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Are you looking for a beach destination that’s off the beaten path? Then look no further than Wollongong, Australia! Located just south of Sydney, Wollongong is a bustling coastal city that’s perfect for those seeking a mix of urban and beach vibes.

One of the best things about traveling to Wollongong is the availability of cheap flights. With the city being just an hour's drive or train ride away from Sydney, there are plenty of budget airlines that offer flights to Wollongong at affordable prices. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to save a few bucks on travel expenses.

But what makes Wollongong worth visiting is its unique blend of the modern and the traditional. The city is a hub for education, industry, and innovation, yet it’s still steeped in a rich historical and cultural heritage. Take a stroll through the art deco buildings of the CBD or explore the charming harbor area.

Of course, what truly sets Wollongong apart is its natural beauty. The city is situated along a stunning coastline, and there are numerous beaches and walkways for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to catch some waves or just soak up the sun, Wollongong has a beach that’s perfect for you.

One must-see attraction in Wollongong is the Sea Cliff Bridge. This 665-meter-long bridge offers breathtaking views of the ocean and is one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city. Another popular destination is the Wollongong Botanic Garden, which features a diverse array of flora and fauna from around the world.

Finally, Wollongong is home to numerous festivals and events throughout the year. From the Australian Surf Festival to the Viva La Gong multicultural festival, there’s always something exciting happening in Wollongong.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet vibrant beach destination, Wollongong is definitely worth considering. With its unique blend of modernity and tradition, stunning beaches and natural beauty, and diverse range of events and festivals, Wollongong has something for everyone. Book your cheap flight today and experience the magic of Wollongong for yourself!

Airlines flying to Wollongong

If you're looking for a convenient way to get to Wollongong, flying is definitely an option to explore. While the city doesn't have its own airport, there are several airlines that offer flights to nearby Sydney and the Illawarra Regional Airport. Here's what you need to know about flying to Wollongong.

Airlines that fly to Sydney

Sydney is the closest major airport to Wollongong, so if you're flying to the city, you'll need to fly into Sydney and then find a way to get to Wollongong from there. Luckily, there are plenty of airlines that offer cheap flights to Sydney, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Tigerair. Depending on where you're flying from, you can find flights for as low as $50-$100 each way.

Airlines that fly to Illawarra Regional Airport

If you're looking to fly directly to Wollongong, you'll want to look for flights to the Illawarra Regional Airport (WOL). While there are fewer airlines that fly to this airport, there are still some options to consider. Fly Corporate offers flights from Melbourne and Brisbane, while Jetgo Australia offers flights from Dubbo, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

What to expect from the flights

While flying to Wollongong may not be as glamorous as flying to a major city like New York or London, the flights themselves are fairly standard. You can expect to fly on a small regional aircraft with basic amenities (though some flights may offer food and beverage service). The flights to Sydney are typically shorter than the flights to Wollongong, so if you're looking for a quick and easy way to get to the city, that may be your best bet.

Other things to consider

When planning your flights to Wollongong, there are a few other things to keep in mind. First, be sure to book early to get the best deals on flights. And if you're flying to Sydney, keep in mind that you'll need to find transportation from the airport to Wollongong (which is about an hour's drive away). Options include taking a taxi or rideshare service, renting a car, or taking a train or bus.

Getting to and from the airport

Planning a visit to Wollongong? The first thing you need to do is figure out how you will get there. Thankfully, there are many ways to reach the city, whether you are traveling for business or leisure.

Flying to Wollongong

Wollongong has its own airport, known as Illawarra Regional Airport (WOL), which is located just eight kilometers from the city center. However, please note that there are no commercial flights currently operating to or from Wollongong. As an alternative, you can fly to Sydney Airport (SYD), which is the closest international airport to Wollongong.

Getting from Sydney Airport to Wollongong

If you are arriving at Sydney Airport, there are several affordable methods that you can take to reach Wollongong.

  • Shuttle Buses Various shuttle buses offer transport from Sydney Airport to Wollongong, with prices ranging from $30 to $40 per person. Journey times can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the provider and the traffic.
  • Public Transport The cheapest way to travel from Sydney Airport to Wollongong is by train. You'll need to take the T8 airport line from Sydney Airport to Wolli Creek, then switch to the South Coast line to Wollongong. The total cost of the trip is around $8.50, and the journey takes approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Car Hire If you prefer the freedom of your own vehicle, then car hire might be the best option for you. You'll find various rental car companies operating at Sydney Airport, with prices starting from $40 to $60 per day.

