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If you're looking for a unique travel destination with plenty of adventurous activities but don't want to break the bank, Puerto Ordaz should be at the top of your list. Located in Venezuela, Puerto Ordaz is a hidden gem in the Americas that boasts some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world.

One of the biggest draws of Puerto Ordaz is its affordability. Thanks to the abundance of cheap flights to the area, it's easy to score a great deal on airfare, which leaves you with more money to spend on experiences once you arrive. Plus, with fewer crowds than other popular tourist spots in the region, you won't have to worry about jostling for space or feeling like you're constantly surrounded by other travelers.

Once you're on the ground in Puerto Ordaz, there's no shortage of exciting things to do and see. For starters, you can explore the Canaima National Park, which is one of the largest protected areas in South America. The park is home to the iconic Angel Falls, the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, which is a must-see for any adventurer.

In addition to the natural beauty of the region, Puerto Ordaz also has a rich cultural heritage that's worth experiencing. Be sure to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Municipal Theater, both of which showcase local artists and performers. And if you're feeling brave, you can even try your hand at salsa dancing – it's a popular pastime in Puerto Ordaz that's sure to get your blood pumping.

Of course, no trip to Puerto Ordaz would be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Be sure to try the arepas, which are a type of stuffed corn cake that's a staple of Venezuelan cuisine. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try the exotic delicacy known as morcilla – a type of blood sausage that's popular in the region.

In short, if you're looking for a budget-friendly adventure that's full of unique experiences and breathtaking natural beauty, Puerto Ordaz should definitely be on your radar. With its affordable flights, rich cultural heritage, and diverse range of activities, it's no wonder that more and more travelers are discovering this hidden gem in the Americas.

Airlines flying to Puerto Ordaz

Puerto Ordaz is a beautiful city located in the state of Bolívar, Venezuela. It is home to stunning natural attractions like the Angel Falls and Canaima National Park, making it a go-to destination for tourists. If you're looking to travel to Puerto Ordaz, you might be wondering which airlines fly to this destination.


There are several airlines that operate flights to Puerto Ordaz. Some of the top airlines are.

  • Avior Airlines This airline is one of the most popular airlines that fly to Puerto Ordaz. They offer cheap flights to the city from several destinations like Caracas, Miami, and Santo Domingo.
  • Conviasa Airlines Conviasa Airlines is the national airline of Venezuela that offers flights to Puerto Ordaz from cities like Caracas and Porlamar.
  • Copa Airlines This airline offers flights to Puerto Ordaz from several destinations in South and Central America, including Panama City.
  • Turpial Airlines This airline offers domestic flights within Venezuela, including flights to Puerto Ordaz.

Cheap Flights

If you're on a tight budget and looking for cheap flights to Puerto Ordaz, you can check out websites like Expedia, Skyscanner, and Kayak. These websites allow you to compare prices from different airlines to help you find the cheapest flights to Puerto Ordaz.

It's also important to book your flights in advance to get the best deals. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be.


There are several airlines that fly to Puerto Ordaz, offering a variety of options for travelers. By checking out different websites and booking your flights in advance, you can find cheap flights to this beautiful city in Venezuela.

Getting to and from the airport

Puerto Ordaz, Americas is a great destination to explore, but getting there might be a bit challenging if you don't know your way around. Here are some tips on getting to and from the Puerto Ordaz airport (PZO).

Getting to Puerto Ordaz

If you're flying in, you'll likely arrive at the Puerto Ordaz airport (PZO). You can find direct flights to PZO from a variety of cities in South America, including Caracas, Bogota, and Lima. If you're coming from further away, you'll likely need to transfer somewhere first.

When looking for cheap flights to Puerto Ordaz, it's usually best to book in advance and keep an eye out for promotions or deals. There are several airlines that operate in and out of PZO, including Avior Airlines and Conviasa.

Getting from Puerto Ordaz

Once you've arrived in Puerto Ordaz, there are several options for getting around. Taxis are available at the airport, but be sure to negotiate the price before getting in. If you're staying at a hotel, they may have a shuttle service that can pick you up from the airport.

Another option is to rent a car, which can be a great way to explore the area on your own schedule. There are several car rental agencies located at the airport.

If you're looking to save money, public transportation is also available. Buses and shared vans, known as "colectivos", run regularly between Puerto Ordaz and nearby cities like Ciudad Bolivar and Ciudad Guayana.

Getting to and from Puerto Ordaz can require some planning, but there are several options available for travelers. Whether you're looking for a cheap flight or want to rent a car and explore on your own, you'll be able to find a way to get around and experience all that Puerto Ordaz has to offer.

What to do in Puerto Ordaz

Are you planning a trip to Puerto Ordaz, Americas? Here are some things you can do to make the most of your stay.

Explore the natural beauty

Puerto Ordaz is nestled in the heart of Venezuela, with an abundance of natural wonders to explore. Take a day trip to the Canaima National Park and witness the world-famous Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. Or, visit the Llovizna Falls and enjoy a refreshing dip in its natural pools.

Experience the local culture

Puerto Ordaz boasts a diverse and vibrant culture, with various museums and art galleries to explore. Visit the Museo de Arte de Puerto Ordaz and marvel at the local artwork, or attend a traditional dance performance at the Casa de la Cultura.

Shop till you drop

If you're looking for some retail therapy, Puerto Ordaz won't disappoint. Head to the Orinokia Mall, the largest shopping center in the region, and indulge in some retail therapy. You can also check out the Las Olas and Unicasa shopping centers for more variety.

