just be aware that some attractions and accommodations might not be open during the low season.


If you're looking for cheap flights and affordable accommodations, your best bet is to visit Luxembourg in the low season. However, keep in mind that some attractions, restaurants, and shops might be closed or have reduced hours during this time. On the other hand, if you're willing to splurge on high-end accommodations and Michelin-starred restaurants, then peak season might be the time for you.


What do you plan on doing in Luxembourg? If you're interested in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and enjoying the parks, then spring and summer are the best times to visit. However, if museums, cultural events, and Christmas markets are more your style, consider visiting in the winter months.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Luxembourg will depend on your personal preferences and travel style. Keep these factors in mind when planning your trip and you're sure to have a wonderful time exploring this charming European country.

What to eat in Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be small, but it has a variety of culinary options to offer. Whether you fancy classic European cuisine or want to try something new and exotic, Luxembourg won't disappoint.

Here's what to eat in Luxembourg.

  • Gromperekichelcher These crispy potato fritters are a must-try in Luxembourg. They're usually served with applesauce and make for a delicious snack or appetizer.
  • Bouchée à la Reine This creamy chicken and mushroom stew is a Luxembourgish classic. It's traditionally served in a puff pastry shell and is perfect for a chilly evening.
  • Judd mat Gaardebounen Pork collar and broad beans may sound like an unusual combination, but it's a beloved dish in Luxembourg. The pork is slow-cooked and served with the beans in a rich sauce.
  • Kachkéis Cheese lovers, rejoice! Kachkéis is a Luxembourgish cheese spread that's usually served as a sandwich filling. It's made with soft cheese, butter, and spices, and it's simply delicious.
  • Rieslingspaschtéit This savory pie is filled with meat and vegetables and is typically served cold. It's an excellent option for a picnic or a quick lunch on the go.

Of course, Luxembourg has much more to offer than just these five dishes. Don't hesitate to try out other local specialties, such as traditional sausages, fresh seafood, or Belgian waffles.

Getting to Luxembourg from other European countries is now easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to cheap flights. So, why not plan a foodie trip to Luxembourg and enjoy all the delicious flavors this tiny country has to offer? Bon appétit!

Top 5 attractions in Luxembourg

If you're looking for a quick weekend getaway or a longer European adventure, Luxembourg is a great destination to consider. With easy access from airports all over Europe and cheap flights available year-round, there's no reason not to put Luxembourg on your list of places to visit. Here are the top 5 attractions that you won't want to miss in this tiny yet beautiful country.

1. Luxembourg City

The capital city of Luxembourg is a must-visit for anyone coming to the country. The city is packed with historical sites, including the Bock promontory and its underground casemates, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There's also the impressive Grand Ducal Palace, and the stunning Adolphe Bridge, which spans the Pétrusse river valley.

2. Ardennes Region

The Ardennes region of Luxembourg is a nature lover's paradise, with rolling hills, dense forests, and picturesque villages. For hikers, there are many long-distance trails to explore, while cyclists can enjoy well-maintained bike paths throughout the area. If you prefer a more relaxed pace, take a scenic drive through the countryside and stop at some of the charming towns and hamlets along the way.

3. Vianden Castle

Perched high on a hill overlooking the town of Vianden, this castle is one of the most impressive in Europe. Originally built in the 11th century, the castle has been beautifully restored and visitors can tour its many rooms and towers. Afterward, stroll through the charming town and grab a bite to eat at one of the many cozy cafes.

4. Echternach Abbey

Located in the eastern part of Luxembourg, Echternach Abbey is a stunning example of Romanesque architecture. The abbey dates back to the 7th century and has gone through many transformations over the years. Today, visitors can explore its impressive cloister and wander through the peaceful gardens.

5. Mullerthal Trail

Aptly nicknamed "Little Switzerland," the Mullerthal Trail is a 112-kilometer hiking route through the stunning Luxembourg countryside. The trail takes hikers through deep gorges, past shimmering lakes, and along rocky outcrops. Even if you can't tackle the entire route, there are plenty of shorter, more manageable sections to explore.

All of these attractions are easily accessible from many major European cities thanks to the availability of cheap flights to Luxembourg. So why not add Luxembourg to your travel plans and discover all the beauty and history that this small country has to offer?

Places like Luxembourg worth visiting

  • Luxembourg is a beautiful little country nestled in the heart of Europe. What makes it even better is that with so many cheap flights to choose from, travelling there won't break the bank!
  • Once there, you'll want to experience all that Luxembourg has to offer including a visit to the picturesque Ardennes Mountains and the Moselle Valley with its rolling hills and seemingly endless rows of vines.
  • For those interested in history, the old town of Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting stunning examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture as well as remnants of the city's original fortifications.
  • Luxembourg is also a great destination for those who love art and culture! The country boasts over 90 museums, including the contemporary art-focused MUDAM and the National Museum of History and Art. Don't miss out on the Bock Casemates – underground tunnels and passages that offer an eerie glimpse into the city's military history.
  • Finally, nature lovers will swoon over the Mullerthal region, also known as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. This region is perfect for hiking and trekking with its breathtaking rock formations, lush forests, and glistening waterfalls.