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Vilnius - the gorgeous capital city of Lithuania - is a perfect European destination that has been gaining popularity in recent years. And why wouldn't it! Not only are the flights relatively cheap, but the city is also filled with so much to offer.

From stunning architecture to a rich history and culture, Vilnius is a city that has something for everyone. The city retains much of its medieval charm - you'll be able to explore the winding streets of the UNESCO-listed Old Town and marvel at the stunning Baroque architecture.

One of the most famous attractions in Vilnius is the Gediminas Tower - the symbol of the city and a historic site that provides incredible views of the entire city. Another popular attraction that you cannot miss is the Vilnius Cathedral - an iconic religious monument that dates back to the 13th century.

Apart from the architecture and history, Vilnius is also home to a fantastic culinary scene. You can indulge in traditional Lithuanian cuisine, which typically includes dishes like potato pancakes (called 'bulviniai blynai') and smoked meat (called 'troskinys'). You can also find several delightful cafes and bakeries that serve tasty pastries and cakes.

For those looking for some retail therapy, Vilnius has an abundance of markets, shops and boutiques. You can shop for handmade souvenirs, unique clothing, and accessories, and even purchase some premium quality amber - Lithuania's national stone.

To sum up, Vilnius is a city that has a lot to offer, and it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing to visit each year. So, if you're looking for an affordable European vacation that is rich in history, culture, and delicious food, then you should definitely consider booking cheap flights to Vilnius!

Airlines flying to Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania, located in the heart of Europe. If you're planning a visit to this charming city, there are several airlines that offer cheap flights to Vilnius.


Ryanair is one of the most popular airlines that fly to Vilnius. This Irish low-cost airline has direct flights to Vilnius from many cities in Europe, including London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin, and Madrid. With Ryanair, you can get cheap flights to Vilnius and enjoy the city's stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and rich history.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air is another low-cost airline that offers cheap flights to Vilnius from many European cities, such as London, Oslo, Milan, and Warsaw. This Hungarian airline is known for its affordable prices, comfortable seats, and excellent customer service. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option to visit Vilnius, consider booking a flight with Wizz Air.

LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines is a great option if you're flying to Vilnius from North America or Asia. This airline has direct flights to Vilnius from New York, Toronto, Beijing, and Tokyo, among others. LOT Polish Airlines is known for its comfortable planes, great food, and friendly staff, so you'll have a pleasant flight to Vilnius with this airline.


Lufthansa is a premium airline that offers flights to Vilnius from many cities in Europe, such as Frankfurt, Munich, and Zurich. If you're looking for a comfortable and luxurious flight to Vilnius, Lufthansa is a great option. This German airline is known for its excellent service, spacious seats, and delicious food, so you'll arrive in Vilnius feeling refreshed and ready to explore the city.

There are many airlines that offer cheap flights to Vilnius, so you can find a great deal and visit this charming city without breaking the bank. Whether you choose a low-cost airline like Ryanair or Wizz Air or a premium airline like Lufthansa, you'll have a great flight to Vilnius and enjoy all that this city has to offer.

Getting to and from the airport

If you're traveling to Vilnius, Europe, chances are you'll be flying into Vilnius Airport (VNO). Fortunately, there are plenty of options for getting to and from the airport.


One of the easiest ways to get to Vilnius is by taking a flight. Many airlines offer cheap flights to Vilnius, making it an affordable destination for budget-conscious travelers. Some popular airlines that fly to Vilnius include Ryanair, Wizz Air, and SAS.

Public Transportation

If you're looking to save money, public transportation is a great option for getting to and from Vilnius Airport. The airport is served by several bus routes, including the 88 and 3G lines. You can purchase tickets at the airport or directly from the driver.


Taxis are readily available outside of the airport and are a convenient option for travelers who want to get to their destination quickly and comfortably. However, be aware that taxis can be expensive in Vilnius, so be sure to negotiate a fair price before getting into the car.

Car Rental

If you plan to do some exploring during your visit to Vilnius, renting a car is a great option. Several car rental companies operate out of the airport, including Sixt, Hertz, and Europcar. Keep in mind that driving in Vilnius can be challenging, so be sure to brush up on local traffic laws before hitting the road.

No matter how you choose to get to and from Vilnius Airport, there are plenty of options to suit your needs and budget. With a little planning, you'll be able to start your journey to Vilnius on the right foot.

