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Dreaming of eloping? Here are ten of the dreamiest locations to do it!

Eloping definitely seems like one of the more adventurous ways to get married.

Eloping definitely seems like one of the more adventurous ways to get married.

If you pick the right location though, it can be even more romantic than a traditional wedding, because it is more private, and the only opinions that matter belong to you and the person you love. You can choose to have as many people at your wedding as you want, but people generally elope so that it is just the very closest people who are a part of the special day. However you choose to do it, here are ten of the dreamiest locations to elope to!

1. Santorini, Greece

You know those iconic white buildings cascading up a hill and surrounded impossibly blue water? That's Santorini. And because it's so close to so many other Greek islands, as well as being just a cheap flight to the most romantic European cities in the world, your honeymoon is sorted too!

2. Las Vegas, USA

How can we talk about eloping without talking about Las Vegas? It is a bit more of a hike when you don't live in the States, but if you want glitz and glamour without having to pay the massive price tag, there is no better place in the world to go! Just make sure you don't gamble away all your savings at the hundreds of casinos.

3. Waiheke Island, New Zealand
From Australia, you can get super cheap flights across the pond. Waiheke Island is an Island just off the coast of Ackland, and it has the most incredible old stone winery, as well as the spectacular rolling green hills that New Zealand is known for. Pair that with beaches and sea air, and you have an unbeatable wedding destination.

4. Venice, Italy

There is something magical about floating through a city on a Gondola, but how about getting married on one? It's a great excuse to keep the guest list to a serious minimum, and the backdrop could not be more romantic. And, if you get seasick, just step off the boat and onto the incredibly romantic Venitian streets.

5. Chang Mai, Thailand

This is another destination where a gorgeous wedding would cost peanuts compared to an Australian wedding. There are cheap flights at all times of the year, and things generally cost a lot less. Plus this city has it all: sprawling mountainsides, breathtaking Buddhist temples, as well as city walls and moats. Chang Mai makes for an exotic wedding that is full of flavour and life.

6. Barcelona, Spain

This city is so full of history and life, you could get married on literally any street and it would feel like magic. If you are looking for a place that is a low cost, but full of fun, then look no further than Barcelona.

7. Talum, Mexico

The Caribbean wedding destination to rule them all, Talum is known for its white sandy beaches, as well as El Castillo, which is a breathtaking ancient pyramid. Talum is the total package. It's romantic and steeped in history, as well as being laid back and beautiful. What more could you want?

8. Bali, Indonesia

A lot of people in Australia think of Bali as being for drunken idiots and teens fresh out of high school. Though it's undeniable that a lot of people who go to Bali are looking for boozy holidays rather than romance, Bali is worth looking at as a destination to elope. Not only can you get flights so cheap that you could fly your family and your partner's family to be with you on your big day and hardly make a dent in your wedding budget, but it also has a number of beautiful locations that will feel unique and special.

9. Paris, France

Really anywhere in France is going to be a winner for eloping, but there can be no list of romantic destinations without including the city of love itself. There is so much to love about Paris, and having a wedding there would be the height of glamour and romance.

10. Cairns, Australia

If you want a stunning destination that is not so far from home, Cairns is right in our backyard and if you wanted coastal, it is a place people all around the world flock to for the beaches and the reef. You could choose to get married on a beach, on a boat, or in the water! People have done it all, and you can too!