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Melilla is a stunning and unique city located in Europe that you won't want to miss. The city is located in the northeastern part of Morocco and is actually part of Spain - making it a perfect fusion of African and European culture.

If you're thinking about traveling there, you'll be pleased to know that there are many cheap flights available to Melilla from various European cities. This means that you can explore the city without breaking the bank, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers.

One of the main reasons people visit Melilla is its architectural beauty. The city is home to stunning Spanish and Moorish-style buildings, which have been preserved incredibly well. The most famous is the Melilla La Vieja, which is a fortified city located on the coast. The streets of Melilla are also peppered with various plazas, fountains, and other impressive structures.

The beaches in Melilla are another attraction for visitors. The city boasts a long coastline with crystal clear waters and soft sand beaches. You can pack your swimsuit and soak up the sun on any of the beaches in Melilla, whether you're looking for some peaceful solitude or a lively atmosphere with beach bars and music.

Melilla is also renowned for its delicious cuisine that is a unique blend of Moroccan and Spanish flavors. You'll find a plethora of local restaurants and cafes serving up delicious seafood dishes, hearty stews, and exotic spices that will tantalize your taste buds.

If you're interested in history, Melilla is the perfect destination as it has a rich past. The city was colonized by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and the Romans and has a fascinating history that you can discover in various museums scattered around the city.

Melilla may not be as popular as its neighboring cities, but it's definitely worth visiting. It's an excellent destination for those looking for adventure, history, culture, and relaxation. With cheap flights readily available, there's really no excuse not to visit this hidden gem in Europe.

Airlines flying to Melilla

There are a number of airlines that fly to Melilla, the autonomous Spanish city located on the North African coast. If you're searching for cheap flights, it's worth checking out the offerings from Ryanair and Binter.

Ryanair is a popular choice for budget travellers, with their flights often coming in at a lower price point than many other carriers. They offer direct flights to Melilla from Madrid and Málaga, making it easy to get to this unique destination.

Another option is Binter, a Spanish airline that operates flights to Melilla from a variety of different cities across the country including Madrid, Gran Canaria and Seville. While their fares may not always be as low as Ryanair's, they do have a good reputation for customer service and reliability.

In addition to these two options, there are a few other airlines that operate flights to Melilla including Air Europa and Iberia. They may be worth checking out if you're looking for more convenient flight times or routes that suit your travel plans.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to flying to Melilla. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking for a more comfortable flying experience, you should be able to find an airline that suits your needs.

Getting to and from the airport

Melilla is a small Mediterranean city located in the Spanish territory of North Africa. And if you're planning to visit this beautiful and unique place, you'll need to know how to get there and where to find cheap flights.

By Plane

The fastest and easiest way to get to Melilla is by plane. The main airport code is MLN, and it's located about 4 km from the city center. Melilla airport is small, so there aren't many airlines that fly there, but you can still find some options that offer cheap flights. Air Europa and Ryanair have regular flights to Melilla from Madrid and Málaga. The flying time from Madrid to Melilla is just over an hour, while the flying time from Málaga is approximately 45 minutes.

By Ferry

Another option to reach Melilla is by ferry. You can take a ferry from several ports in Spain, such as Almería, Málaga, and Motril. The ferry ride is longer than flying, but it's a good option if you don't mind spending more time on travel. Also, taking a ferry allows you to enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast of North Africa. Several companies operate ferries to Melilla, such as Balearia and Trasmediterranea.

Getting to and from the Airport

Once you arrive at the Melilla airport, there are several options to reach the city center. Taxis are available outside the airport terminal, and the ride to the city center takes approximately 10 minutes. You can also take the bus that runs from the airport to the city center and other parts of Melilla.


Melilla is well-connected to Spain, making it easy to reach via plane or ferry. Overall, Melilla is a unique city that offers a blend of Spanish and North African cultures and attractions. We hope this article has provided you with helpful information for getting to and from the city from Melilla airport (MLN).

