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Looking for a European destination that boasts of stunning beaches, great surf, and a laid-back vibe? Look no further than Newquay!

Located on the north coast of Cornwall, Newquay has become a popular tourist destination in recent years, thanks in no small part to the increasing number of cheap flights to the region.

But there's more to Newquay than just affordable travel options. The town is blessed with a plethora of beautiful beaches, from the wide expanse of Fistral Beach – a haven for surf enthusiasts – to the more secluded Crantock Beach, perfect for a romantic stroll on the sand.

And if you're looking to make a splash, Newquay has plenty of options for water-based activities, besides surfing. You can try your hand at coasteering (a thrilling combination of climbing, jumping, and swimming along the coast), kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding.

Of course, there's more to the town than just the beach. You can stroll through the picturesque harbor area, visit the Newquay Zoo (which is home to over 1,000 animals), or explore the interesting exhibitions at the Blue Reef Aquarium.

And, of course, no trip to Newquay would be complete without indulging in some of the fresh seafood on offer. Local specialties include crab, lobster, and mackerel, and you'll find plenty of great seafood restaurants to choose from.

So whether you're a surfer, a beach bum, or just looking for a chilled-out getaway, Newquay ticks all the boxes. And with the increasing number of cheap flights to the region, there's never been a better time to pack your bags and head to this beautiful part of Europe.

Airlines flying to Newquay

If you're planning on taking a trip to Newquay and want to find cheap flights, there are a variety of airlines that fly to this popular UK vacation spot.

One of the top airlines flying into Newquay is Flybe, which offers flights from major UK cities such as Manchester and London. They operate daily flights which means that there are plenty of options for travellers to choose from. Additionally, they often run promotions and sales on flights to Newquay, meaning you can snag a great deal.

Another option is Aer Lingus, which operates flights from mainland Europe into Newquay. This can be an ideal option if you're travelling from countries such as Spain or Portugal, as they don't have direct flights to Newquay. Plus, the airline offers connecting flights from other European cities, allowing you to easily reach Newquay from all over the continent.

If you're looking for budget-friendly options, Ryanair and Easyjet are two airlines to consider. Both offer low-cost flights to Newquay from several cities throughout the UK, making it an accessible destination even for those on a tight budget. While they might not have the bells and whistles of other airlines, they're a great choice for travelers who want to save a few pounds.

There are plenty of airlines that fly to Newquay, offering a range of options in terms of price and location. By doing your research and shopping around, you're bound to find the perfect flight to get you to this beautiful seaside town.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're planning a trip to Newquay, Europe, you'll likely be flying into Newquay Airport (NQY). The good news is that there are plenty of options for getting to and from the airport.

Cheap Flights

Newquay Airport is serviced by several budget airlines, making it easy to find cheap flights. Airlines such as Ryanair and Flybe offer flights to popular destinations such as London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.


Once you arrive at the airport, there are several transportation options available. If you prefer public transportation, there are buses that run from the airport to Newquay town center and other nearby destinations.

If you prefer to rent a car, there are several car rental companies located at the airport, including Hertz, Europcar, and Avis.

Taxis and Transfers

Another option for getting to and from Newquay Airport is to take a taxi or shuttle service. Several companies offer airport transfers, including Newquay Airport Taxis and Cornwall Airport Transfers.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose to get to and from Newquay Airport, rest assured that there are plenty of options available. With budget flights, public transportation, car rentals, and taxi services, getting to and from the airport is easy and convenient. Happy travels!

What to do in Newquay

If you're looking for a fun and affordable holiday destination in Europe, why not try Newquay? With cheap flights available year-round, this coastal town in Cornwall, England offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages.

Surfing and Beach Life

Newquay is known for its impressive beaches and world-renowned surf spots. Surfing lessons are available for all levels, from beginner to pro. If surfing isn't your thing, you can still enjoy the beach life by sunbathing or playing beach games with family and friends.

Coastal Walks

For nature lovers, Newquay has some of the most breathtaking coastal walks in the UK. The South West Coast Path is a must-see attraction, with stunning views of the rugged coastline and crystal-clear waters. You can even spot dolphins and seals if you're lucky!

Adrenaline-Fueled Activities

If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of thrilling activities in Newquay. Try coasteering, where you'll traverse cliffs, jump into the sea, and explore hidden caves. Zip lining, kite surfing, and rock climbing are also popular activities in the area.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Newquay has a range of family-friendly attractions, including the Newquay Zoo, where you can see over 1,000 animals from all over the world. The Blue Reef Aquarium is another popular attraction, allowing you to get up close and personal with a variety of marine life.

Nightlife and Dining

Newquay has a vibrant nightlife scene, with plenty of pubs, clubs, and bars to choose from. For a more relaxed evening, enjoy some fish and chips on the beach or indulge in a Cornish pasty from a local bakery. Don't forget to try a famous Cornish cream tea, consisting of scones, clotted cream, and jam!

If you're looking for an exciting and affordable holiday destination in Europe, Newquay should definitely be on your list. With a range of activities and attractions, you're sure to have a fantastic time!

When is best to visit Newquay

Are you wondering when is the best time to visit Newquay, Europe? Well, it depends on what you're after.

