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The Five Best Ski Resorts in Japan

Winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere so now is the time to plan the perfect ski getaway! 

Winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere so now is the time to plan the perfect ski getaway! 

The five best ski resorts in Japan Winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere so now is the time to plan the perfect ski getaway!

Winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere so now is the time to plan the perfect ski getaway!

From the snow-capped mountains of Yuzawa to the bustling Sapporo Teine, you have many choices. In this post, we’ll highlight the five best ski resorts in Japan. All so you can turn that holiday dream into a reality! We want you to have a great adventure, so, we’ll include flight details, accommodation and sights to see.

Get ready to hit the slopes at one of these fantastic destinations...


With pristine snow and outstanding natural beauty, Hakuba is the perfect choice for those seeking adventure. Whether you wish to witness the daily lives of the Jigokundani Snow Monkeys or walk into the Matsumoto Castle, you’ll never find yourself bored as you explore the wonders here. In Northern Japan, we recommend flying into Tokyo or Osaka. Then, take the Shinkansen bullet train. There are cheap flights to Osaka from Australia and New Zealand, and great deals if you book early. For places to stay, we recommend the family-owned hotel Taigakukan. This place offers an authentic Japanese experience and quality rooms. Prepare yourself for a magical experience in Hakuba!

Sapporo Teine

In winter, Sapporo is the place to be. The annual Sapporo Snow Festival features stunning ice sculptures. Talk about creating a memorable holiday! Sapporo Teine, which is a medium-sized region of Japan, is a Winter Olympics location. Once here, you’ll see why. The upper Highland Zone reaches 1000 meters above sea level and offers fantastic views of the winter city. You can get to Sapporo via a plane from Tokyo. For accommodation, we recommend staying in the well-priced Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo. 


The Yuzawa region is home to 12 special ski resorts, plus, Yuzawa is one of Japan’s snowiest areas. You won’t have to worry about a dry spell in Yuzawa! Check out the many hot springs, or the stratovolcano Mount Naeba. If you want to sample multiple ski resorts, stay in a centrally located hotel in Yuzawa. That way, you can enjoy the different cultures that make this beautiful place so unique. However, If you don't have time to sample multiple resorts, the ski resort we recommend is the Naeba Ski Resort. It is popular, so make sure you book as soon as possible! Others worth visiting include the Maiko Snow Resort and Mount Tanigawa. You will have a great time in Yuzawa.

Shiga Highlands

A ski resort and a wonderful hiking spot, the Shiga Highlands offers a unique experience. The large resort boasts 51 lifts, ski areas and gondolas. We recommend staying in the cosy Hotel Shirakabaso Shiga Kogen, which is only 600m away from the bustling resort centre. After a long, epic day of snowboarding or skiing, it’s nice to curl up near a fire! You can reach the Shiga Highlands by a JR train from Tokyo, that takes over an hour. Best of all, they connect everything via a shuttle bus service. This will add convenience to your holiday. From the middle of November to the end of May, the long season features vast possibilities for any skier. You don’t want to miss out!

Furano Ski Resort

A list of the best ski resorts in Japan wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Furano. As one of the leading ski areas in the Hokkaido area, visitors here get to witness the Siberian level weather that hits Northern Japan every winter. There are ski lifts and local tours offered for Furano visitors. Whilst visiting you may also get to see a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or enjoy a Beer Party and cultural performances! This is a great location for enriching your skiing holiday with Japanese culture. Other sights to see include the Winter Village or one of the many other amenities this place has to offer. The hospitality is also terrific in Furano and will make you and your guest's smile. Rent an apartment from Fuyunoki, which is surrounded by amazing shops and restaurants. They offer airport transfers from New Chitose Airport, with bus and train options. There is also a shuttle from Sapporo to Furano.

We hope that we have offered helpful tips for your next ski trip. Northern Japan is a fantastic location for a fun and adrenaline-filled holiday! Ensure that you book soon because these places are very popular and you don’t want to miss out!