What to do in Melilla

Melilla is a small autonomous city nestled in North Africa and is one of the two Spanish territories on the African continent. Known for its rich and diverse history, it is a perfect tourist destination for those who want to experience the best of both Spanish and Moroccan cultures.

Getting there

Melilla is easily accessible by plane with several airlines offering cheap flights from major cities in Spain. Alternatively, you can also travel by ferry from Malaga, Almeria, or Motril.

Things to do

  • Visit the Old Town The narrow streets of the Old Town are packed with history, stunning architecture, and traditional shops. Take a stroll through the streets and bask in the Mediterranean charm of Melilla.
  • Explore the Melilla la Vieja Fortress This fortress is a stunning example of Melilla's rich history. It was built in the 16th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Go to the beaches Melilla is blessed with several beautiful beaches, including San Lorenzo and Hipódromo. Spend a day relaxing on the sand or taking part in water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding.
  • Take a day trip to Morocco Melilla is just a stone's throw away from Morocco, so why not take a day trip to experience the country's vibrant culture and delicious cuisine? The border is easily accessible, and you can travel by foot or taxi.
  • Visit the Central Market This market is a must-visit for food lovers. With a wide range of fresh produce, spices, and meats, it's the perfect place to sample some of the local delicacies.
  • See the statue of Franco This statue is a tribute to the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, and is a controversial landmark in the city. Nevertheless, it's worth a visit as it's a significant piece of history.

Melilla may be a small city, but it's packed with culture, history, and natural beauty. It's a perfect destination for those looking for a unique European experience.

When is best to visit Melilla

When is the Best Time to Visit Melilla, Europe?

Looking for a place to visit in Europe but want to avoid the crowds? Look no further than Melilla. This Spanish autonomous city is situated on the African continent and is a popular destination for travellers looking for a unique experience.

But when is the best time to visit Melilla? If you're looking for cheap flights and fewer tourists, it's best to avoid the peak season between June and August. Temperatures during these months can reach 30°C and the city is packed with tourists. Instead, consider visiting in the shoulder season between April-May or September-October. During these months, the weather is still pleasant, with temperatures averaging between 20°C and 25°C, but with fewer crowds.

If you're interested in experiencing the cultural and religious events that Melilla has to offer, then plan your visit around its main festivals. The Semana Santa (Holy Week) in April and the Feria de Melilla (Melilla Fair) in September are two notable events that attract locals and tourists alike.

Overall, Melilla is a unique destination that offers a blend of European and North African cultures. Whether you're interested in exploring the historical sites and architecture or simply want to relax on the beaches, there's something for everyone. So book your flight during the shoulder season and experience this hidden gem for yourself.

What to eat in Melilla

If you're looking for a unique gastronomical experience in Europe, Melilla is the place to be. This North African enclave offers a delectable blend of Spanish, Moroccan, and Jewish cuisine that will surely leave your taste buds craving for more. And the good news is, you can easily get there with cheap flights from various European cities.

Here are some of the must-try dishes in Melilla.

  • Pastela. This savory pastry is a staple in Moroccan cuisine, and Melilla's version is one of the best. It's made with layers of thin phyllo dough filled with spiced chicken or fish, almonds, and eggs. The top is dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon for a sweet touch.
  • Pinchos morunos. These skewered meat bites are a popular street food in Spain, and in Melilla, you'll find them with a North African twist. The meat is marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection. You can have them with bread or alone.
  • Chuletón de ternera. If you're a meat lover, don't miss out on this juicy beef steak. It's a specialty in Melilla and is cooked over hot coals for that smoky flavor. Pair it with some local red wine, and you're in for a treat.
  • Pescado frito. This simple dish of freshly fried fish is a testament to Melilla's coastal bounty. It's usually served with lemon wedges and a side of salad or chips. You can find it in most seafood restaurants in town.
  • Sfinge. For dessert, try this fried doughnut that's popular among the Moroccan Jewish community in Melilla. It's made with flour, yeast, and sugar, then dipped in honey and sesame seeds. It's a sweet way to end your meal.