Satisfy your taste buds

Puerto Ordaz has a variety of dining options to choose from, ranging from street food to high-end restaurants. Don't miss out on trying the local delicacies, such as the pabellón criollo, a traditional Venezuelan dish, or the arepas, a stuffed cornbread snack.

With cheap flights available to Puerto Ordaz, there's no reason not to plan a trip to this beautiful city in America. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure!

When is best to visit Puerto Ordaz

If you're planning a trip to Puerto Ordaz, one of the largest cities in Venezuela, then the first thing you should be concerned about is when to visit. Of course, you want to snag the best deals on airfare, but you also want to visit when the weather is ideal.

To start with, the best time to visit Puerto Ordaz is between December and April when the weather is dry and pleasant. The temperatures hover around 26°C (79°F), and the skies are mostly clear with very little rainfall. This is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, exploring the local attractions, and taking in the scenic views.

During the rest of the year, the weather is quite hot and humid, and the wet season sets in from May to November. The temperatures soar, and the humidity can be unbearable, so even the locals tend to avoid going out during the day.

However, if your main aim is to find cheap flights, then you should consider visiting Puerto Ordaz during the off-peak season. Typically, this would be from April to November, with the exception of July and August, when prices tend to be higher due to school holidays. Keep in mind though that the weather and crowds can be unpredictable during this time, so plan accordingly.

Overall, Puerto Ordaz is a city that can be visited throughout the year, but the best time would be during the dry season when the weather is mild, and the skies are clear. However, if you're looking to save some money on your trip, then plan to visit during the off-peak season.

What to eat in Puerto Ordaz

If you're planning a trip to Puerto Ordaz in the Americas, you might be wondering what delicious food options are waiting for you. Luckily, this city has plenty of tasty dishes to try that are perfect for any traveler on a tight budget.

First on the list is the ubiquitous arepa, a cornmeal patty stuffed with a variety of fillings like cheese, meat, and beans. These can be found at street vendors all over town and are sure to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank.

For a heartier meal, try pabellón criollo, a national dish made up of shredded beef, black beans, rice, and plantains. It's a filling and flavorful option that can usually be found for a reasonable price at local restaurants.

If you're feeling adventurous, give cachapas a try. Similar to an arepa, cachapas are made from fresh corn and come stuffed with cheese. They're often served with a side of sweet plantains and are a great way to get a taste of local cuisine.

For something on the sweeter side, indulge in some delicious dulce de leche, a caramel-like spread that's perfect on toast or as a topping for ice cream. You can find this treat all over town, often for just a few dollars.

No matter what you decide to eat, be sure to take advantage of cheap flights to Puerto Ordaz and explore all this vibrant city has to offer. From its delicious cuisine to its beautiful natural scenery, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Top 5 attractions in Puerto Ordaz

If you're looking for a unique and exciting experience in South America, check out Puerto Ordaz in Venezuela! Here are the top 5 attractions to add to your itinerary, and with cheap flights available, you don't want to miss out.

1. Parque del Este

Spend a day exploring the expansive Parque del Este, one of the largest parks in Latin America. The park boasts an array of activities and attractions for all ages, including a water park, botanical garden, outdoor amphitheater, and cycling paths.

2. Las Banderas Monument

A symbol of Venezuela's independence, the Las Banderas Monument is a must-visit attraction in Puerto Ordaz. The towering sculpture depicts the country's flag soaring high into the sky, visible from miles away.

3. Cachamay Park

Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of Cachamay Park, home to cascading waterfalls and picturesque hiking trails. Take a dip in one of the natural pools or catch a glimpse of the local wildlife, such as monkeys and toucans.

4. Macagua Dam

Learn about the importance of hydroelectricity at the impressive Macagua Dam, a fascinating feat of engineering located on the Caroni River. Take a guided tour of the facility to see the massive turbines in action and gain an understanding of how energy is produced.

5. Alberto Vollmer Foundation

For a unique cultural experience, head to the Alberto Vollmer Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Venezuela's rich heritage. Visitors can participate in workshops and events centered around traditional music, dance, and artisan crafts.

No matter what your interests may be, there's something for everyone in Puerto Ordaz. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this vibrant destination with its cheap flights and endless attractions.

Places like Puerto Ordaz worth visiting

  • Puerto Ordaz, Americas

    • Looking for a budget-friendly destination? Look no further than Puerto Ordaz in the Americas! Cheap flights are easy to come by, making this a great option for those who want to stretch their travel dollars.
    • Once you arrive in Puerto Ordaz, you'll see that there are plenty of things to see and do. Here are the top 5 places to check out.

      1. La Llovizna Park - This beautiful park features waterfalls, walking trails, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature.
      2. Venetur Orinoco Hotel & Casino - Looking for a little excitement? Try your luck at this casino.
      3. Plaza Bolívar - This historic square is a great place to people-watch and soak up the local culture.
      4. Cachamay National Park - If you're a fan of hiking and outdoor activities, you won't want to miss this park.
      5. Parque Cachamay - Located within Cachamay National Park, this park is home to stunning waterfalls and beautiful scenery.
    • With so much to see and do in Puerto Ordaz, it's no wonder that it's becoming an increasingly popular destination for budget-minded travelers. So why wait? Book your cheap flight today and start planning your trip to Puerto Ordaz!