Cheap Flights to Wollongong

If you are looking for cheap flights to Wollongong, you may want to consider flying to Sydney and then taking one of the above methods to reach the city. Alternatively, there is also the option of flying to Canberra Airport (CBR) and then taking a 2.5-hour bus ride to Wollongong.

Getting Around Wollongong

Once you arrive in Wollongong, getting around is easy. There are buses, taxis, and car rental options available. However, if you're only planning to explore the city center, you may prefer to walk or ride a bicycle, as its compact size makes it easy to navigate.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to get to and around Wollongong, all that's left is to pack your bags and plan your itinerary. Whether you're interested in its beautiful beaches, city attractions, or outdoor adventures, Wollongong is sure to impress!

What to do in Wollongong

Looking for a destination that is perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation? Wollongong in Australia should be on your list. The city is home to beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and fun-filled attractions that cater to locals and tourists alike.

To start exploring Wollongong, one of the first things to do is to head to the beach. There are several to choose from including the famous Wollongong Beach, which has plenty of activities such as surfing, swimming, and relaxing on the sand. Other options include North Beach, Coalcliff Beach, and Austinmer Beach.

If you want to get closer to nature, visit the Mount Keira Lookout. The stunning view of the Illawarra region from above is worth the climb. Another great option is the Nan Tien Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. The temple offers guided tours, meditation classes, and cultural exhibitions.

For thrill-seekers, Wollongong has plenty of adventure activities to offer. You can go skydiving, hang gliding, or even rock climbing. If you prefer something less adrenaline-pumping, there is also mini-golf, go-karting, and bike riding.

Apart from outdoor activities, Wollongong also has cultural attractions that shouldn't be missed. Head to Art Gallery of New South Wales, which features a diverse collection of Australian and international art. The Science Space Museum is also a fun place to visit and is perfect for kids.

To wrap up your visit, make sure not to miss the coastal walk. The 6-kilometer walk starts from Wollongong Lighthouse and is perfect for a leisurely stroll while taking in the breathtaking ocean views.

Getting to Wollongong is easy with cheap flights available from major cities in Australia. So pack your bags and get ready to explore what this beautiful city has to offer.

When is best to visit Wollongong

If you're planning a trip to Wollongong, Australia, choosing when to visit can make a big difference in your overall experience. Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip.

High Season vs Low Season

Wollongong's high season is generally from December to February, when the temperatures are warmer and the beaches are packed. However, this is also when flights and accommodations can be more expensive. If you're looking for cheaper flights and hotels, consider visiting during the low season, which is from June to August. Just keep in mind that this is also when the temperatures are colder, so you'll want to pack accordingly.


Wollongong has a subtropical climate, with mild winters and warm summers. For beachgoers, the best time to visit is during the summer months (December-February), when the water is warm and the weather is sunny. If you prefer cooler weather for outdoor activities like hiking and biking, spring (September-November) and fall (March-May) are great times to visit.


Wollongong has a number of events and festivals throughout the year, so it's worth checking to see if there's anything going on that you're interested in. The Illawarra Folk Festival in January, the Viva la Gong festival in November, and the Australian Surf Festival in July are just a few examples.


In general, the best time to visit Wollongong depends on your preferences and priorities. If you're looking for cheap flights and accommodations, consider visiting during the low season (June-August). For warmer weather and beach activities, visit in the summer (December-February). And if you're interested in local events and festivals, check the calendar for your preferred dates.

What to eat in Wollongong

If you're planning on booking a cheap flight to Wollongong, Australia, you might be wondering what kind of food you can expect to find in this coastal city. Well, you're in luck because Wollongong has a diverse food scene that will satisfy all tastes and budgets. Here are some must-try local dishes and dining options.

Fish and Chips at The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

If you're a seafood lover, you can't miss out on trying fish and chips in Wollongong. The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant is a popular local spot that offers fresh and crispy fish and chips with a stunning view of the ocean.