What to do in Vilnius

If you're looking for an affordable weekend getaway, Vilnius should definitely be on your list. With its charming old town, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife, this Lithuanian capital has a lot to offer without breaking the bank. And with the many cheap flights available from major European cities, it's now easier than ever to explore this hidden gem.

Here are some of the top things to do in Vilnius.

Explore the Old Town

One of the main attractions of Vilnius is its beautiful old town, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll around the labyrinth of cobbled streets and admire the stunning architecture, from Gothic to Baroque, and everything in between. Don't miss the Vilnius Cathedral, the Gates of Dawn, and the Castle Hill.

Try Lithuanian Cuisine

Lithuanian food is hearty, flavorful, and perfect for the colder months. Head to local restaurants such as Šnekutis or Forto Dvaras and try traditional dishes like Cepelinai (potato dumplings stuffed with meat) or Kugelis (potato pudding with bacon and onions). For a sweet treat, don't miss the šakotis, a delicious spit cake.

Visit the Republic of Užupis

This quirky neighborhood declared itself an independent republic in 1997, complete with its own constitution and president. Here you'll find street art, bohemian cafes, and a laid-back atmosphere. Don't miss the Užupis Angel statue, the Mermaid fountain, and the Užupis Constitution plaque.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Vilnius has a lively and diverse nightlife scene that caters to all tastes. If you're into craft beer, head to Alaus Biblioteka or Bambalyne. For live music and clubbing, check out Loftas or Opium.

Take a Day Trip

If you have more time, there are many day trips from Vilnius that are worth exploring. Trakai Castle is a picturesque 14th-century fortress surrounded by lakes, while the Hill of Crosses is a unique pilgrimage site with thousands of crosses. The Curonian Spit is a stunning natural reserve with sand dunes and quaint fishing villages.

Vilnius is a city that rewards exploration. So why not hop on a cheap flight and discover all the hidden treasures this European gem has to offer?

When is best to visit Vilnius

If you're planning a trip to Europe and looking for a destination that won't break the bank, Vilnius should be on your list. The Lithuanian capital is a hidden gem that offers a vibrant cultural scene, stunning architecture, and delicious food at affordable prices. But when is the best time to visit?

First off, let's talk about flights. The cheapest time to fly to Vilnius is between November and March, excluding Christmas and New Year's. During these months, airlines offer deals and promotions to attract travelers. If you're flexible with your travel dates, you can score a round-trip ticket for less than $200 from major European cities like London and Berlin.

As for the weather, the summer months from June to August are the most popular time to visit Vilnius. The sunny days and pleasant temperatures (around 20-25°C) make it perfect for exploring the city's outdoor attractions like the Old Town and the parks. However, this is also peak tourist season, so expect crowds and higher prices for accommodations and activities.

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quieter Vilnius, consider visiting in the spring (April to May) or fall (September to October). The weather may be slightly cooler, but you'll have the chance to witness the city's stunning autumn foliage or the blooming of cherry blossoms in the spring.

The best time to visit Vilnius depends on your priorities. If you want to save money on flights and have the city to yourself, visit during the shoulder seasons. If you're willing to pay more and don't mind the crowds, visit during the summer months. Whatever time you choose, Vilnius is a city that will surprise and delight you with its charm and affordability.

What to eat in Vilnius

If you're planning to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, you're in for a treat! Vilnius is known for its rich culture, beautiful architecture, and delicious food.

Finding Cheap Flights to Vilnius

Before we dive into the food, let's talk about finding cheap flights to Vilnius. The best time to book a flight is 2-3 months before your desired travel date. There are many budget airlines that fly to Vilnius, including Ryanair, Wizz Air, and AirBaltic. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions to save even more money.

Lithuanian Cuisine

Now, onto the food! Lithuanian cuisine is hearty and filling, perfect for cold winter days. Here are some must-try dishes.

  • Cepelinai (zeppelins) These potato dumplings are stuffed with meat or cheese and served with sour cream and bacon bits. They're named after the airship because of their shape.
  • Borscht (beet soup) This bright pink soup is made with beets, carrots, potatoes, and beef or pork. It's usually served with sour cream and rye bread.
  • Kibinai (savory pastries) Originally from the neighboring country of Karaim, kibinai are small, triangular pastries filled with minced meat, onions, and sometimes mushrooms or cheese.
  • Kugelis (potato pudding) This dish is made with grated potatoes, bacon, onion, and milk or cream. It's baked until crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Local Markets and Restaurants

If you're looking for a place to try these dishes, head to the local markets or restaurants. The Hales Turgus market is a great place to try street food like fried bread with cheese, grilled meat skewers, and potato pancakes. There are also plenty of stalls selling fresh produce, meats, and cheeses if you want to cook your own meals.