If you're looking for the cheapest flights and accommodation, then the off-season is the best time to visit Newquay. During the winter months, from November to February, you can snag some bargains on flights and hotels, but be aware that many of the tourist attractions will either be closed or have limited hours.

If you're looking for good weather, then the best time to visit Newquay is during the summer months, from June to September. This is when the temperatures are warmest and the sun shines the longest. However, this is also peak tourist season, so be prepared for the crowds, and expect accommodation and flights to be more expensive.

For surfers, the best time to visit Newquay is during the autumn and winter months, from September to March. During this time, the waves are at their best, and the town hosts several surfing competitions.

The best time to visit Newquay depends on what you're after. If you're looking for the cheapest deals, visit in the off-season, if you're looking for good weather, visit in the summer, and if you're a surfer, visit in the autumn and winter months.

What to eat in Newquay

If you're looking for a culinary adventure in Europe, Newquay is an excellent destination. With cheap flights available and a plethora of restaurants to choose from, foodies will be spoiled for choice. Here are some dishes to try during your visit.

Cornish Pasty

When in Cornwall, it's hard to resist a Cornish pasty. These hearty pastries are filled with meat, potatoes, and vegetables, and are a staple of the Cornish diet. You can find them at bakeries and cafes throughout Newquay, so grab one for a quick and filling meal.

Fish and Chips

Another British classic that's easy to find in Newquay is fish and chips. Head to one of the many seafood restaurants in town and order this dish, which consists of battered and fried fish served with chips (French fries). Some places also offer mushy peas, which are a popular side dish.

Cream Tea

For something sweet, try a cream tea. This traditional English treat features scones served with jam and clotted cream, along with a pot of tea. Many cafes in Newquay offer cream teas as part of their menu, so indulge in this indulgent snack during your visit.

Cornish Ice Cream

Cornish dairy is famous for its quality, so it's no surprise that the ice cream here is top-notch. You'll find a variety of flavors at ice cream parlors throughout Newquay, so treat yourself to this creamy delight on a hot day.

Pasties and Cider

If you want to experience a truly Cornish meal, pair your pasty with a glass of local cider. Cornwall is known for its cider production, and many restaurants and pubs in Newquay offer a selection of ciders to try.


Newquay has a lot to offer when it comes to food, from savory pasties to sweet cream teas. Whatever you choose to eat during your visit, you're sure to be satisfied with the delicious local cuisine. And with cheap flights available, there's no reason not to book a trip to this charming seaside town.

Top 5 attractions in Newquay

Newquay is a popular holiday destination in Europe, known for its beaches, surf culture, and vibrant atmosphere. With cheap flights available from many cities, it's an accessible getaway that will provide something for everyone. Here are the top five attractions that Newquay has to offer.

  1. Fistral Beach - This legendary beach is world-famous for its surfing competitions and is the perfect spot for novice and experienced surfers alike. In addition to surfing, the beach offers stunning views and tranquil walks along the coast.
  2. Newquay Zoo - Another great attraction in Newquay is the zoo, which is home to over 1,000 animals from all around the world. With plenty of interactive exhibits and activities, it's a family-friendly excursion that will keep everyone entertained.
  3. Blue Reef Aquarium - Located near the beach, the aquarium is home to over 40 displays showcasing the marine life of the Cornish coast, as well as exotic creatures from around the world. It's a great destination for a rainy day or for those interested in marine biology.
  4. Watergate Bay - Another popular beach that's a bit more secluded than Fistral, Watergate is known for its long stretches of sand and stunning views of the Atlantic. There are also plenty of coastal walks and restaurants in the area.
  5. Dairyland Farm World - A fun destination for families, Dairyland is a working farm that offers interactive exhibits and activities like a petting zoo, pony rides, and tractor rides. It's a great way to get up close with farm animals and learn about agriculture.

Overall, Newquay is a vibrant destination that offers a range of activities for everyone. From surfing to animal encounters to exploring the beautiful coastal landscape, there's plenty to do in this charming part of Europe.

Places like Newquay worth visiting

Here are the top 5 places like Newquay in Europe that you must visit if you're looking for a fantastic beach getaway! And the best part? You can easily find cheap flights to these destinations.

  1. Albufeira, Portugal - This charming city located in the southern region of Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and delicious seafood. The Praia do Túnel beach is a must-visit spot for its clear waters and stunning rock formations.
  2. San Remo, Italy - Situated on the Italian Riviera, San Remo offers picturesque beaches and an Old Town filled with quaint streets and bars. You can't miss a visit to the Bussana Vecchia, a fascinating abandoned village that's been transformed into an artists' colony.
  3. Corfu, Greece - This Greek island boasts stunning turquoise waters and lush greenery. Head to the Paleokastritsa Beach for a dip in the crystal-clear waters or take a boat tour of the many beaches and coves around the island.
  4. Biarritz, France - This seaside town located in southwestern France is a popular destination for surfers and beach lovers alike. Its main beach, Grand Plage, offers fantastic surf conditions, while the town itself is filled with charming boutiques and restaurants.
  5. Lagos, Portugal - Another gem in the Algarve region of Portugal, Lagos offers beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. Head to the Praia da Dona Ana for a picture-perfect view of the sandstone cliffs that surround the beach.

So what are you waiting for? Book your cheap flights and get ready for a beach vacation of a lifetime at one of these Newquay-like destinations.