Burgers and Beers at His Boy Elroy

For a casual and fun vibe, head over to His Boy Elroy, a burger bar and craft beer joint located in the heart of Wollongong's CBD. They offer a range of delicious burgers, loaded fries, and tasty cocktails.

Sourdough Pizza at Rookie Eatery

If you're in the mood for pizza, look no further than Rookie Eatery. They make their own sourdough base and use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create delicious and innovative toppings.

Korean BBQ at Gangnam Style

For a unique dining experience, try Korean BBQ at Gangnam Style. You get to cook your own meat on a hot griddle at your table and enjoy it with traditional Korean side dishes.

Gelato Messina

Satisfy your sweet tooth with some gelato from Gelato Messina. They offer a wide range of delicious and creative gelato flavors, including some inspired by Australian dessert classics like Lamington and Pavlova.

Whether you're looking for a fine-dining experience or a casual meal, Wollongong has plenty of options to suit your taste and budget. So, book your cheap flight and get ready to indulge in some tasty local eats!

Top 5 attractions in Wollongong

If you're planning a trip to Wollongong, Australia and wondering what the top attractions are, look no further! Here are the top 5 must-see sights in this beautiful coastal city.

  1. Wollongong Beach - The city's main beach and most popular spot for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. The beach is clean, safe, and has a great atmosphere with plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants.
  2. Nan Tien Temple - This Buddhist temple is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and is a peaceful and serene place to visit. Take a guided tour to learn more about the temple's history and significance.
  3. Sea Cliff Bridge - A stunning coastal drive that offers breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding cliffs. The bridge spans 665 metres and is a popular spot for photos and scenic walks.
  4. Wollongong Botanic Garden - A beautiful park filled with diverse plant life, walking paths, and scenic picnic areas. The garden also features a traditional Japanese tea house and a large playground for kids.
  5. Mount Keira Lookout - A scenic lookout point that offers panoramic views of the city and coastline. The lookout is easily accessible by car and has picnic tables, BBQ facilities, and nearby walking trails.

With so many amazing things to see and do in Wollongong, it's no wonder it's quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. And with cheap flights available, now is the perfect time to plan your trip!

Places like Wollongong worth visiting

  • Looking for a vacation spot that's both affordable and breathtakingly stunning? Look no further than Wollongong, Australia. This coastal New South Wales city offers a wealth of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and breathtaking natural scenery.
  • And the best part? You can easily fly into Wollongong on cheap flights from major cities around Australia. So if you're looking for a budget-friendly getaway that's not just another boring beach vacation, consider these top 5 places in Wollongong.

1. Bald Hill Lookout

Atop the rugged cliffs of the Illawarra Escarpment, Bald Hill Lookout is one of the most popular tourist spots in Wollongong. From here, you can get panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the city skyline, and the famous Sea Cliff Bridge. It's easy to see why this spot is so beloved by paragliders, hang gliders, and other adrenaline junkies!

2. Nan Tien Temple

With its stunning traditional architecture, picturesque gardens, and tranquil atmosphere, Nan Tien Temple is a must-visit for anyone interested in Buddhism or Eastern spirituality. The largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, Nan Tien offers regular guided tours, meditation sessions, and special events throughout the year.

3. Wollongong Botanic Garden

If you're a nature lover, you won't want to miss the Wollongong Botanic Garden. This sprawling 30-hectare garden is home to a huge variety of plants from around the world, including many rare and endangered species. Explore themed gardens, ponds, and walking trails, and keep an eye out for the many native birds that call the garden home.

4. Mt. Keira Lookout

Just a short drive from Wollongong, Mt. Keira Lookout offers stunning views of the city, the coastline, and the surrounding bushland. Pack a picnic and settle in for a peaceful afternoon enjoying the fresh mountain air and incredible scenery.

5. Sea Cliff Bridge

Stretching for almost 700 meters along the coast, the Sea Cliff Bridge is an engineering marvel that offers unforgettable views of the Pacific Ocean. Walk or cycle along the bridge, or take a scenic drive from one end to the other. Whatever you do, be sure to stop and take plenty of photos – this iconic structure is a true feat of human ingenuity and a breathtaking sight to behold!