For a sit-down meal, try restaurants like Berneliu Uzeiga, where you can try traditional Lithuanian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Uzupio Kavine is another popular spot known for their vegetarian options.


Overall, Vilnius has a lot to offer in terms of food. From hearty meat dishes to vegetarian options, there's something for everyone. Don't be afraid to try something new and immerse yourself in the local cuisine during your visit.

Top 5 attractions in Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a hidden gem in Europe that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. It's easy to get there with cheap flights from most European cities, and once you arrive, you won't be disappointed. Here are the top 5 attractions in Vilnius that you don't want to miss.

1. Old Town

Vilnius’ Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Europe. It's a maze of narrow streets, cobbled alleyways, and charming squares, lined with beautiful Baroque and Gothic architecture. You can spend hours wandering around, exploring the churches, museums, and cafes that dot the area. If you're into history and architecture, the Old Town is a must-see.

2. Gediminas' Tower

Gediminas' Tower, located on a hill in the center of Vilnius, offers breathtaking views of the city. The tower is a symbol of the city and one of its most recognizable landmarks. To get to the top, you can either climb the stairs or take a funicular. Once you're at the top, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the city's skyline, including the Old Town, the cathedral, and the surrounding hills.

3. Trakai Castle

Trakai Castle is a stunning fortress located on a small island in a picturesque lake just outside of Vilnius. It was built in the 14th century and served as the residence of Lithuania's rulers for centuries. Today, the castle is open to the public as a museum and hosts cultural events throughout the year. It's a perfect place for a day trip from Vilnius, especially if you're interested in history and architecture.

4. Uzupis

Uzupis is a bohemian district in Vilnius that has become famous for its independent spirit and artistic vibe. It has its own constitution, which includes the right to be happy, the right to be unhappy, and the right to be different. Walking around the district, you'll see colorful murals, quirky sculptures, and street art. Uzupis is also home to many galleries, cafes, and bars where you can immerse yourself in the local culture.

5. Bernardine Gardens

Bernardine Gardens is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Vilnius. It's a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some tranquility. The gardens were designed in the Baroque style and feature fountains, statues, and picturesque paths. It's a great spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll and offers a stunning view of the Gediminas' Tower.

Vilnius has something to offer for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers to art enthusiasts. It's a city that's still off the beaten path, but with its cheap flights and top attractions, it won't stay that way for long.

Places like Vilnius worth visiting

  • Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe that offers visitors a mix of history, culture, and fun. Known for its Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Vilnius boasts a stunning array of architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque. The city also has a vibrant arts scene, with a number of museums, galleries, and theaters. Plus, you can find plenty of cheap flights to Vilnius from across Europe.
  • Riga, Latvia Riga, the capital of Latvia, is another charming and affordable city in the Baltic region. It's particularly known for its stunning Art Nouveau architecture, which you can admire while strolling through the city's central district. Riga also has a bustling nightlife scene, with plenty of bars and clubs that cater to all tastes.
  • Budapest, Hungary Budapest is often called the "Paris of the East" for good reason - the city is packed with gorgeous architecture, picturesque bridges, and romantic views. Whether you're lounging in one of the city's thermal baths, checking out the panoramic views from Fisherman's Bastion, or sampling some Hungarian goulash, you won't be disappointed. Plus, Budapest is a budget-friendly destination, with plenty of cheap flights available.
  • Krakow, Poland Krakow is one of Poland's most beloved cities, thanks to its rich history, stunning churches, and vibrant cultural scene. Whether you're exploring the Wawel Castle complex, wandering the charming streets of the Old Town, or trying some pierogi at a local restaurant, you'll find plenty to love about Krakow. And with low-cost airlines offering cheap flights to Krakow from across Europe, it's an affordable destination as well.
  • Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a city that has been shaped by centuries of history and culture. Its Old Town is one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe, and it's a joy to explore on foot. You can also check out some of the city's more modern attractions, like the stunning KUMU Art Museum. And with a number of budget airlines offering cheap flights to Tallinn from major European cities, it's an affordable destination that shouldn't be missed.