These are just some of the many delicious dishes that await you in Melilla. Don't hesitate to explore more of the local cuisine and take a bite of the city's fascinating cultural heritage.

Top 5 attractions in Melilla

Melilla is a small Spanish enclave located in North Africa, a unique destination that is often overlooked by travelers. However, Melilla has numerous hidden gems that are worth discovering. Here are the top 5 attractions in Melilla that you shouldn't miss, especially with the availability of cheap flights to the city.

1. Melilla Old Town (La Ciudad Vieja)

Melilla's Old Town is a fascinating blend of Spanish and Moroccan architecture, with a maze of narrow streets, small plazas, and ornate buildings. It's an excellent destination for those who love to explore cultural heritage spots. The area is surrounded by a defensive wall built in the 16th century and is home to several churches, synagogues, and mosques, making it a microcosm of the city's historical diversity.

2. Melilla Modernist Architecture Route

Melilla is known for its Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings that leave visitors in awe and admiration. The city showcases a modernista style, which is a mixture of European and Arabic influences. Walking the modernist architecture route will take you on a tour through the city's history and urban development. Melilla's Modernist Tour is an excellent opportunity to explore its rich urban heritage.

3. Melilla Museum of Archaeology and History

The Museum of Archeology and History is located in the heart of Melilla's old town and is a must-visit destination. The museum exhibits artifacts from the Phoenician, Roman, and Islamic periods that showcase the city's rich archaeological heritage. Visitors can see a range of exhibits, including ceramics, jewelry, mosaics, and coins, among other historical items.

4. Parque Hernandez and La Hípica

Melilla has plenty of relaxing and green spots, such as Parque Hernandez, a vast park located in the middle of the city. It boasts of impressive plants, including palms and ficus, as well as a lake where visitors can go on a boat ride. Adjacent to the park is a horseback riding center known as La Hípica. It is a perfect place for those wanting to take a break from the city center and enjoy nature.

5. Mercado Central de Melilla (Central Market)

At the bustling Central Market, you can witness a unique blend of cultures come to life. The market is an essential part of everyday life in Melilla, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits, among other items. The market is a colorful spot that showcases the city's vibrant commercial heritage. You can visit the market to shop, try out new foods, and experience the hustle and bustle of Melilla's daily life.

Melilla prides itself on being one of the best-kept secrets in Spain. With the availability of cheap flights, there is no excuse not to visit this beautiful city and all the exciting destinations it holds.

Places like Melilla worth visiting

  • If you're looking for a European escape that's off the beaten path, consider Melilla, a Spanish enclave located in North Africa. You'll need a bit of strategy to get there, but it's worth it.
  • First off, let's talk about flights. Sadly, there are no direct flights to Melilla from the US. However, you can fly into nearby Moroccan cities like Tangier or Al Hoceima and take a ferry or bus into Melilla. Alternatively, you might catch a cheap flight to Madrid or Barcelona and then fly on to Melilla from there.
  • Once you arrive, you'll discover that Melilla offers a unique blend of Spanish and African culture. The city is small and walkable, with beaches, historic fortresses, and a lively souk (open-air market). You'll also find plenty of delicious Mediterranean and North African food to try.
  • Beyond city limits, you can explore nearby natural reserves like Parque Nacional de Nador or Las Cuevas del Conventico, a network of ancient caves that were used for religious purposes. Don't forget your hiking boots or swimsuit!
  • If you're looking for more adventure, consider taking a day trip to nearby Moroccan cities like Nador or Tetouan. Just be sure to bring your passport and any necessary visas.
  • All in all, Melilla is an affordable and unique destination that's perfect for travelers who want to explore a lesser-known corner of Europe. Start planning your trip today!