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12 most Instagrammable places on earth

One of the best parts of travelling to a new destination is sharing beautiful snaps of your experience.

One of the best parts of travelling to a new destination is sharing beautiful snaps of your experience with your friends and followers on Instagram.

12 Most instagrammable places on earth One of the best parts of travelling to a new destination is sharing beautiful naps of your experience

One of the best parts of travelling to a new destination is sharing beautiful snaps of your experience with your friends and followers on Instagram.

Do you wonder which sights are home to the pictures that get countless likes and international attention? I have compiled a list of some of the most popular places that make perfect photos for Instagram.

1. Bora Bora

You have probably seen or heard of this holiday destination countless times. So much glory is given to it on TV, adverts and holiday booklets. I can assure you that none of this is false. Bora Bora’s clear waters, white sandy beaches, and pink sunsets will take your breath away. Moreover, you will have a gallery full of insta-worthy pictures to share with your followers from the French Polynesian island.

2. Finnish Lapland

Aurora, also known as Northern Lights is a phenomenon that not only brings fulfilment at sight but also makes excellent Instagram pictures. No wonder the Finnish Lapland is on so many travellers bucket lists. At this destination, there are over 180 nights a year when you can see this beautiful natural phenomenon.

3. Alberta Canada

Are you an enthusiast of the rocky mountainous region? Worry not! I have something for you. Alberta, located in the depths of central Canada, is mountainous, with some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Here you can hike, camp or canoe around the lakes. All this, of course, comes with abundant Instagram opportunities.

4. Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Patagonia is located at the tip of South America in Chile. It is home to Torres del Paine national park that attracts thousands of tourists yearly. The park offers both beautiful scenery and a wide array of plants and animals.

5. Bamboo Forest, Japan.

Are you looking for a unique experience? I would recommend the Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan. The bamboo trees look and feel out of this world. The display is so amazing and perfect that one would easily mistake it for a human-made forest. You can bike or walk through the paths to experience the beauty and share it with your friends on Instagram.

6. Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

This waterfall is located on the border between Argentina and Brazil is the largest in the world. It is home to a spectacular sight, and I recommend visiting both sides to get the best snaps and an authentic feel for the area. If you are in for the full experience, you can hire a boat to get you right underneath the falls.

7. Sapa Rice Fields, Vietnam

As you travel, it is not only essential to experience new scenery, but also a new culture. The Sapa Rice Fields in Vietnam offer both of these features. Several tours are offered, which include learning how rice is harvested and staying with the locals. The beauty of the green rice fields will undoubtedly leave your Instagram followers envious.

8. Vatnajokull, Iceland

Vatnajokull is home to the largest glacier in Iceland. Here, the adventure never stops. You can encounter endless thrills hiking on the glacier or explore the ice caves. The whole country is filled with Instagram worthy locations that can give you five-star photos.

9. Salt flats, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia, is the home of beautiful sights that seems out of this world. The salt flats are made of minerals and salts that have dissolved in water and will surely take your breath away. This beautiful sight is miles long and seems unbelievable until you see it. It offers a wealth of Instagram opportunities.

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From long beautiful beaches to the vibrant nightlife, Brazil's capital will capture your attention in more ways than one. The 'Favelas,' made up of rows of tin shacks up the mountains, are a sight to behold. It is where many people in the city reside. The top of the sugarloaf mountains will give you numerous panoramic pictures to post to Instagram.

11. Whitsundays, Australia

These islands, which lie between the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland, offer beautiful scenery. It is also home to vast marine life. The white sandy beaches and rainforest are not only a sight to behold but will also cause envy to fellow Instagrammers with beautiful snaps.

12. Santorini, Greece

Listed among the most romantic cities in Greece, Santorini offers it all. The charming cobbled streets feel like something out of a fairy tale. The whitewashed houses and blue churches offer a picture-perfect scene. If you wish to capture this perfectly, climb up a restaurant tavern.

With these fantastic destinations, you will soon join the ranks of the respected and envied travel bloggers.